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Confessions of a Crypto-Jew

Okay, okay, I admit it! I’m a crypto-Jew! After all, John Kaminski says so.

Kaminski recently sent out a mass email with the subject line “Kevin Barrett my old enemy.”

Why am I Kaminski’s enemy? He calls me “the leader of the band” and explains: “Kevin Barrett, married to a Muslim or not, is a secret Jew. Just look at the guest list on his radio show — all Jews, or mostly, pushing Jewish books about 9/11. He’s a bad joke and a serious mole.” Kaminski adds that my alleged followers Gilad Atzmon, Wendy Campbell, Stephen Lendman, Adrian Salbuchi, Jim Fetzer, and Carol Brouillet, also his enemies, are all Jews.

While I wish I could claim all these talented, accomplished folks as my followers, doing so would make me almost as delusional as Kaminski. None of them would recognize me as their leader, and only a couple have Jewish backgrounds.

Long story short, I seem to attract abuse from paranoid nutballs. (Take Brian Good. Please.)

What rock do these people crawl out from?

Kaminski describes himself thus: “A journalist who served as editor at no less than eight different small newspapers over a period of three decades, Kaminski more recently has distinguished himself on the Internet as one of the very few who wholeheartedly opposes this Jewish perversion of reality that now threatens the health of every living thing on Planet Earth.”

For a paranoid, bigoted lunatic, Kaminski is a fairly good writer. Take Louis-Ferdinand Céline, halve the talent and quadruple the bigotry, and you’d have a French Kaminski.

Here’s what I think explains Kaminski: As a not-terribly-successful American journalist, he was working in a field dominated by Jews. Correctly perceiving that American journalism is corrupt and insanely pro-Zionist, and perhaps noting that less talented people who happened to be Jewish were getting more promotions and opportunities, he grew increasingly disgusted, over-reacted and began hating all things Jewish.

My first-ever radio show featured Kaminski as the pre-arranged guest. Somewhere into the second hour he went into a nasty diatribe against Jews. I argued with him for awhile, found that I was getting nowhere, and threw him off the air. He’s been my sworn enemy ever since.

Brian Good, the 9/11 sex stalker who spends his life in his parents’ basement seeking out obscure 9/11 websites to post “Barrett is a Jew hater,” resembles Kaminski in his venomous paranoia and hatred of all things Barrett…except that he thinks I’m anti-Jewish rather than pro-Jewish. Maybe someday they’ll bump into each other picketing one of my events and fall in love. Or get into a fistfight arguing about whether I’m a Jew-lover or an anti-Semite.

Actually, Kaminsky’s complaint that I have a lot of Jewish radio guests isn’t entirely inaccurate. As a Muslim, I’m interested in dialogue with non-Muslims, especially those who have something interesting or important to say. I did edit an interfaith dialogue book, after all, and recently contributed to another. Being Jewish is not going to count against you when I go looking for radio guests. Being a bigoted, paranoid lunatic is.

While the wackos on one side deride me for being a Jew-lover, and those on the other side for being a Jew-hater, I’m going to take a lesson from the Arab folk hero Juha.

One day Juha was riding his donkey and his son was following him on foot. A group of people passed by. “Look at that man,” they commented, “riding and letting his son walk. Doesn’t he have any pity?” So, Juha dismounted and let his son ride the donkey, while he walked along behind. Another group of people passed by. “Look at that lad,” they commented, “riding the donkey while his father walks. Doesn’t he have any manners?” So, Juha mounted the donkey together with his son, and they went on their way. They passed by a third group of people. “Look at that heartless man,” they commented, “riding the donkey along with his son. Doesn’t he have any pity for the beast?”
So, Juha and his son both dismounted and walked, driving the donkey on ahead of them. They passed yet another group of people. “Look at those two imbeciles,” they said, “tiring themselves out walking, and there’s the donkey in front of them without any load.”
So, Juha and his son carried the donkey between them, and walked along like this. They passed still another group of people. “Look at these two madmen,” they said, “carrying the donkey instead of letting the donkey carry them.”
At that the two of them let the donkey fall.
“Let me tell you something, son,” Juha said.
“You can never please everyone!”

6 Thoughts to “Confessions of a Crypto-Jew”

  1. Anonymous

    Djouha is the best… like Toto for the french… zero plus zero egale la tete a Toto ou celle de kaminsky, du pareil au meme…

    They tried with Nejad as well, caliming he was a jew… but they never tried with saudis, al nahyan or al sabah families in the Gulf, do you want know why ?

    Because these families are sephardim and were put in power by british zionist jews…


  2. Anonymous

    First off, he has a point with regards the guests on your NLR show.

    I follow the work of Atzmon, Blankfort and Shamir, good guys but theyre the first to make the point that it doesnt matter what background one comes from when standing up for peace.

    Obviously, an environment has been created where it's easier to attack non-Jewish critics as AS but that doesnt mean one should play their game.

    As for you being a crypto Jew, who cares whether you are or not, lol .

    As for Kaminski, anyone who links to Iamthe witness is suspect. Darryl Bradford Smith is about as dodgy as it gets and if one cannot see that, they are either a fool or a nik.

    DBS's whole site was created by Huffsmidt, a well known nik. I was listening to your interview with Grant Smith on RBN, great intro lol, and to hear DBS accuse you of working for the Mossad – I had a good laugh at that one. The guy is a fruitcake who no doubt has either a CIA or Mossad handler. He was clueless about Zionism and yet was given his own show on RBN after having court charges dropped suddenly, supposedly he was in contact with some hot little mossadnik.

    Anyone who enjoys good comedy should listen to his interview with Barry Chamish, a pair of tits going at it hammer n tong, and DBS sounds pissed which made it all the more hillarious.


  3. The DBS-Chamish match sounds like fun. I'll try to check it out.

    None of my Jewish guests are tokens — they're all great guests and sharp, highly-accomplished people, mostly hardcore truth-tellers of the type I admire. If I'm missing eloquent, accomplished truth-tellers of your own favorite ethnicity or religion, just tell me who they are and I'll invite them.

    By the way, I've had some non-Jewish guests whose opinions on Jewish-related matters push the envelope — besides the incredibly bigoted Kaminski, who was too obnoxious to get a second invitation, I've had Huffschmid, Mike "Missing Links" Delaney, Thomas Dalton, Kevin MacDonald, and one of my favorite scholars, James Petras. Pretty open-minded for a crypto-Jew, wouldn't you say?

  4. Anonymous

    Just playin devil's advocate on the guests issue, lol sorry, couldnt help myself.

    I'll have to check out that Petras interview, looking forward to another one with Blankfort aswell. Keep them comin!


  5. Kevin, you do attract the detractors. Kaminski may have fallen to the anti-Semite obsession many people do succumb? He may be getting more embittered with age? Is Crypto-Jew a new layer to expressions of anti-Semitism? Can anyone be a Crypto-Jew, or at least, accused of it? It certainly seems so. You do keep things interesting, Kevin. Don't expect fairness from those taking pot shots at you. Thanks for making it interesting.

  6. Anonymous

    No intelligent person believes in any kind of monotheism anymore. There's no evidence that Jesus existed, nor that the Temple of Solomon existed. Which means the Bible is a total lie, which means that Islam is a lie too.

    And if there was a God, he wouldn't test his follower with a command to kill his own son. That's not just delusional, that's psychotic.

    Jews, Christians, and Muslims can take their monotheistic madness and kill each other, I'm outta here.

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