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Duluth Reader Demolishes 9/11 Commission Report!

The Duluth (MN) Reader says it’s “The Best Paper Money Can’t Buy – Locally Owned.” Living up to its motto, the September 2nd Reader featured  a blockbuster story by Dr. Gary Kohls, A Call for a New, Unbiased 9/11 Commission to Investigate the Controlled Demolition of the Three WTC Towers.” Then just to show it wasn’t a fluke, the September 9th, 2010 Reader included a 9/11 truth cover story by Jim Fetzer–this one entitled “Top Ten (x2) Reasons the ‘Official Account’ of 9/11 is Wrong.”
An irate reader responded with the following letter to the editor:
Regarding: “A Call for a New, Unbiased 9/11 Commission to Investigate The Controlled Demolitions of the Three WTC Towers.”
Dr. Kohls has completely blown his credibility regarding conspiracy theories. Granted that the “powers-that-be” could have foreseen that a few misguided Arabs would commandeer a few jet planes and attack the US of A. (were those Arabs employed by our own government?) Having that foresight our government had demolition explosives planted for that eventuality. But the big problem is the question, “where have the bodies of those that planted the explosives been buried?” Why has nobody missed those demolition experts? They certainly would not have been allowed to live to tell about it. (as per all the mystery novels) We have not seen hide nor hair of executed demolition experts.
Nor has anyone leaked any important information about this.
It just doesn’t make sense. Something must be wrong with this story of governmental perfidy. [Since we supposedly sold the thermite-sectioned iron beams to Asia with their tell-tale evidence perhaps the Asians will hold that evidence over our head for later negotiations with our government. Who knows?]
Now you know this also throws a completely different light on Dr. Kohls’ view of the big pharmaceutical companies who insist on pouring their expensive chemicals into innocent unsuspecting Americans. That may not be a real conspiracy either – we just don’t know at this point. (you know most of those chemicals actually do work as advertised).

Charles Longstreth, M.D.

I responded:
To the Reader,

In a recent issue Dr. Charles Longstreth attacks Dr. Gary Kohls’ call for a real investigation into the apparent controlled demolitions of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers. Longstreth makes several errors. First, he assumes that Arabs actually hijacked planes on 9/11. In fact, there is not a shred of evidence that any of the 19 patsies, or any Arabs for that matter, were even on the planes, and overwhelming evidence that they were not–including reliable reports of ten of them turning up alive after 9/11. Additionally, the clocked speed of the WTC attack planes through the thick sea-level atmosphere — almost 600 miles per hour in the case of the alleged Flight 175 — proves they were not manually-hijacked Boeing passenger planes, which would have been almost certainly ripped apart, and certainly uncontrollable, at such speeds and altitudes. (Source: Pilots for 9/11 Truth.)

Second, Longstreth claims that “nobody has leaked any important information” about the 9/11 false-flag operation. In fact, there is a long list of important 9/11 whistleblowers including Sibel “Feith and Perle financed 9/11” Edmonds, Minnesota’s own Colleen Rowley, FEMA videographer Kurt Sonnenfeld, and assassinated WTC-7 whistleblower Barry Jennings

Third, Longstreth claims that if the three WTC skyscrapers came down in controlled demolitions, the demolition experts responsible would have been murdered, and we would have heard about it. He ignores the distinction between civilian and military demolitions experts, and the fact that the latter category includes people whose expertise is kept secret, and who are chosen and trained for keeping secrets. Additionally, any Israelis involved in 9/11 would know that the truth could destroy their country, while the lie is crucial to its survival; they would therefore be highly motivated — even beyond the usual material rewards and familial death threats — to remain quiet.

Dr. Longstreth, please visit Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s website. You will learn that the explosive destruction of all three WTC skyscrapers included ten exclusive features of controlled demolition. Unexploded chunks of nanothermite high-tech explosives have been found, in great quantities, in the dust of the World Trade Center, according to a peer-reviewed article in Chemical Engineering Journal. WTC controlled demolition is no longer conspiracy theory, it is conspiracy fact.

Kevin Barrett
Lone Rock, WI

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  1. Ohhhh! Kevin, you slay them. Please put your powers to telling what will happen shortly within this year, and of concerning next's…

    Patrick F

  2. You are Greatttttttttttttttt Doctor Barrett,
    God blessssssssssssssssssssssssss You and
    your family

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