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What the HELL Ever Happened to the Sacred? Thoughts on Islamophobia

Anastassia Churkina let me reference the 9/11 inside job in this Russia Today report on Islamophobia

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A reader wrote to me with some Islamophobic idées reçues. I responded, debunking the misconceptions and recommending Michael Sells’ Approaching the Qur’an and Murata and Chittick’s The Vision of Islam as the best introductions to Islam in English.  His response below is in italics, and my response to his response in regular type.

Maybe I overreacted.  I believe most Muslims are good people.  The treatment of the Palestinians and the Iraqis are atrocious.  I don’t have a PHD in religious studies.  I took a world religions course in college several decades ago, and I’ve done some studying on my own.  I may read those books that you suggested when I have time.  I have no love lost for the Zionists.  I think they possibly are our biggest threat.

But when I read in the papers of the treatment of women in Islamic countries and how criminals receive cruel treatment I can’t understand how someone can call Islam a religion of peace.

Most feminists in Islamic countries say Islam liberates them from the traditional tribal-patriarchal culture, which had drifted away from Islam. Remember, not all traditional behavior in Islamic countries is Islamic! For example, female circumcision is tribal and anti-Islamic; Islam clearly forbids it. The struggle in these cultures is between tribalists who do it, and pious Muslims who are trying to stop it.

My Moroccan wife, a very strong, brilliant, willful and independent woman (occasionally too much so in some ways!) says women have it vastly better under Islam, where they’re honored, revered, completely supported by their husbands AND with the right to their own money, than in the West, where they’re exploited pieces of meat who have to work both inside AND outside the home and be treated as sex objects used to sell consumer-culture goodies.  And she’s no fundamentalist — she’s a poet in three languages and sings in an acid jazz band.

As for the relative handful of criminals who have hands and heads cut off in a handful of countries, compare their numbers, and suffering, to the millions of prisoners raped and tortured in the American prison gulag. (Most long-term American prisoners would happily trade a hand to get out of their hellhole — so which system is crueler?) Anybody who thinks the Islamic crime and punishment system is harsh should do a fair comparison of Islamic countries to other countries at the same level of economic and educational development — and to the USA.  I guarantee that the results would not make the Islamic lands look particularly bad. I also guarantee that the USA would come out looking atrociously barbaric. (Drug prisoners always want to serve their time in Mexico, not US prisons, because ours are inhuman rape-torture hellholes.)

What do you think of the Fatwa on Salman Rushdie? Do you think it was right to have a death sentence issued against him for his “Satanic Verses” book? 

It was tragic — a black mark on the Iranian revolution.  I admire as well as despise Rushdie (I even named my dog after him).  He’s an ambitious writer and he’s got balls; at the same time, he’s a egotistical provocateur who is serving the Islamophobic agenda. I also admire Khomeni, who is definitely one of the greatest men of the century. Unfortunately all successful big-time politicians do horrible things, and the Rushdie fatwa was one of them. It was a calculated political move, and a bad one, both ethically and pragmatically.

Speaking of death fatwas…when Bill O’Reilly put one on me, I could have used the kind of publicity Rushdie got from his. (Where was the media? Where is my Scotland Yard protection? Where are the million-dollar contracts from publishing houses? Seems a Khomeni fatwa is a ticket to riches, while an O’Reilly fatwa ain’t worth squat.)

 And the murder of Van Gogh’s great grandson.  Was that the work of a fanatical Muslim or a false-flag event?

Either a moron/psycho or a false-flag.  BTW,  the “Muslims” in photos with “death to freedom” signs are generally Mossad rent-a-mobs. Remember, almost everything  our media reports from the Arab and Islamic countries comes from the Mossad’s MEMRI, which is a Goebbels-style hate propaganda outfit. All the anecdotal stuff you see that makes Islam look bad is either fabricated or cherry-picked and spun by MEMRI (Mossad psy-ops) and its accomplices in the Zionist-dominated mainstream media.

By the way, though I’m not a supporter of violence against blasphemers, over-the-top Islamophobia is just as insane as the occasional violent responses to it.  Back when we had a self-respecting culture, even the meekest turn-the-other-cheek Christian would have kicked the s**t out of anybody who did “piss Christ” or anything like it.  What the HELL ever happened to the sacred?  Why can’t people respect the sacred, both their own and other people’s?

Today, our minds are owned by NWO Satanists who did the 9/11 human sacrifice in order to create the new religion of Holy Islamophobia…the next stage of the Holocaust Religion.

To hell with the Illuminati satanists and their “nothing sacred” philosophy of debasing and degrading all that is holy. The Islamophobes are their agents and dupes. Don’t follow them down the road to hell.


PS I’ll be discussing these issues with Israel Shamir next Tuesday. And for more about the Illuminati satanists check out my interview with Henry Makow — click here and skip ahead to the second hour.

3 Thoughts to “What the HELL Ever Happened to the Sacred? Thoughts on Islamophobia”

  1. I Think that this is important for al to know what the hell Ever happened to the Sacred that is based on Islamophobic ideas.

  2. Islamophobia, like most wedge issues, is likely fanned by the same mysterious oligarchy that is responsible for the global and amazingly tight 9/11 censorship.

    Islamophobia may even be fanned by muslim leaders themselves. After all, we are still waiting for some Islamic scholar to preach 9/11 Truth form a bully pulpit–no offense meant to Kevin. A fascinating case in point is Iranian president Ahmadinejad: as much of the Iranian population lives in fear of some impending military attack, he could preempt that attack by simply publishing what he knows of the twin towers' demolitions. Apart from a few timid and isolated outbursts, he has remained silent on 9/11.

    The fact that Ahmadinejad and other Muslim leaders mostly ignore 9/11 Truth is a sure indication that they have been at least co-opted by the 9/11 conspirators. They don't care for the common good, and Western islamophobia suits them just fine.

    The true blessing of the 9/11 false flag is that it forces all of "us the people of the world" to see that the Platonic theater we live in is global, cutting across all traditional boundaries of nationalism, religion, ideology, class, etc. Once enough of "us" become aware of it, we'll just stand up, leave the theater, apprehend the real world, build some community based on global empathy, and let our Platonic masters play their distracting movies to an empty audience.


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