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Tony Szamboti does Truth Jihad Radio, Geraldo in the same night!

Tony Szamboti had a good excuse for leaving Truth Jihad Radio thirty minutes ahead of schedule last night: He was booked, along with pro-truth family member Bob McIlvaine, on Geraldo’s Fox News show! No problem – I brought on Muad’Dib’s colleague Rob from Ireland to talk about the recent travesty of justice at the Irish Supreme Court.  In Case you haven’t heard, Muad’Dib is incarcerated and awaiting extradition for the “crime” of mailing his 7/7 truth DVD 7/7 Ripple Effect.

My interview last night with Tony Szamboti, featuring Tony’s critique of Denis Rancourt’s anti-Twin-Towers-demolition case, will soon be archived here. Following Tony, you can listen to Rob discussing Muad’Dib, then former NASA Director Dwain Deets addressing 9/11 truth issues. This show was dedicated to my good friend and 9/11 truth colleague, the late Mark Wolfert, who will be very greatly missed.

Tony Szamboti will return to Truth Jihad Radio next week to offer a more detailed refutation of Rancourt’s arguments. Meanwhile, here is Geraldo’s amazing interview with Tony Szamboti and Bob McIlvaine.

6 Thoughts to “Tony Szamboti does Truth Jihad Radio, Geraldo in the same night!”

  1. I knew Tony Szamboti before he was famous ; – )

  2. Anonymous

    Fox News? Am I dreaming?

  3. Anonymous

    Geraldo admits, "Maybe the most obnoxious protesters in recent memory were right."

    If they were right, Geraldo, is "obnoxious" the right word? Try "patriotic"?

    Maybe you and the rest of the lying media were the obnoxious ones. Going along with mass murder and war crimes is as obnoxious as it gets.

  4. Anonymous

    Geraldo is too phony for me. He keeps rushing his guests so that he can move on to other important news stories. " ….it is an intriguing topic", he says with a smile. And he thinks he is doing great reporting!! Tony wasn't given much of a chance either. These mainstream guys are stuck in their arrogance, you can't open to truth when you're carrying such bloated egos!!
    Thanks Kevin!!

  5. This segment might come in handy as evidence for the defense if he's ever on trial for treason (as the whole mainstream media should be).

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