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See You at FIGHTING BOB FEST and PEACE FEST on Saturday, September 11th!

On Saturday, September 11th, the Wisconsin Coalition for 9/11 Truth will have a booth at Fighting Bob Fest, the Midwest’s biggest “progressive” celebration. I will be hanging out at the booth chatting, taking questions and debating any who dare. See you there!

Later on the 11th, I will be speaking at Peace Fest II in Baraboo, Wisconsin, right across the street from Fighting Bob Fest. Free Snacks! Music @ 5pm and 6pm: Speakers@5:15pm.  At: Thunderbird Lanes (air conditioned!), Across Hwy 33 from Fairgrounds & M&I Bank, 1117 8th St.,  Baraboo,  second building East of Washington Ave. Below is the announcement from Bob “Dr. Peace” Reuschlein.


September 11, 2010 after Bob Fest in Baraboo

Host: Dr. Bob Reuschlein (Creator: Peace Economics 1986)

Music @ 5pm and 6pm: Speakers@5:15pm: 

Bob Reuschlein “Peace Economics”

Buzz Davis “War Criminals”

Kevin Barrett “War Justification Incidents”

Jo Ann Oravec “Bullying”

Open Mike@6:15pm  Five Minutes Each

FREE EVENT  5-7:30pm

Free Snacks!

At: Thunderbird Lanes (air conditioned!)

Across Hwy 33 from Fairgrounds & M&I Bank

1117 8th St., Baraboo,  second building East of Washington Ave.

Empire leads to ruin, peace leads to prosperity.

For More Info:  608-230-6640; earlwal(at)

Dr. Peace website:

Location Website:

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 This video frame was taken at last year’s Fighting Bob Fest. It shows Allen Ruff, the nastiest bully on the Madison activism scene, sucker-punching Mike Delaney because Allen didn’t like Mike’s “Israel Did 9/11” T-shirt.  (Allen Ruff fancies himself a peace activist, but this isn’t the first time he has assaulted someone he didn’t agree with.)

3 Thoughts to “See You at FIGHTING BOB FEST and PEACE FEST on Saturday, September 11th!”

  1. Anonymous

    Should I bring the 911missinglinks bus down there? 😉

    Mike Delaney

  2. Sure! Maybe you can get a rematch with Allen "biggest asshole in Madison" Ruff. I'm disappointed you never sued him for that cowardly sucker-punch he hit you with.

  3. yeah you should have sued him for all the grief they;ve put us gentile truthseekers through. From JFK to Zundel to the release of all those moving company-art student-mall kiosk spies, etc., etc. There isn;t an easier case of assault either in criminal court or civil. Why didn;t you sue him Mike?

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