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Leaked Airline Memo: TSA Declares War on Toner Cartridges

TSA: Exploding toner cartridges have become the preferred weapon of jihadis who hate our freedom

The pen may be mightier than the sword…but is the toner cartridge mightier than the kalashnikov? The Transportation Security Administration apparently thinks so.  An airline employee, who says his job would be endangered if I revealed his name, has leaked the following secret TSA memo:

The TSA recently issued new Security Directives the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is implementing new security measures including a prohibition of the transportation on board domestic or international flights to or from the U.S. of printer or toner cartridges weighing 16 ounces or more. Accordingly, effective Monday, November 8, 2010, passengers are prohibited from transporting these items in either carry-on or checked baggage.

For more information see the TSA web site at

Shirley Ragan

Security Compliance Specialist

Compass Airlines



4 Thoughts to “Leaked Airline Memo: TSA Declares War on Toner Cartridges”

  1. I just received this email proving the memo is authentic!


    Hello Mr. Barrett:

    My name is Fred Oxley. I am VP of Communications for Trans States Holdings. We are the parent of Compass Airlines. Today we were made aware that you have posted an internal memo from our Security Specialist regarding TSA security directives. I need to inform you that these documents are proprietary and confidential and are not meant for public disclosure. I am requesting that you remove this post from your website at the earliest possible moment. Please refrain from positing documents from Compass Airlines on your web site in the future without our written consent.

    Thank you.

    Fred Oxley
    VP Corporate Communications
    Trans States Holdings
    11495 Navaid Road
    St. Louis, Missouri 63044

  2. Dear Mr. Oxley,

    Thank you for confirming that the leaked memo is authentic.

    As a journalist covering the half-baked Orwellian farce known as the "war on terror," I have the First Amendment right to publish leaked documents proving that your company is acting unconstitutionally by cooperating with federal government policies that violate the Fourth Amendment prohibition of unreasonable searches and seizures.

    I urge your company to immediately cease and desist from further unconstitutional activities, including potential First Amendment violations.

    If you would like to discuss this matter in detail, I have an opening on my radio show next Saturday, November 20th, 6 to 7 pm Central.


    Dr. Kevin Barrett

  3. Anonymous

    "I urge your company to immediately cease and desist from further unconstitutional activities, including potential First Amendment violations."

    I 100% AGREE!!

  4. War on Terror Trivia Question #323: If a TSA security goon asks "Is that a toner cartridge in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" the correct response is: A) Slap him or her silly; B) "Don't touch it, it might explode!" C) "Naked body-scan THIS!" D] "I'll bet if I shoved it up your ass you could figure out what it is"

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