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More Lies from “Cosmos”

Updated 9/15/2010

Cosmos spent the week before the 9/11/10 anniversary flooding the internet with this attack on me:

I wrote a response, but decided not to post it (thanks to Carol Brouillet for the good advice) until after the anniversary. Here it is:

More lies from “Cosmos”
A Response to the Latest Cosmos Hit Piece

by Kevin Barrett

Cosmos has been posting vicious lies about me, under various fake names, at his TruthAction blog since 2007. Yet he writes: “I personally had never spoken out against Barrett until very recently…”  I guess if you maintain a “Barrett promoting disinfo” thread at your website for three years, and post vast amounts of defamatory material under fake names, you’re not saying anything “personally.”

Cosmos claims that I “bizarrely” accused him of being “a ‘wrecker’ getting him (Barrett) kicked off conference lineups…”  In fact, I never said that Cosmos or anyone else had ever succeeded in getting me kicked off any conference lineup. I simply reported what Ken O’Keefe told me: That some lunatic calling himself “Cosmos” had — completely out of the blue — emailed Ken a long series of false and/or misleading attacks on me in an attempt to wreck the Debunking 9/11 conference in London this past July.   Instead of clearly confirming or denying this, Cosmos invents a straw-man distortion of what I actually said, and calls this charge “bizarre” and “venomous.”  Yet he has never specifically denied sending the attack email to Ken O’Keefe. Bizarre, venomous…but true!

Cosmos, if you didn’t send that (bizarre, venomous) email to Ken O’Keefe, just say so! Then we’ll figure out whether you’re lying once again, or whether there are two lunatics named “Cosmos” out there stalking me.

Along with his lame attempt to blow smoke over his email to O’Keefe attempting to wreck the London symposium, Cosmos invents another straw-man lie about the issue of his not-so-uncle Mickey. According to Cosmos, I charged him with “hiding the fact that it was only a family friend who was murdered on that day” (not his actual uncle). In fact, I never charged him with HIDING anything. I just pointed out that he has, on several occasions, claimed that he lost his uncle on 9/11, while failing to disclose that the person in question was not his uncle. His repeated references to “Uncle Mickey” have led many of the people who have heard of Cosmos to believe that he is a 9/11 family member.  Within the 9/11 truth community, and in American society in general, “9/11 family member” is a very privileged category. So while Cosmos sometimes does mention that “Uncle Mickey” was not really his uncle, and sometimes doesn’t, the upshot is that he has deceptively created the impression that he is a 9/11 family member when in fact he is not.

Here are three recordings of Cosmos referring to “Uncle Mickey” without mentioning that Mickey was not his uncle.

Regarding the latter: “In an interview with Hereward Fenton on Truth News Radio Australia last November 11th, 2009, Cosmos repeats the lie that his ‘uncle’ was murdered. When the interviewer follows up and asks him about his uncle, Cosmos does nothing to disabuse him from being under the impression that it was his blood uncle.”    –

Here is Cosmos’s original bio at 9/11 Truth News: “Cosmos is an artist and musician whose uncle was murdered in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.” 

After spewing doubletalk non-denial denials about the “Uncle Mickey” issue, Cosmos finally confesses: “And quite frankly,  if I choose to refer to Mickey in the way that I remember him,  then I will damn well do so. For me to call Mark Rothenberg my ‘uncle Mickey’ is 100% accurate – that’s who he was. And history will not look kindly on individuals who have attacked those who lost loved ones on 9/11.” In other words, by falsely claiming that he lost an uncle on 9/11, Cosmos thinks he can get away with slandering other people and wrecking 9/11 truth events without anybody saying boo. In Cosmos’s world, family members — especially fake ones — are off-limits to criticism, no matter what they do. 

* * *

Original post:

re: “Is Cosmos Living Out a Double Identity,  as an OCT Supporter As Well As A Truther?”

Some self-styled 9/11 truth activist who hides behind the pseudonym “Cosmos” apparently has enough time on his hands to devote himself to sabotaging my speaking events. A few years back, I was on the short list for a speaking tour of Australia, but got passed over because John Bursill of 911truthOz, who says he’s a friend of “Cosmos,” believed “Cosmos”‘s lies about me.

Others who have invited me to speak in New York, California, and elsewhere have also been inundated with scurrilous emails from “Cosmos” and his friends. For example, Sander Hicks, organizer of last year’s We Demand Transparency conference, told me last year that he had been deluged by emails from the usual suspects. Sander added that Cosmos buddy Jon Gold had ranted, raved, and threatened him, saying “If he (Kevin Barrett) attends your little shindig, then I will never trust you again. It’s really that simple.”

This summer, Ken O’Keefe told me that “Cosmos,” Brian Good, and the rest of the tribe had deluged him with emails about what a terrible guy I was and how Ken shouldn’t share a stage with me in London. Fortunately, Ken was willing to devote several hours to looking into their allegations, which, he concluded, were false and/or misleading. “Why are these people harassing you, Kevin?” he asked me over Thai food at a West London restaurant not far from his home. I told him the truth: I really don’t know.

I added that if I were a paranoid conspiracy theorist, I would suspect that the whole wrecking crew–“Arabesque,” “Col. Sparks,” “Cosmos,” Brian Good, Jon Gold, Michael Woolsey, and Victoria Ashley — were agents of influence. That’s basically what Webster Tarpley said at the 9/11 truth conference in New York in 2007.  Barrie Zwicker, who like Tarpley (and unlike the members of the wrecking crew) is a brilliant, accomplished voice of 9/11 truth, also suspects foul play. According to Barrie Zwicker “(the 9/11) perpetrators have assigned disinformation specialists to attack the honest citizen detectives of CIT.The suspected “disinformation specialists” he is referring to are essentially the same people and anonymous entities listed above…the same people who devote enormous amounts of time to sabotaging my speaking events, asking bookstores not to carry my books, and in some cases physically stalking my wife and me.

Now, Adam Syed has discovered evidence to back these suspicions.  In his new article “Is Cosmos Living Out a Double Identity,  as an OCT Supporter As Well As A Truther?” Syed shows that “Cosmos” repeatedly claimed to be the nephew of 9/11 victim Mickey Rothenberg, before changing his story and saying that Rothenberg was just a family friend. Is “Cosmos” really Andrew Bernstein, an OCT supporter who also claims to be a nephew of Rothenberg? Maybe, maybe not. But any way you slice it, “Cosmos” has hidden his true identity and lied about being a family member, while devoting his time to sabotaging other 9/11 truth activists and events.

Why anyone would trust this character an inch is beyond me.

57 Thoughts to “More Lies from “Cosmos””

  1. Anonymous

    Is "Cosmos" just another Brian Good sockpuppet?

  2. It's a very interesting post. I've been sideswiped by them. It's a good guess the above names are the controlled opposition. Tarpley identified them in mid-2007, when he was in their sights. It seems a fit, since, they are such a cohesive little group in virtual lockstep?

    There also appears to be a recurrent discrepancy in many otherwise brilliant people. They are on target on everything else but when it comes to the Pentagon, there is no question a plane hit.

    Michael Riveo comes to mind. It was just the other day, Rivero dressed down a caller that there are no witnesses who saw a plane flying away from the Pentagon, ergo, a plane must have hit!

    Pentagon has limitless resources and networking we can only imagine. It shouldn't surprise us but should be noted. You are holding up well, Kevin. I hope, Craig Ranke is also holding up under attack?

    It's the proverbial, "you know you're close to the target when you're receiving heavy flak".

  3. Yes, Mark Rothenberg was known to me as "Uncle Mickey" when I was growing up. I don't speak about Mickey much, but usually when I do I'm careful to point out that he was a close family friend, not a blood relative – specifically for the purpose of heading off the kind of smear that Barrett is engaging in here. That's why I've never referred to myself as a "9/11 family member", despite the fact that Mickey was, for all intents and purposes, family.

    My bio is available here:

    Aside from that, I'll let my actions speak for me!

  4. Interesting non-denial, re: wrecking 9/11 truth events. So, did you email Ken O'Keefe (among others) trying to smear me and wreck various events, or did I get that wrong?

  5. Wow. Cosmos was very courteous to give you a complete explanation as to the mix up. I can't comment on the other matters Kevin, but perhaps you should acknowledge his polite response before jumping on him with another matter. His response clears up your allegations.

  6. Anonymous

    I looked at those youtube videos that Adam Syed posted in his article. Certainly, in at least those two videos, Cosmos does NOT, as he claims above, "[carefully] point out that he was a close family friend, not a blood relative."

  7. Cosmos's "complete explanation" does not clear up the allegations, because it is contradicted by the two videos. I had been under the impression that he was a family member. I suspect many others were under the same impression. He seems to be fostering that impression in the videos. I would be more inclined to accept his sincerity, and write this off as a mix-up, if I didn't know about his attempts to wreck 9/11 truth events. Since he has proven himself a wrecker, and has never been willing to engage in any kind of peacemaking dialogue, I am suspicious about his intentions and character.

  8. Several months ago… maybe longer?, much to my surprise, I first heard the "Bad Barrett" stories among members of the Sheehan clan. Important to note: They don't like Ron Paul either even though he is their best hope for Peace? Anyway, since you are one of my "super" heroes [Barrett, Gage, Jones, Griffin …] in "The Movement", I took my gloves off & jumped right in.

    My conclusion, derived from my interactions is that even though there are certainly mole types spreading dissent through our Movement on all levels, I don't think all anti-Barrett people are moles. However, I do think people who are not moles & never use their real names while interacting on the internet are all krazy …LOL…

    We in The Movement are a very diverse group. And it takes a "strong" personality type to publicly state "9/11 was an inside job". I admit, I am a challenge to work with on projects I am passionate about.

    Wealth & power act like glue to bond those diverse personalities together who actually committed 9/11. Zionists, Imperialists and yes, Islamic Theocratic types[Saudis] all had to work together to pull this off. They have succeeded so far because wealth & power have kept them unified and on track.

    Since "wealth & power" are not an option, what can we in The Movement embrace as a common unifier? If we are not careful, our splintered Movement will cease to move forward =>=>=> resulting in NO Movement.

    As a reply to an ignorant statement I made in her meet-up group about standing on street corners with signs, a really neat person named Mia [from FLA] commented:

    "Fight tyranny however it suits you and support others who do the same."

    I think it was a White Rose Society quote but it inspired me to try harder not to be part of the problem. IMO, public criticism of any Super Heroes in The Movement result in splintering rather than movement.

  9. Anonymous

    These guys are only interested in a certain type of truth, one which they can be comfortable with.

    I've observed them in action on forums and cant really see what they offer to anything apart from incessant threads questioning the credibility and integrity of people in the movement. They feed off the energy created by honest people and deserve nothing but contempt.

  10. Anonymous

    Kevin, your slip is showing… you're not approving Cosmos or John Bursill's comments…

  11. Hello Kevin,

    Firstly I am disgusted by this unfounded and distracting hit piece! I have much better things to do than comment on this but someone has to do it for the record:(

    Cosmos is my "brother" but not by blood, rather by his actions, his friendship, his support and by his love of a common purpose. I have known him for nearly 4 years now and I know his "passport name" but I know him as thousands do as COSMOS. Without Cosmos and his founding such an inspiring campaign "The 11th Day of Every Month Until Justice" the 9/11 Truth Movement in Australia would not exist!

    I have been the principle organiser of all the major events in Australia relating to 9/11 Truth. You have never been on my "short list" for such an event. You may of been on Gillian Normans "short list" at one stage back in early 2008 for the "Truth Now Tour" but after Gillian's complete failure to deliver on her commitments she was removed from the organising committee. Webster Tarpley was removed from my "short list" when he made similar attacks against Cosmos, Michael Wolsey and Jon Gold to name just a few. Tarpley never apologised for his actions an then withdrew from the 9/11 Movement. Unfortunately he also left us with our relations with the Peace Movement in tatters, because his insane KENNEBUNKPORT WARNING meltdown.

    To my knowledge Cosmos has NEVER ATTACKED YOU! Cosmos has often "in private" expressed dismay at your actions, your guests and your support of people like Jim Fetzer he is not alone in that concern. He has allowed a forum thread to run at to call you to account for your "big tent" activities supporting misinformation as a risk to our campaign. That is his right and to my knowledge he has not used that forum to attack you personally. Cosmos is held in the highest regard of some of the most prominent activists and spokespeople in our movement including Gage, Jones, Matthews and Bowman. He is loved by all who meet him and inspires many to action directly having been a street activist for 9/11 Truth right at the beginning in 2002.

    Many people have warned me that your glass is half empty over the years Kevin but I make my decisions based on "my" experience and my experience with you have included many good things but also time wasting, sensationalism, unfounded attacks, division, diversion and worst of all disruption of our campaign. Mind you I have also enjoyed many of your radio shows and have found you thought provoking. But just like Ken Jenkins and other people who thought you were worth the effort to defend from your detractors time and time again, articles like this make us see that the warnings were right and you glass is indeed "half empty".

    Anyway I am going to get back to the job of winning this campaign. You may or may not of seen I have taken the time to write two articles myself in the last week or so about supporting the idea "9/11 Truth for Peace" maybe your time would be better spent playing the game and not the man so to speak. Because as you know this game is the real deal and it is for keeps. Thousands are at risk every day!

    In closing I suggest that any being distracted by this attack against possibly the longest and hardest working "grass roots" 9/11 Truth Activist Cosmos would like to know he would NOT like you to be distracted at this time. Every year at the anniversary the same b/s comes out while we should be focussing on the task at hand, 9/11 Truth!

    Sincerely John Bursill

  12. Brian "Anonymous" Good: some of us don't live in our parents' basement all our lives. Some of us have other things to do than sexually harass and stalk 9/11 truth activists. Some of us don't spend our whole lives on-line trying to wreck 9/11 truth events and stalking the objects of our sick sexual fantasies. Some of us have a life. Therefore we are "off-line" for hours or occasionally days at a time and are unable to approve comments two seconds after they arrive.

    John Bursill: I am going after Cosmos because he wrote a defamatory email about me to Ken O'Keefe in an unsuccessful attempt to wreck the London Debunking the War on Terror symposium. I have good reason to think that this is not the first time he has tried to wreck an event or activity I was involved in. I cannot imagine any decent, sincere person engaging in that kind of wrecking activity. He is either an agent of the state or a moronic asshole.

  13. This blog is a sleazy, GOP-style hit piece which is very obviously timed to coincide with the launch of 9/11 Truth News.

    If you're a regular reader of Kevin Barrett, I suggest you take a really good look at what this guy is doing and ask yourself if this is really the kind of thing you want to be involved in.


  14. More discussion about this "Cosmos" fraud at:

    The fact is that Cosmos is a total hypocrite and fraud. While whining about people "snitchjacketing" against him and his LIHOP crew at Twoofaction, he has allowed his forum to be used for exactly that purpose – a platform for snitchjacketing and worse against their critics. just look at one of the many outrageous examples of the kind of behavior Cosmos allows to go on at his site:

    Not to mention the fact that Cosmos and his tight crew of divisive wreckers constantly refer to Keven Barret as a "wife beater", something that legally constitutes Libel that could be grounds for a law suit should Kevin decide to pursue it, which he has the total right to do.

    Cosmos and his team of LIHOP frauds are disgusting and have completely bankrupted their credibility capital. The only reason they still are allowed any platforms to continue their hypocritical destructive hateful behavior is because they control the key web sites that they post on (TrueFaction, 911Blah-ger), despite their views being so far outside the mainstream of 9/11 Truth.

  15. Kevin, what 9-11 truth events did Cosmos supposedly wreck?

  16. Anonymous

    Ken O'Keefe is too smart to fall for BS from LIHOP/Zionist wreckers.

    Ken O'Keefe: 9/11 Was an Israeli-Zionist False-Flag Attack

  17. Anonymous

    This is generally why movements fail, too much infighting.

    However, why does Mr. Cosmos and his gang feel the need to behave like Thought Police and contact Ken o'Keefe in an effort to prevent him from working with Barrett? Mr. o'Keefe is a clever boy and he can make up his own mind as to what he believes and I dont think he would appreciate being advised on who he should work with by a bunch of self-centred children who have no manners.

    Is this what Mr. Bursill means by " hardest working " in relation to Cosmos and friends? Is this how you spend your time working for 9/11 truth, writing e-mails encouraging folks not to work with certain people and then threatening never to trust them unless they heed your advice? How patheticaly childish and destructive.

    "If he (Kevin Barrett) attends your little shindig, then I will never trust you again. It's really that simple." Jon Gold

    Who the hell do these guys think they are?

  18. Those sound to me like private opinions, expressed in private. Nothing weird there. Surely writing an entire article to rebutt something written (allegedly) in a private email, is a total overreaction. Anyone calling people names is in my opinion, not the best person to be a representative of 9/11 truth. Kevin, your name calling really just brings you down to a level not worthy of you. Since you don't know me, I doubt my opinion matters. But just consider how you come across please. Cheers, Dany

  19. Dany, the problem is that I have to waste dozens and dozens of hours of my valuable time due to harassment from these creeps. Every time I do an event, the harassment and slander starts, and it takes a lot of time and effort to set the record straight. Ken O'Keefe had to waste hours of HIS valuable time because of that unsolicited email from Cosmos the wrecker. I had to ask David Ray Griffin, William Rodriguez, Carol Brouillet and other luminaries, who don't have a lot of free time, to vouch for me to the people at Friends House in London. They had to use their time and energy writing emails to Friends House endorsing me so the Debunking the War on Terror Conference could proceed. (I would much rather that DRG use his time writing his books!) Last year prior to the NYC 9/11 event, Sander Hicks had to waste lots of HIS time wading through the same garbage emails from the same disinfo gang. Prior to my California speaking tour last spring, the organizers had to waste a lot of THEIR time with the garbage emails. Bob Bowman and David Ray Griffin have had to waste time on earlier occasions supporting me, after they and many other 9/11 leaders received spam attacking me from Jon Gold. (Dr. Bob really put Gold in his place!) In short, these people are wreckers and time-wasters out to torpedo the movement, and this fact needs to be known so we can stop wasting time on them.

  20. Anonymous

    I don't personally think they are out to destroy the movement, but I do think that they place other issues above truth.

  21. John Bursill is very disingenuous at best. His statement to Kevin that, "To my knowledge Cosmos has NEVER ATTACKED YOU!" does not bear the test of scrutiny. People should read through the 3-year-long thread on trueFaction called "Kevin Barret promoting disinfo" to see the kinds of personal attacks have been consistently lobbed at Kevin (and numerous other people). Whether or not Cosmos personally authored the personal attacks, or simply allowed his forum to be consistently used for that purpose for the last 3 years by Cosmos' friends makes little difference.

    Just today, Cosmos allowed the following accusation to be made against Kevin on TrueFaction:

    Paid disinfo agent Kevin Barrett immediately scoops up anything and everything that can divide and discredit a legitimate movement. What else is there to say? Short of finding his paycheck stubs from the DIA or the State Department..

    He needs to be walled off from the movement. He and his ilk are a cancer. Cancer kills the host body if not excised in time.

    John Bursill has also personally engaged in numerous personal attacks on 911Blogger and TrueFaction against dissenters of his beloved little LIHOP clique.

  22. So you are retaliating with the same tactics as those you say were used against you? Ever thought about extending an olive leaf instead of baring your teeth? We are meant to support one another, and encourage one another.Got a personal gripe? Tell a close friend. Please don't be one of those splintering this movement. If someone is fake, they'll expose themselves. We're all not always going to agree, and some of us will make mistakes. If you treat others the way you would like to be treated, then you'll have no need to 'expose' anyone. Maybe I don't know enough background to be commenting, but I wholeheartedly believe there are enough amazing people in the Truth Movement, that pointing at ghouls is a waste. Also, remember the goal is mainstream awareness… not picking out the one 100 percent iron clad theory…coz there isn't one. I'm just hoping you'll see that maybe pointing fingers is not going to help anyone. Anyway, you hardly are likely to want my advice. I disagree with your methods for expressing your feelings, but you have a blog, so I guess it's tempting to utilise it. I truly believe we must work hard on our relationships with others, and be tolerant to those with different beliefs or strategies. Try the olive branch approach. You may be surprised : )

  23. Peter Dale Scott actually complained about being harassed by this same crew of Cosmos' TrueFaction LIHOP creeps last year after Scott endorsed CIT and their newest video Nation Security Alert. Abaout a year ago, after CIT published a list of endorsements, the contingent of self-proclaimed truth police (LIHOP frauds) at TrueFaction (Cosmos/Eric Larson/Victoria/Arabesque/Jon Gold/John Albanese) engaged in a spamming campaign to attempt to get all of the 9/11 Truth leaders who endorsed CIT to retract their endorsements. Disgusted by their tactics, Peter Dale Scott had this to say:

    This is a form letter in response to the flood of letters that has been showered on me by those who do not like CIT.

    I have not endorsed the flyover theory for Flight 77, and I do not personally believe it. All I endorsed was their assemblage of witnesses who said that Flight 77 approached the Pentagon on the north side of the Pike. I do not draw the conclusions from their testimony that CIT does. But I believe that the testimony needs to be seriously considered by those trying to find out what actually happened.

    I must say that I am disappointed by number of ad hominem attacks I have received. I do not believe one incoming letter so far has dealt with the substance of what the Turnpike witnesses claimed and I endorsed.

    In his famous American University speech of June 1963, John F. Kennedy famously said, "And we are all mortal." I would add, "And we are all fallible." For this reason I would ask everyone in the 9/11 truth movement to focus their energies on the substance of what happened on 9/11, and not discredit the truth movement by wanton attacks on each other.


    Peter Dale Scott

    I find it hard to believe that any honest 9/11 truth activists would consistently engage in the type of disrespectful and destructive tactics of manipulation, vilification, bullying, and vicious smears against fellow truthers that Cosmos' TrueFaction crew do. When you combine this despicable behavior with the fact that this group of people insist on propping up the OCT in regards to:

    1) claiming that the hijackers were for real and that arguing otherwise makes the movement look bad

    2) claiming that the wtc demolitions are a "speculative theory that hurts the movement"

    3) claiming that people who argue that AA77 DID NOT hit the Pentagon (like the majority of the 9/11 truth movement) are engaging in disinformation and disruption

    4) discussing the evidence that points to Israel/Mossad being involved in the 9/11 False Flag attack is "anti-semetic" and bigoted

    …then we obviously have a huge problem with this group of people. And that begs the question: How can a tiny group of people who represent such a tiny percentage of the views of the overall 9/11 truth movement become the gatekeepers and controllers of some of the most prominent web sites of the truth movement? Something is VERY wrong with this picture. The efforts of these people to hijack and disrupt and manipulate the truth movement are way too organized and methodical for people to NOT suspect foul play here. Their actions need to be documented and exposed for all to see so that these dishonest LIHOP frauds can be shamed out of the truth movement once and for all.

  24. I tried the olive branch approach with this gang for two years and it got me nowhere. They've spent years attempting to wreck my events (and others' events as well) while I just stood by and, occasionally, tried to reason with them. They are not acting in good faith. It's important that everyone exposed to their deceptions know exactly who they're dealing with.

    If I were to speculate about motive, I would suspect that these LIHOPPERs are, as Barry Zwicker suggests, working on behalf of the perpetrators of 9/11, whose purpose was to inculcate deep-seated long-term Islamophobia on behalf of Zionism. (The perps don't care whether 9/11 is "investigated" or not, as long as the Islamophobia remains in the culture and drives wars for Israel.) These people are fighting a desperate rear-guard battle to preserve the core fiction of 9/11: that somehow "radical Muslims" were, or at least might be, responsible for it; that planes MIGHT have been hijacked by radical Muslims; that the US goverment MIGHT have just let it happen on purpose (which preserves the "evil Muslims" meme); and that, above all, we must NOT talk about the obvious fact that Israel and its Zionist fifth column in America did it. They ferociously attack anyone who threatens their attempts to make sure Americans continue to "blame the Muslims" and ignore the Zionist elephant in the living room.

  25. Anonymous

    Barrie Zwicker says it best:

    "To me, two most important questions now, almost nine years after the events, urgently call out for investigation. First, who are those behind the vicious attempts to discredit the work of the Citizen Investigation Team? (i.e. the same people named and shamed in Kevin's blog post) Second, what are the motives of the would-be discreditors and those behind them? I say “attempts” because careful examination of the arguments CIT’s tormentors show them to be tricky and unreliable — as flimsy as the official story they try to defend.

    "Twin tasks lie ahead for honest citizens of all countries. First, to continue to learn more about all the events involved in the 9/11 false flag operation. Second, and to learn more about — and unmask for all to see who are willing to see — the cadre of disinformation agents who are in the business of attempting to mislead and confuse honest authentic people everywhere about 9/11. Arguably no single group is being targeted more toxically than the honest citizen detectives of CIT. That this disinformation campaign is being waged is a signal tribute to the historic importance of CIT’s work — work that must be supported unflaggingly."
    -Barrie Zwicker

  26. Check out my blog on the Israeli/Mossad links to 9/11 Timeline 1992-2001: Lead Up to the Zionist Engineered War on Terror

    The LIHOP fakes who gatekeep at 911Blogger and TrueFaction do not want people to discuss these dangerous facts, or to connect the dots in a way that obviously points to the true perpetrators of 9/11, apparently.

  27. I have never ever seen John Bursill endorse a LIHOP theory as an only plausible theory. John makes every effort to ensure we as a movement push forward with provable facts. I personally believe anyone basing the whole game on one detailed theory is setting our group up for failure.

  28. Nobody's telling anybody to "base the whole game on one detailed theory." My advice is to seek and speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. If your findings are different from mine, fine, we'll hash them out in reasoned debate.

    My problem with Bursill is twofold. First, he harasses Pilots for 9/11 Truth and wastes a lot of their time, even when his arguments have been shown to be weak. Stalking and trying to cripple a major professional 9/11 truth organization because of bizarre psychological obsessions (I think he's jealous of people who know more than he does about aviation) is stupid and destructive.

    Second, in private conversations, Bursill has revealed that he actually agrees with me about certain controversial topics, but thinks 9/11 truth advocates should keep their mouths shut about these topics because they're bad PR. I think that's craven hypocrisy. John, please speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, or start a different movement — maybe the 9/11 Half-Truth Movement?

  29. I've the highest respect for the careful and considered approach, which is used by people like John Bursill, Richard Gage etc.

  30. Richard Gage endorsed CIT's National Security Alert and has the utmost respect for Pilots for 9/11 Truth and the other professional associations. John Bursill has been stalking and harassing Pilots for 9/11 Truth in a lame attempt to destroy the effectiveness of this important professional organization. You call that "careful and considered"? It looks a whole lot like Brian Good / Cosmos "wrecking" to me. Richard has never done anything remotely like that.

  31. Anonymous

    "The first rule of effective communication is stating the positive in your own terms, not quoting the other side’s language with a negation." — George Lakoff, The Policyspeak Disaster for Health Care

    In other words, the 9/11 truth movement needs to forcefully state what really happened on 9/11 — not just question or negate the official story. We need to state the plain, obvious fact that neoconservative Zionists did it, and that the Mossad was the main institutional actor. As people accept this they will get angry and do something about it. Just questioning the official version confuses people and leads to paralysis. That's why the agencies tasked with trying to wreck the 9/11 truth movement have created this little group of ops, who spend all of their time trying to destroy anyone who frames the issue in a rhetorically effective way.

  32. My 2 cents: none of this is productive for anyone. Kevin is a friend who came and spoke at the Edmonton Questions 911 Conference joined with Professor Anthony J. Hall. Both turned Edmonton onto its head with 9/11 truth and I'll always be gratefull to both men. Cosmos is also a man I highly regard and cannot think of one single negative thing to say … only praise and thanks for his hard work and contributions for truth in America and the 911 truth movement.

    I wish Kevin would drop this and move forward.

    and don't tell me " I Don't Get It! " Kevin cause I do get it , you need to chill friend.

  33. Cosmos is not a particularly gifted writer or speaker. Nor does he have any notable accomplishments as a scholar or critical thinker. He has never actually published anything. We don't even know his real name! The rest of his gang –"Arabesque," "Col. Sparks," "Cosmos," Brian Good, Jon Gold, Michael Woolsey, and Victoria Ashley — are all equally without any actual accomplishments, talent, or merit. All these people do is work the internet as hard as they can, picking fights with and slandering real people with real talents and accomplishments. They have started fights with Webster Tarpley, Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis of Citizen Investigation Team as well as yours truly, and they have tried as hard as they can to slander and silence anyone who points to the all-too-obvious evidence of Israeli complicity in 9/11. As long as they keep wrecking, I'll keep calling them on it.

  34. Anonymous

    His original bio at TruthNews read: "Cosmos is an artist and musician whose uncle was murdered in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001."

  35. Anonymous

    What I don't understand Kevin is that you have been shown that they do not "slander and silence anyone" who points to Israel and 9/11, and yet, you continue to say so. That's an indication that you're lying. Also, David Ray Griffin gives Israel a pass on 9/11, and you never seem to call him out. Why is that?

  36. I have never been shown any such thing; quite the opposite. Jon Gold blew up at me after I came out as an anti-Zionist who suspected that 9/11 was a Zionist coup d'etat, and he has been harassing me ever since. The major harassment from Cosmos and the sockpuppets started at the same time. My problems at 911blogger, run by the same gang, largely stemmed from my misstatement that no Israelis died in the Towers (in fact, two or three Israelis apparently did die in the Towers — far fewer than would have been expected) and subsequent clarifications, in which I refused to back down on the main point: dozens if not hundreds of Israelis would have died if Israelis had not been warned. I could go on. In short, I have every reason to believe that these people are tasked with fighting a rearguard wrecking action to preserve the "Muslims did it" myth and obfuscate the "Zionists did it" reality.

    As for David Ray Griffin, he does excellent work and is the farthest thing imaginable from a wrecker. If you can't tell the difference between DRG and Cosmos's gang of wreckers, you need lessons in discernment.

  37. Anonymous

    Do you have evidence of Jon Gold doing the things you say?

  38. Yes. If he gives me permission, I will publish the entire email correspondence.

  39. Anonymous

    You mean this that already proved you're a liar?

  40. Jeez, Jon — I thought you were one of the few wreckers who actually operates under a real name! From now on I'll just call you Jononymous.

    The email exchange you link shows you ranting and raving and blowing smoke as you try to avoid the issue of whether or not you are a Zionist (i.e. a supporter of a Jewish state in Palestine). It also shows you falsely claiming that 911blogger "promotes" material implicating Israel in 9/11. What a joke. Just to take one example, it took them almost a week to post one of the biggest stories of the year — former BBC Mideast correspondent Alan Hart's "Israel Did 9/11" interview — and they only posted it after pretty much the whole truth movement started screaming "WTF? Why isn't this on 911blogger?"

  41. Anonymous

    Sorry Kevin. You're wrong. Next you'll be calling me Brian Good. If I recall, Alan Hart didn't provide any evidence. Just an opinion. It's funny how you "Zionists did it reality" people seem to forget NORAD, the CIA, the FBI, the DoD, the Secret Service, the Pakistani ISI, the Saudi Royals, MI6, etc… it seems to me that you people have an agenda.

  42. Jononymous, you're free to deny and lie all you want because you're…anonymous! Lucky you!

    Alan Hart's considered opinion is backed by a lifetime of Middle East expertise. When someone of his stature speaks out on 9/11, it's screaming front page news…except for "truth" websites that are covering up the Israeli connection.

    As Alan Sabrosky (another of the year's biggest stories) convincingly points out, no US agency would do 9/11 AS AN AGENCY. That rules out NORAD, the CIA, the FBI, DoD and Secret Service. (Corrupt individuals within these agencies — people Webster Tarpley calls moles — were complicit. But moles working for whom?) Sabrosky then points out that 9/11 was sufficiently complex that it had to have been done by a powerful and competent intelligence agency AS AN AGENCY. The Pakistani ISI or the Saudis? No motive. 9/11 has just about destroyed Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia has been prevented from leaving the Zio-American orbit as it intended in summer 2001. And neither country has enough power in the US to mandate a cover-up. MI6? Likewise, no motive…nor would MI6 do such a thing AS AN AGENCY. So that leaves Mossad, whose motto is "by way of deception thou shalt do war." Mossad had the means, motive, and opportunity, and there is overwhelming evidence that Mossad was the primary culprit.

  43. Anonymous

    Oh yea, and don't forget the White House which was responsible for covering up 9/11, and had an enormous amount of motive.

  44. Yes, the White House, meaning Cheney and his stable of dual-citizen Zionist Mossad moles (Perle, Wolfowitz, Libby, etc.) cooperated with Mossad in perpetrating the 9/11 attacks.

  45. This latest anonymous poster is so obviously Jon Gold…

  46. Anonymous

    This sounds like so much of that crap surrounding Craig Lazo…sheesh get it together guys…

  47. Anonymous

    "Kevin Barrett said…

    Craig who? "

    Craig Lazo. A guy who got his buddies to harass one of my Facebook friends JUST because he didn't agree with Lazo and buddies' conspiracy theories. FFS people need to grow up.

  48. Hey Kevin, you have a broken link in your Updated section at the top of this blog: - (contains an extra space at the end), so clicking it brings people to the main page rather than the thread you were trying to link to.

  49. Kevin, Check out the discussion regarding the hijacking of Carol Brouillet's latest blog on 911Blogger by Cosmos' wrecking crew, who were attempting to bully Carol into denouncing you, resulting in a ginormous shit storm that has backfired in their faces badly. Thread hijacking by the fake truth crowd backfires

  50. Thanks, Keenan. I fixed the link.

  51. Anonymous

    So it now seems clear that Cosmos quietly changed his claim that "Uncle Mickey" was in fact just a family friend. It is also clear that Cosmos has been utterly avoiding the awkward fact that Andrew Bernstein also claimed Mickey as an uncle back in 2006 while espousing the official story for a big Hollywood blockbluster flick.

    But, most importantly, we are still left with no evidence AT ALL that Cosmos is connected in any way to Mark "Mickey" Rothenberg.

    Think about it for a second: here is this supposed "leader" of the "truth movement" who is revered by many, speaks at conferences, organizes rallies, denounces those he suspects of being disinfo, and flinging around baseless accusations about other activists' personal lives based on nothing but police reports – but who insists on remaining anonymous himself, claiming kinship with someone who apparently died on Flight 93 – but offering not one speck of proof in support of this claim, while remaining deliberately vague about his exact relationship.

    And his fan toadies like John Bursill and Jon Gold claiming they know who he is (or at least thinking they know) offers us not one further speck of proof, either. Are Bursill and Gold just taking Cosmos' word for it too? Or have they actually seen his passport in the flesh? And no one, including Cosmos, has offered any reason or this anonymity. Why the big secret, guys?

    To me, it looks like Cosmos, who is simply ignoring all demands he prove his identity, may be an even bigger fraud than we think – not just concerning Mark Rothenberg (if he really indeed did die on UA93) being his uncle, but about having ANYTHING to do with him at all. Otherwise, why can't we have some evidence, anything … like a photo of Cosmos and "Uncle Mickey" together pre-9/11? I mean, how are we expected to believe Cosmos was a close "family friend" or "loved one" if he can't somehow find a single photo of the two of them together?? Sounds pretty fishy, if you ask me…

  52. Anonymous

    Speaking of dubious characters who make up stories about alleged lost loved ones on 9/11, how about Ted Olson? The FBI admits he lied when he said he got a cell phone call from his wife Barbara.

    Is his new wife Barbara after plastic surgery? Seems doubtful, but you can't put anything past slimeballs like Olson. Or Cosmos.

  53. Anonymous

    LIHOP and MIHOP are great secret words that only "9/11 Truthers" understand, and make everyone sound crazy.

  54. “I had been under the impression that he was a family member. I suspect many others were under the same impression. He seems to be fostering that impression in the videos”

    Kevin Barrett is a liar many times over. Readers have to understand, when executing the “twoofer” con, Barrett, Fetzer and others meticulously monitored–directly and by proxy– all the “lose cannon” anti-racists they recruited to front their Nazi friendly fraud.

    So no fukking way did Barrett and friends NOT listen to or know about the interview of Cosmos by Michael Wolsey on May 31st, 2007, where Cosmos clearly says:

    “my uncle mickey was my step-father’s best friend”.
    It was on the Internet since 2007 :

    Though it’s unavailable now, it is archived in private, so Barrett might want to think about that.

    Also, Barrett appears to be linking heavily to Gustavo Espada’s website as proof or something. Maybe he was unaware that Espada’s connection to his fake Scholar’s group was outed sometime ago by antifa:

    “Just a conman, not an agent
    by anon Friday, Dec. 02, 2016 at 9:21 AM

    Gustavo Espada aka gretavo isn’t a CIA agent. He IS a political conman, of some years standing. His only interest in entangling anarchists and peace activists in 9/11 “truth” is to build a fake grassroots movement for the Ron Paul alt-right. What he gets out of it, no one knows.

    But people do know he doesn’t like people knowing he was a member of Jim Fetzer’s Scholars for 9/11 Truth organization:

    “Lacking a smoking gun to make their argument, Scholars for 9/11 Truth members point to a list of reasons they say proves their point when taken together.

    “It’s sort of a cumulative effect,” said Gustavo Espada, 31, of Somerville, a member and graduate of Harvard, where he works in information technology. “I don’t think anybody has a 100 percent view of what actually did happen on 9/11.”

    Espada spends about 10 hours a week handing out literature, Web logging and talking with people on the street about his views on 9/11. A 90-minute symposium organized by Scholars for Truth was also broadcast on C-SPAN last month.”

    Or that his website was host to all sorts of sleazy content if you look in the wayback machine:

    Including some out there delusional attacks of people as “traitors”:

    The bad photoshops are not for the faint of heart.

    Espada is also a Holocaust Denier, claiming Zyklon B couldn’t have been used to kill people and being a fan boi of the fraud David Cole(Real Truther is another nom of Espada’s):

    “Well misterguy, I’m glad you believe in free speech. In theory anyway–you seem quite keen on using every non-legal method of discouraging discussion in this case. Let’s start here, for example. The gas chambers. You assure me and everyone else that the Nazis used gas chambers to kill large numbers of people (presumably Jewish and otherwise). I have watched a documentary made by David Cole, who is Jewish, that raised valid questions about the “gas chamber” at Auschwitz. Now before you get all upset for my putting that in quotation marks, you have to at least acknowledge a few things that you would know if you watched David’s film of his tour of Auschwitz.

    The gas chamber at Auschwitz appears to be a large room with holes at the top which are said to be for throwing in the zyklon-b pellets (not a fake shower, by the way, that also seems to be legend) The first tour guide David speaks to tells him that this is the gas chamber in its original state. David notices some mrkings on the floor where there seem to have been walls at one point. She insists this is in the original state, including the holes in the ceiling.”

    Espada was interviewed by Kevin Barrett, a “truther” who supported White Supremacist Merlin Miller for president in 2012:

    The interview, which included Espada’s batshit delusional co owner/moderator of his forum, was deleted but could be found here:

    copypasta ends

    Maybe, just maybe, if Barrett, Espada, Fetzer and the rest of the Holocaust denier sleazebags had deleted all the lies they wrote about people the defrauded over the years–lies Barrett is still copiously linking to in this so called article–MAYBE Fetzer wouldn’t be being sued by the Sandy Hook survivors…..

    But Nazis are just stupid that way.

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