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5 Thoughts to “September 11th 2010: Videos from Fighting Bob Fest and Peace Fest”

  1. Kevin —

    I too put ponerology at a very central place in terms of understanding the human condition, one that we neglect at our peril. I was not aware of the work of Lobaczewsky until I saw this interview with you, so I will be looking into that.

    However, I do know that "cz" in Polish orthography is in English the "ch" sound, just as "sz" is our "sh", and furthermore their "w" is our "v", just as in German. So the Russian name Н.И. Лобачевскй, that of the important mathematician, which is transliterated as Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky, is the proper pronunciation of the Polish spelling as well. Sts. Cyril and Methodius created an alphabet for the Slavs to spell their language, using Greek and Hebrew letters as models. The Poles, being Catholic, used Roman letters, but were forced to invent digraphs and accent marks to render their speech, and came up with what you see.

    The great Harvard mathematician and comic pianist and singer Tom Lehrer did this song about his hero, Lobachevsky

  2. Thanks for the linguistic tip, PP! I'm terrible with languages that I haven't learned.

    The book Political Ponerology is brilliant, but not as readable as one might wish. Harvey Cleckley, and more recently Robert Hare and Martha Stout, have written more readable books, but Political Ponerology is the one that really faces the problem of psychopathy and power.

  3. I have just pasted all the proffered samples from Lobaczewski's book into my PDA so I can stretch out and absorb it. My first reaction is, this is a theme that may, in the scales of our destiny, fully equal all others that might be loaded into the opposite pan.

    What do you do with people who, if it should so turn out, are irrevocably immune to conscience? What does society do when it becomes obvious that psychopathy is the #1 earmark for success in the rat race? What about the suggestion, which I think I heard on your show, that "the higher up you go in any organization, the more likely you are to encounter psychopaths"?

    The Greek dramatists used to build their plays on "the fatal flaw" in characters like Oedipus. But these protagonists would never experience the pangs of conscience that made him gouge his eyes out with his mother/wife's brooches.

    This fatal flaw is not that of the character, but of the whole species. How do you fix something like this? I'm stumped.

    As I've said before, your show is #1 in my list of where to look for more insight.

  4. Anonymous

    Re: Jesse Jackson

    The Cokely video is very telling, he points his finger at a specific Chicago Jew who generates media hits on black people and worked favorably with Jesse Jackson, who I am sure was the hands-on assassin. He was seen by a worker at Lorraine motel sticking something in his sock on the steps seconds after she heard the shot and rounded the building. Jesse never went to jail, had a job, is a multi-millionaire, his son is a Member of Congress and has the Budweiser franchise for distribution at least in Chicago.

    "Treachery rewarded" is my concise cryptic conclusion of the modus operendi for political assassinations, but "loose-lips" get offed! Thereby, end of, or no fucking Story!

  5. Anonymous

    William Pepper ( ) who won a civil case against the CIA, FBI and US military for assassinating Martin Luther King, Jr. has made a good case that the hands-on assassin was the Memphis PD's best sharpshooter, who was backed up by US military snipers stationed on a neighboring rooftop. But Pepper does suspect Jesse Jackson of complicity, based on Jackson's actions that day.

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