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Obama Renews “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” for WTC-7

At a recent press conference, President Obama once again renewed President Bush’s “don’t ask don’t tell” policy on the controlled demolition of World Trade Center Building 7.

“The policy is simple,” Obama explained to the assembled journalists. “You don’t ask about Building 7, and I don’t tell.”

The journalists applauded. Subsequent questions covered topics ranging from gays in the military to the price of tea in Paraguay.

9 Thoughts to “Obama Renews “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” for WTC-7”

  1. jl

    What a scum bag, and the journalists are even worse. Journalism is a moral responsibility that 99% of people dishonor.

  2. Anonymous

    I cannot find any reference to this remark on Could you please give more info?

  3. It's at

  4. Anonymous

    I guess Juan Williams has pursued a "Don't even look into it" policy. Otherwise, he'd see there is no reason to be "nervous" at the airport.

  5. Why do you purposefully damage your credibility by posting your own disinfo?

    This type of thing is what hurts the 9/11 truth movement from within.

    When writing a satire, you should make it very plain. This is just murky and juvenile.

  6. Robert,
    I'm sure if you read my stuff carefully you can figure out what's satire and what isn't. It does take a bit of mental effort, but if you persist you may actually find it enjoyable! If not, you can always change the channel.

  7. Anonymous

    Kevin Barrett said…

    It's at


  8. Anonymous

    I don't like the way Robert said it, but I agree that satire/humor should be labeled as such…honestly the reason I think that is that sometimes the REAL headlines and REAL stories are so freakin' outrageous and surreal that it really can be hard to tell the difference. Can't be too hard to add a humor/satire tag.. goes a long way … just my $.02….

  9. Then we renew our Obama shut it up !

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