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Kevins for 9/11 Truth?

All kinds of people are speaking out for 9/11 truth: Architects and Engineers, Scholars, more Scholars, and still more Scholars, Pilots, Scientists, U.S. Military Officers, Intelligence Officers, Senior Military-Intelligence-Law Enforcement Professionals, Firefighters, Veterans, Muslim Veterans, Lawyers, Medical Professionals, Religious Leaders, Actors and Artists, Journalists, 9/11 Survivors and Family Members, Political Leaders, Muslims, Christians, Muslims-Christians-Jews, Buddhists (here and here), and even Magicians.

During the 1970s explosion of identity-based magazines, the National Lampoon put out a parody called Fred Magazine: The Magazine for People Named Fred.

So maybe it’s time for Kevins for 9/11 Truth.

The first Kevin to speak out and cause a scandal was Kevin Ryan. Then it was my turn. Now, Australian union leader Kevin Bracken is carrying on the noble Kevin tradition of telling the truth and refusing to back down under pressure.

I will be checking in with Kevin Bracken tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 23rd on Truth Jihad Radio.

2 Thoughts to “Kevins for 9/11 Truth?”

  1. 9/11 is a psychological war taking place within our media and used to intimidate the entire population. We must turn the 9/11 terrorist attack into a 9-1-1 emergency call for democracy. It seems to me the best way to force the American public to view the mountain of evidence available is through a hearing much like the OJ Simpson trial. I have thought long and hard about this, we have to get every union on board and the best attorneys to challenge this government to a duel, because 9/11 is the key all the corruption in government and the media, it can be our salvation. Just like hemp can be the one crop to free us from the oil companies stranglehold and begin production again in this country, literally free the slaves. We are down to the wire, time is running out. It has got to get done and get done quick. Maybe it's because I'm at the bottom of the ladder that I see the urgency much clearer. But more than that I see America with complete abandon of our moral compass, of our compassion for fellow man, what the hell happened?I pray with all my heart for those emotional barriers the American people have put in their hearts to be taken down and allow that inner voice to guide us once again. I am quadriplegic have had to deal with loss and have come close to going home. I believe I am here for this reason because nothing else makes sense in my life and the inner drive has been a driving force since 2006. I pray for a uniting of the unions and forming a nationwide union so we might have a force like the French, one that will make these corporate criminals fear for their freedom because every one of them should be in jail. I can go on forever wish I had better use of my hands my left hand and most of the right have been amputated due to infection. Combine that with being stuck in a wheelchair and the fact I live here without family getting things done is rather difficult. I typically give out my phone number is easier for me to talk on the phone it is for me to write. My number is 714-908-4247.
    Sorry, about the long message I'm trying to use DragonDictate, so far so good. Peace and God bless.

  2. they lost it Kevin… Sarkozy passed a lw in March 2010 allowing the miliatry to go and fight 'muslims' in the ghttos, while France has police and military police, 'gendarmerie' … we consider this attempt to try to silence us and to start civil wars in europe on behalf of israel… please check this link :

    Something I was writing one since November 2008 where muslims sources confirmed that Sarkozy was to start a direct confrontation against Muslims in Europe and trigger civil wars, the latest islamohpobia wave is to another major sign that Israel lost all the battles she started… as we were the first in the world to blame with evidence Israel for 911 and we were the first in the world to uncover the dirty bomb plots in several cities, again the new 911 in Europe, using boats and using car blasts in strategic places… which will start the final phase before the intronisation of israel as the leading state in the world… Look at the panic of MEMRI, SITE and all the intel services linked to Israel… in France, Germany, UK… 'push the enemy in your grounds/area' (sun tzu, the art of the war)… How many times Muslims were so weak to fight back after provocations and won their battles, from Badr to al Uhud…. these are signs from our Creator that we can not ignore

    Wa Allah swt 'alam

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