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Netanyahu: “Criticize us today, you’ll be targeted tomorrow”

Benjamin Netanyahu is a close friend of confessed WTC-7 demolisher and insurance fraudster Larry Silverstein

In an apparent threat to the world, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has warned that countries that criticize Israel today “will be targeted tomorrow.” 

According to the Washington Post:

“The same countries that are criticizing us today should know that they will be targeted tomorrow,” (Netanyahu) said, just a day after Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called Israel’s policy toward Gaza “unsustainable.” 

Is Netanyahu suggesting that if the US drifts too far out of Israel’s control, we’ll be hit with another Zionist-sponsored 9/11-style false-flag attack?

12 Thoughts to “Netanyahu: “Criticize us today, you’ll be targeted tomorrow””

  1. Anonymous

    fuck NUTanyahoo

  2. Anonymous

    There is more of us than there is of them……..they have a shitty nuke arsenal which could be outnumbered by the whole western world………they are nothing but a bunch of Nazi's and need to be controlled like a cancer on the earth!!!!

  3. Its a Freemasonic conspiracy. Zionism is a creation of Freemasonry.

  4. He's an insane dictator and unless the nations of the world stand up to him and restrain him, he will bring nuclear annihilation and the BIG holocaust. He should be exposed, ridiculed, restrained, rebuked, rebuffed and imprisoned for war crimes.

    Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions YESTERDAY! Today may be too late..

  5. His bark is worse than his bite

  6. Anonymous

    What is really going on, a 'total Israelization' of not just the US but most of the Western world.
    Our only hope is that you, Kevin and others with courage manage to get the truth of 9/11 and London out and awaken the public.

  7. Anonymous

    There is nothing in this story that says israel would target countries because they speak out against israels actions.

    He is referring to the fact that some nations
    who condemned israel have their own terroist threat to be concerned about,and basically stop moaning about israels actions as given the same circumstances,would any other government act differently?

    Dont let a tiny piece of anti-israel propaganda blind you from the truth, this quote was taken out of context to support the authors own beliefs.
    Misquoting Netanyahu is counterproductive
    to the authors agenda.

    I realise the blog authors beliefs about israel could be all correct,but I also realise they could be false.

    Im a truth seeker,I look at both sides of an argument and then come to a conclusion,if the facts are presented without any bias from either side allow me to do so.


  8. Anonymous

    Sweden has enforced a blockade on israeli ships, they will not land get to our ports, this is only the beginning

  9. Anonymous truth-seeker: Netanyahu is a neoconservative (he hired the pre-PNAC crew to write "A Clean Break" in 1996). The neocons believe in systematically lying to the masses, while speaking the truth in code to each other and to the tiny minority who can figure out the code. A big part of their code is a form of doublespeak. In this case, Netanyahu's "you'll be targeted next" addresses two audiences: The dummies who believe the "Muslim terrorist" myth get the message "you'll be targeted next by Muslims" (the big lie for the masses) while those who understand that Mossad did 9/11, 7/7, Bali (using a micronuke) and Madrid understand perfectly well what Netanyahu is really saying. The Washington Post, a Zionist rag, intentionally referenced Hilary's remark to show that Netanyahu was threatening the US with another Mossad-perpetrated 9/11.

  10. Anonymous

    Kevin,I fully understand your point of view and why you may draw the conclusions you do.

    I can see the duality in the quote,but with beliefs to one side,I saw something very different to what you did.

    I was a little rude before, this is only because you hold the power to influence other peoples thought processes/conclusions and should be 100% sure that everything you write is fact and not just your own opinion stated as fact,this is the responsible thing to do for your fellow human beings.

    Life brings you, exactly what you desire to help make your very short existence tolerable.
    The truth you think you have uncovered is just this amazing process at work.
    Thats why the "dumb masses" as you call them
    dont see what you do,they just created their own bubble of perception to exist in.
    It does not matter because we all arrive at the same destination at some point.

    The shadows we chase are in the last place people ever look,Do you know where that is ?.

    Anonymous truth-seeker.

  11. Israel rarely works overtly. Their operations are covert and no one will ever think to attack Israel in retaliation for what they have done, because no one will think Israel is responsible. Anyone blaming Israel for doing anything will be labeled a fascist and anti-semitic. And don't think this won't be how things play out again, because it is the same way it always works out.

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