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Truth Terrorists in London

A few years ago, when the FBI detained me at the airport and asked me “are you a terrorist,” I told them no, I was working to expose the real terrorists.

But it all depends on how you define terrorism, doesn’t it?

If terrorism is “politically-inspired dissemination of fear,” then those who terrified the population with the phony “war on terror” are the second-biggest terrorists ever.

Then who are the biggest terrorists?

Us. The truth-tellers.

The lies about the horrific dangers of radical Islamic terrorism may be terrifying. But the truth — that the whole thing is a hoax, and that our own leaders are the real terrorists, meaning the real killers and bombers and purveyors of pain and death — is far more terrifying.

I would have explained this to the customs agent at Heathrow had she asked me. Instead, she just asked what I would be doing in London. I said I was participating in a symposium entitled “Debunking the War on Terror.” She smiled and waved me through with no luggage check.

Had British customs checked my luggage, they would have found some of the most fearsome weapons of truth terrorism ever devised: DVDs and brochures from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and copies of my book Questioning the War on Terror.

So here I am in London, getting ready for next Thursday’s symposium. My fellow speaker and truth terrorist, Ken O’Keefe, has just published a real bombshell, An American Terrorist in London.

Meanwhile symposium participant Gilad Atzmon passes on the news that CNN editor Octavia Nasr was fired because she expressed respect for the late Grand Ayatollah Mohaamed Hussein Fadlallah in a tweet.

I would like to make it plain to the British authorities, who have me as well as the rest of the 60 million people in England under surveillance, that I also respect the late Ayatollah.

And if expressing that simple truth makes me a terrorist, just wait till you hear some of the other truths I came here to tell.

2 Thoughts to “Truth Terrorists in London”

  1. Kevin —

    I was so taken with your first of its kind round table with David Livingstone, John Leonard, Nick Kollerstrom and Dave Aossey, especially because I have spent the past two weeks digging into the abundant material on Monarch Trauma-based Mind Control Slaves such as are made into Delta Force assassins by the CIA, and the history of MKULTRA in general, with the news that Mengele survived in postwar California (at China Lake he was known as Dr. Green), then hearing what David Livingstone said about the occult roots of what many call Islamofascism, I decided to transcribe the program.

    I'm about halfway through, and my back is giving out. But I do mean to finish it, and dress it up with links and images.

    In its current state, and after until finished, it is located at

    I hope you are as pleased with it as I am. It explains so much that I never understood before.

    You are my favorite podcast every week, dear friend.

  2. Anonymous

    Based on the unpatriotic, unconstitutional Patriot Act definition of a domestic terrorist I am proud to be one since I "Intimidate and coerce" these public assholes daily!

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