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False-Flag Film Alert: Mel Gibson’s “Edge of Darkness”

Guest blog by Rolf Lindgren, 2008 Barrett for Congress campaign advisor. Note: I have been told by people who know Mel Gibson and his father Hunt Gibson that they are 9/11 truth supporters. This film shows it.  -KB

False Flag: Mel Gibson’s Edge of Darkness

Move over V For Vendetta Fans, it’s time for Mel Gibson’s Edge of Darkness!

Ever wonder why the NWO hates Mel Gibson?  Well, watch his latest film that went the theaters in January and is now out on DVD!  The film was based on a 1985 BBC TV series.

Edge of Darkness

I am not going to spoil the plot, but instead get you a few teasers:

1) The film involves a corrupt big government/big corporation fascist partnership.  Nuclear weapons are being manufactured to foreign specifications, so that if the weapons are ever found or used they can be traced back to a false nation of origin.  This is a blatant false-flag element to the plot I’ve never seen before in a high budget Hollywood movie.

2) The use of “national security” and related terms in the film is either extremely funny or extremely accurate & disturbing, depending on your tastes.

3) Remember the Clinton body count or the JFK witnesses?  You’ll think of them during this film.

Mel Gibson’s latest film deserves more attention from 9/11 Truth Activists.  It would have done better in the theaters had it not been matched up against Avatar.  But it still reached an audience of several million, and that will expand with DVD sales.

I watched it, so should you.

yours in truth,


11 Thoughts to “False-Flag Film Alert: Mel Gibson’s “Edge of Darkness””

  1. It makes more sense, now, why Mel Gibson may experience adverse press, at times. Gibson in Conspiracy Theory did place idea in the public's mind there may be more to appearances.

    The Edge Of Darkness plot sounds somewhat akin to Dimitri Khalezov's contention the guidance system on the missile that hit the Pentagon was stolen off a missile from the sunken Kursk. Khalezov maintains the #1 target of all Russia nukes is the Pentagon. I believe, this is his contention, anyway. If the guidance system were found due to a possible failure of the attack, it would point to Russia? There are lots of sneaky devils out there!

    And, I just thought Mel Gibson had a drinking problem? Well, Gibson does probably have a problem but drinking may be more a symptom?

  2. I generally stay away from movies, as they are mostly propaganda for the elite Zionist interests that control the government and much of society. I will check it out though. Thanks for the info.

  3. Anonymous

    More stating the obvious.

  4. Anonymous

    Come on now. Gibson is anti-nwo b/c he gets bad press? And the Bushes _never_ get bad press, huh? Oh, he's anti-NWO b/c he made an action movie about an anti-"American"-fascist plot? That's 95% of action movies since the 80's, and then 95% of action-comedies. I'm not pro-Gibson or anti-Gibson or pro-anything except empathy. What the "system" takes advantage of is that 99% of people trust the system – either to look to it for solutions or to blame it for the problems. Whatever role Gibson plays in the "system" is irrelevant. Know thyself.

  5. "Ever wonder why the NWO hates Mel Gibson?"
    Knocking out his wife's teeth with beatings doesn't win him brownie points in MY camp either.
    I guess the NWO and I share something in common finally! Never thought I see the day.

    Being in a movie that might hint about 'truth' doesn't make him a hero in my eyes.

  6. Anonymous, this movie is about a CIA/Mossad-linked corporation like Battelle (which manufactured the anthrax attack) or Kroll (which handled parts of both the 9/11 and anthrax attacks) setting up a false-flag nuclear bombing to trigger war with Iran. It is NOT just another action movie.

    Medusae, I never said Gibson was a hero. Maybe he drinks/drugs too much and acts like an idiot, like about 50% of Americans and 90% of Hollywood stars. But because I don't follow celebrity gossip AT ALL, I know and care next-to-nothing about whatever the tabloids, meaning the whole mainstream media, say about him. Based on what little I know about his political views, I would guess that you can take whatever bad things the Zionist tabloid press says about him and reduce them at least 95% to get a more realistic picture.

  7. The dude

    I thought it might be interesting to mention the movie Conspiracy theory, when talkin' 'bout Gibson.

    In the movie The Patriot there is btw a scene where he says something like: "9 pounds, 11 ounces; Perfect!"

  8. Anonymous

    Mr Barret, I'm the Anonymous from above, some call me Patrick. I understand what you are saying, but yes, it is "just another action movie." Some have better writing, bigger budgets, "bigger stars," but I've seen movie-after-movie "expose" the true nature of government over-and-over again in these movies. As the dude said, _Conspiracy Theory_ comes to mind and if memory serves that came out in the late 90's.

    My point remains the same, as long as the majority of people depend on "the system," the system will thrive. The ONLY way to not be influenced is to personally be beyond it. Even in that case, let's face it, "The System," is ubiquitous. And you know what? 90% absolutely depend on it – many in a financial sense but by-and-large almost every single person depends on it in a psychological and even a spiritual sense. WE have created it, and WE sustain it. Well, I'm not "we" anymore. . . but hopefully this is some food for people's thoughts.

    If the system failed today, if the masses decided to dismantle it (HAHA), I'd be fine with some anticipated adjustments. The majority of people would lose their mind, even those who purport to "expose" the system today. So many need "the system," either to look to for solutions, or to blame for the problems. Some people take advantage, most just have no idea what to do without it – and too scared to figure it out for themselves anyway. I'm not judging – my path is very difficult – but the situation in general is what it is. There are no bad guys outside of ourselves, and the only thing to fear is fear itself.

    People "wake up" on their own accord, and as far as I can tell, this is the real dreamland where people forget who they are and projects like the "NWO system" will thrive. But there is always a way "out" for those whose hearts and minds are right.

    Sorry for high-jacking and going off-topic. Its not often I have the time and motivation to express this stuff so publicly. But the job you're doing needs done as well as the job I'm doing.

    My best to all,

  9. Patrick, I see your point(s).
    There are upsides and downsides to exposing the government in a Hollywood movie. Oliver Stone did it really well, and had a huge positive impact, with JFK. It was the JFK Records Act, inspired by Stone's movie, that led to the exposure of Operation Northwoods, which in turn has helped wake up a whole lot of people.
    But does the average expose-the-government film do more good than harm? One of the big downsides is that such films brainwash the public into placing "major conspiracies" into the "fiction" category of their mental bookstores. They imagine that this kind of stuff only happens in fiction. Anybody who claims something like the 9/11 inside job actually happened in reality can be labeled a too-imaginative type who mistakes paranoid fiction for reality.
    But there are advantages to expose-the-gov films, especially those with false-flag macguffins. Today, the biggest danger we face is another 9/11-style Zionist false-flag attack, probably a nuclear one, designed to push the US into attacking Iran. Gibson's film, by using this as a plot device – and by accurately portraying just how evil the Battelle and Kroll people actually are – helps inoculate the public with skepticism, thereby decreasing the odds of such an attack. Given today's situation, anything that pushes the false-flag meme into public consciousness, including this film, is a good thing.

  10. thanks for the info, nowhere to be found in the in the zio mainstream media… good for gibson that they understood that 911 and terrorism is a complete theatre…

  11. I especially liked Mel's,"The Passion of the Christ", have you seen it?

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