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My 50,000 Watt Slugfest with Mike Pintek on KDKA Pittsburgh

Click here to listen to my interview with Mike Pintek on KDKA, recorded earlier today

Below is the press release I sent out this morning that garnered the interview. Let me know what you think!

Khadir Press
Post Office Box 221
Lone Rock, WI 53556

Islamic Studies Expert: U.S. Should Apologize to Muslims, Build Mega-Mosque AT Ground Zero…at Taxpayer Expense!
Lone Rock, WI – 2010  –  Author and Islamic Studies expert Dr. Kevin Barrett is no stranger to controversy. He has been pilloried as a “nut” by Sean Hannity, drawn a death fatwa from Bill O’Reilly, and taken on sixty Republican state legislators who wanted him fired from his job at the University of Wisconsin. His latest proposal–that the US government should build the world’s tallest mosque at Ground Zero as an apology to Muslims for falsely blaming them for 9/11–is unlikely to quiet his detractors.
In an open letter to President Obama, copied to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other New York officials, Dr. Barrett argues that the U.S. government is guilty of “genocide” against the Muslims of Iraq, Palestine, and (arguably) Afghanistan. Additionally, Dr. Barrett argues that U.S. officials are also “guilty of unconstitutionally waging war against the religion of Islam.” These crimes, Dr. Barrett asserts, were triggered by what he calls “the 9/11 false-flag attacks (which were) designed and carried out by enemies of Islam and falsely blamed on Muslims.
The U.S. should offer repentance and reparations for its crimes against Muslims, Dr. Barrett asserts, by covering the entire World Trade Center site with what would, if built, become the world’s tallest mosque. “The new mosque should cover the entire World Trade Center property, and should feature twin minarets at least 700 feet tall,” Barrett says. (Currently the world’s tallest minaret is the 689 feet tower at the Grand Mosque of Casablanca, Morocco.) Barrett adds that the Ground Zero mega-mosque should be built at taxpayer expense. “This would not violate the Constitutional prohibition on showing favoritism to any particular religion,” he explains, “because the U.S. government and the bankers who own it have already spent trillions attacking Islam. Giving back a few billion in the form of a great mosque at Ground Zero would be a minimal symbolic gesture towards setting things right.” Dr. Barrett claims that since countries that did not perpetrate the Holocaust still pay Holocaust reparations to the Jewish state of Israel, any nation that has murdered millions of Muslims and waged a worldwide war against the religion of Islam obviously owes far greater reparations to Muslims.
Dr. Barrett says the gigantic new mosque at Ground Zero should include a “9/11 truth museum” documenting the evidence that 9/11 was carried out by American and Israeli insiders, not Muslims. The museum could include such artifacts as the laughably bogus “last will and testament of Mohammed Atta,” pieces of airplane wreckage from earlier crashes that were planted at the alleged 9/11 crash sites, WTC structural steel samples showing melting and evaporation caused by explosives, videos and other objects seized from the Israeli Mossad team that filmed and celebrated their colleagues’ destruction of the World Trade Center, unflattering wax figures of such 9/11 villains as Dick Cheney, Larry Silverstein, and Benjamin Netanyahu, and samples of nanothermite-laden World Trade Center dust.Dr. Barrett adds that the “truth museum” should also include displays honoring “the patriots of the 9/11 truth movement, who have selflessly sacrificed so much in the path of truth, justice, and the Constitution.”
Neither President Obama nor Mayor Bloomberg has yet rejected Dr. Barrett’s proposal.
* * *
Kevin Barrett, a PhD Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror. His new book Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters sold out its first print run in six months and is currently available in a new, revised edition.
Dr. Barrett is a co-editor of the book 9/11 and American Empire (Volume II) and author of Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie (2007).
Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications. Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host. His website is

24 Thoughts to “My 50,000 Watt Slugfest with Mike Pintek on KDKA Pittsburgh”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin…took me a while to figure out that this was on KDKA AM radio….missed the first part. KDKA is what I listened to as a child in New Castle PA a few miles away from Pittsburgh.

    I am sure you know that the host is using you as an incendiary device instead of an equal opponent in a debate. He was stubborn , offensive , close minded and rude. I think the concept of a mosque at ground zero overshadowed the need to get to the facts about the coverup. If I know western PA folks they will listen to facts and discern the BS from the truth.

    Polite criticism…. the caller said you had no proof of controlled demolitions and they got the last say on that point with no mention of thermitic material, Bentham Open, AE 911truth , Gage etc. etc……you should have body slammed the both of them.

    more …The evidence could not be clearer that the spooks set up the Mujahadeen and the Afghan resistance to the Soviets and that stuff evolved into something virtually unheard of prior to 9/11…Al Qaeda. Another lost oppurtunity for a body slam. Hillary has recently admitted such openly and we all now what Brezinski said about radicalizing muslims for our own benefit.

    I understand that a public opputunity is good but this puffy radio voice is just using you.

    You did howeer get in many good points. It is truly an ugly fight we are in.

    Fighting Bob Fest on 9/11 yikes…..

  2. Anonymous

    You really got their attention with this one Kevin. Best idea I have heard of yet for what to do on that site. Its brilliant and I love it.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree with you about 100%, but I feel the Jewish Zionists, who have plenty of spare money from their ongoing looting of nations
    (including America) should rightfully fund everything you seek.

  4. Anonymous

    Just wanted to let you know that I got a real chuckle from this. What a deliciously absurd idea. Count me in.

  5. that's well done, where are the ADL thugs ?

    Amazing, seeing this from Europe, here people are far more critical of their governments, even zionist controlled… We are not living in the same planet ? ! Zionists are retrograds, archaical people who believe in domination, racial, ethnical, sociological domination designed to push people against each other… This letter was a great idea !

    Ramadhan mubarak to all of you

  6. Anonymous

    I'm all for the museum!

  7. Anonymous

    I heard the broadcast with Mike Pintak and you totally squashed him. I could feel his heavy breath he was so flustered. His comebacks were so lame you could tell he was very uneducated when it came to the politics of the Middle East. I do give him credit for putting you on the air. By the way, where are you speaking in Wisconsin on Sept.11th?
    Take Care Matt

  8. I'll be speaking on Sat. September 11th at (actually across from) Fighting Bob Fest at the Sauk County Fairgrounds in Baraboo — stay tuned for more details.

  9. Anonymous

    Larry Silverstein should help fund the mosque. After all, the building of the new WTC isn't going so well and has lost momentum. Kevin's proposal would have world support and funding.

  10. Anonymous

    Well, to begin with, anyone who postulates that the US should build the biggest Mosque in the world simply because they might "owe" "Islam" or any other such entity or group of people an apology is a true and radical nut case! Out of this world!

    Suggesting that it be built on the site of the thing which the public media and "reality" creators in Government have made of "Ground Zero" and the entire event is an indication of absolute out-of-this-world-and-insane-fantasy. Obviously, not for real. therefore, why do you say things like this Kevin?

    It is statements like this which cast a deep shadow of incredibility and farce over the entire movement, and it makes people wonder what your actual intentions and objectives can be? Certainly not to get a Mosque built; certainly not to get an apology, however strongly merited or due; and certainly not in the best interests of Islam, Muslims, the "conflict," or whatever it is you purport to support.

    It doesn't work Kevin! This kind of thing does too much damage and gives the entire team and movement you purport to support a bad image and a bad name and makes the team members cringe.

    Whatever the issue, the cause, I just do not think any government should ever get or be allowed in, in the business of building or regulating the construction of Mosques, Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Shrines, or other places of worship. It gives them too much leverage, which God and the true believers do not need, and can do better without.

  11. I think you missed the joke. As everybody knows, this "proposal" will be taken seriously by the powers that be when jahannam freezes over. My proposal is an attempt at humor. What's funny (to some people at least) is the extreme incongruity between this proposal and the dominant discourse about the "Ground Zero mosque" controversy. And what makes it even funnier is that the proposal for a mega-mosque with Twin Minarets replacing the Twin Towers — the ultimate nightmare of brainwashed boobs like Pintek and the other couple of hundred million American victims of orchestrated islamophobia — is that this proposal isn't really outrageous at all, given the sorry realities (9/11 inside job followed by islamophobic genocide).

    It's hard to write, or "get," satire when reality is as outrageous as it is now. Still, if you tell the truth, make it funny or they'll kill you. I would hate to die at the hands of someone who doesn't get this joke…but at least I'd die laughing.

  12. Anonymous

    thanks for the note about your interview on KDKA. I did manage to hear all of it on the web.

    I listened carefully and it soon became obvious to me that this guy, Mike Pintek didn’t invite you for a fair debate of ideas but to aggrandize himself by trying to ridicule yours.

    Since that’s all you can expect from mainstream media, allow me to suggest a less combative approach.
    A less combative tone that might be more effective and invoke less visceral reactions from brainwashed listeners, should you get another chance from another likeminded host.

    I imagine some repeated restatements of some basic unassailable truths in form of questions back at the host, i.e. ‘do you really believe that Mohammed Atta’s passport survived the fiery crash that consumed everything else on the plane only to be found on a heap of rubble next to the Twin Towers?’
    Or ‘if that seemed like planted evidence, does it not make you question everything we have been told?’

    All questions posed so that they challenge the host to think:
    ‘How do you explain the presence of the nano-thermite explosive in the rubble that was positively identified by several chemists?’

    Or asking him as ‘an openminded, intelligent person whether he doesn’t find it curious that that some 1200 architects and engineers want a new investigation into the collapse?’

    And of course also the whole issue of ‘Who benefits?’

    As to the attacks on Islam, ‘can you imagine similar vitriol being tolerated in our country against Judaism or Christianity?’

    And let him find some answer to your questions…

    And if he remains obnoxious, I would end the interview with ‘thanks for the interview but do you really think you’d keep your job at this station if you agreed with me?!’

    These are just some thoughts from someone who has the greatest admiration for your courage and wishing you safety, health, energy and the very best to your work.

  13. These are good suggestions.

    I chose a confrontational "unvarnished truth" tone in this particular interview to fit with the tone of the "mega-mosque at Ground Zero" proposal, which is meant to be both humorous in its audaciousness AND completely justifiable. It was a gonzo-style effort. I sometimes do more toned-down interviews, especially when the interviewers are at least somewhat reasonable.

  14. Anonymous


    From what I read, I had not picked up on the satire, or the idea that this was an immense joke of some sort.

    Apparently, I have either lost my sense of humor for some reason, or I do not find the deaths of the hundreds of thousands of people and children who have been laid out on this Altar of Ground Zero that funny!

    Be careful of what you send me in the future… too many things like this and I might just laugh myself to death!

  15. You got it. C'est l'humour noir, cherie. The "it only hurts when I laugh" stuff. Gallows humor. Not to everybody's taste.

    Ambivalent humor (funny and serious at the same time) is often misunderstood. I grew up studying literature at a time when the best writing was supposed to be funny AND serious. Anything just funny, or just serious, was considered trivial. Today, we don't see so much of that. Most of today's satirical comedy (the Onion, Bill Maher) is nihilistic.

    As a Muslim truther whose sensibilities were shaped by absurdist humor, its amazing I can communicate with anybody ; – )

  16. Anonymous

    You can only communicate with people who already agree with you.

  17. The advantage of the kind of confrontation I had with Pintek, besides rallying people who already agree, is to alert those in his broad, mainstream audience that this issue exists, and hope that some will research it.

  18. Friend

    Kevin, I appreciate your humor and first and foremost the endurance for all those years fighting the the big 9/11 lie head on. One thing is certain and it may take a while, one day there will be dedicated Kevin Barrett Peace Park, a museum, an avenue or what have you. However, the Pinteks of the world are only headed for the dustbins of history..

  19. Anonymous

    Awesome job with the Pintek interview – very tough stuff and you stayed calm and focused and polite and informative.

    Simply amazing.

  20. You did a great job in the interview keeping your equanimity–very important! Keep up the good work!

  21. Anonymous

    That guy Pintek was a real prejudiced jerk in my opinion. You handled yourself well.
    You keep getting better.

  22. Anonymous

    To the Christianists,

    You want us to be "sensitive."

    Of course, you've never mentioned the fact that Muslims died in 911, or the even more salient objection that Muslims may not have been responsible for the attacks in the first place. Plenty of architects and engineers say the building could not have fallen except by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION, and aviators say that piloting commercial aircraft is a feat beyond the capabilities of the purported hijackers.

    But, we will set that argument aside for the moment.

    You want Muslims to be "sensitive."

    Yet, where is YOUR Christianity? Where is YOUR adherence to the teachings of Prophet Jesus (whom we Muslims respect as a great prophet, and whose name is ALWAYS followed, in Muslim countries, by the blessing, "Peace be upon him!)?

    Prophet Jesus (pbuh) taught to "Turn the other cheek."

    Did you do THAT after 911, when most of the world was sympathetic to your grief?

    No, you used 911 as an excuse to invade Iraq, a country NOT responsible, as so many people have pointed out. The true followers of Jesus Christ would certainly have turned the other cheek and shown the world that love is greater than hate.

    Your depleted uranium and your bombs have killed HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Muslims in Iraq. Where is YOUR sensitivity to THAT? An estimated FOUR MILLION innocent children have died in Iraq because of your bombs and your sanctions, yet you let Madeleine Albright say, "We think the price was worth it," and don't demand that SHE have any sensitivity to the slaughter of innocents.

    Your unmanned aerial drones kill more innocent Muslims in Afghanistan. You torture innocent Muslims in Guantanamo and secret sites all over the world.

    Where is your sensitivity to that?

    What would Jesus do? Indeed.

    I think he would throw you out of the temple. He would throw your Halliburton and your Blackwater out, too. He would throw the people who drop white phosphorus and deadly radioactive depleted uranium, which will kill for surely longer than Man will be on this Earth.

    He would ask you why you profess to be his followers, but pride yourselves in outdoing each other in hate, in torture, rape and murder. He would excoriate your weapons, and your sabre-rattling.

    Surely, the Prince of Peace would call you hyprocrites.

    And so does the rest of the world.

    Hajja Romi

  23. Anonymous


    It's nice to see that Zionist terminology is now catching on. One took their ' Islamist ' term and turned it into ' christianist '. Many would call that the work of an inbred nik, but what would they know? lmao

  24. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin, I listened to the radio show and if that was mainstream media, it is not wonder you could not prove the facts about 9/11 being done by our government, etc!!!

    I have no problem with building the Mosque. However, I think Silverstein and those guys that profitted from 9/11 should pay for it. All those inside traders thieves on 9/11!! The tax payers funding it, I don't agree with because we are being taxing us to death already! We are slaughering the Muslims all over in the Middle East. Just for a matter of record, since 2004 we have slaughtered 1.4 million iraqis and over 1 Million of them have left Iraq.

    I agree whole heartedly with you that show host needs to look into 9/11 and get the facts!! We were lied to and if you want to believe his take then how come we are losing our Constitution and Bill Of Rights!

    I think the big problem here was he was the mainstream media and they are NOT allowed to tell the truth! That woman that called in was a Catholic! I recently quit the Catholic Religion because they are a bunch of False Prophets as stated in the Bible! The Pope is behind a lot of the diisasters that going on right now! Basically the Holy Roman Empire is re-emerging which will take us back to the Dark Ages and worse! A better name of the Catholic Religion is "Catholic Institution and the Unholy Roman Empire"!!

    You did a great job considering what you were up against. I wish I had known you were airing I would have called in defending 9/11 Truth and they need to get a life and look it up!! It is all over the internet. I did notice he mentioned Popular Mechanics who is owned by the Hearst Foundation that has strong ties to the Government and at the time of the 9/11 Commission Report BS, Michael Chertoff's brother or cousin was on the staff at Popular Mechanics! What are the odds in that!

    The US Government is doing its best to ignite a racial war in this country to incite marital law!

    God Bless and you did a good job!

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