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Should I run for Congress?

Debating pro-war, pro-bankster-bailout Rep. Ron Kind in 2008

Yes, I’m asking YOU: Should I run for Congress?

Pro: We need truth-tellers like tomorrow’s radio guest  Sander Hicks, NY Senate candidate to run for national office. My wife and family are  on board and enthusiastic this time. I could coordinate my campaign with Eric Sayward, who is running in District 3 as an independent; we could do a series of “debates” around the district bashing the New World Order bankster dictatorship and calling for a peaceful uprising.

Con: “Standing for Congress” requires a lot of standing, and I was recently diagnosed with end-stage osteoarthritis of both hips, presumably from Lyme disease. I can’t be out there collecting the number of signatures I’ll need (roughly 1500) so I’d have to pay signature gatherers. Also, maybe it would be better to just let Eric be the one anti-NWO candidate this time.

What do you think? Should I run?  If so, which issues should I emphasize? Please list the issues you’d like to see me run on in order of their importance. Here is a  list of issues from my 2008 campaign. (Note that this time my position on national health care is aligned with the Libertarians: I’m against Obamacare.)

Check out media highlights from my 2008 campaign here and here.

You can leave your feedback as a comment on this blog post, or email me at kbarrett[AT)merr(DOT]com

If you want to pledge to contribute [insert amount of money here] in the event I do decide to run, that would be “louder than words” as the Loose Change guys put it.

Thanks for your feedback!

Kevin Barrett
Author, Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters:

PS Here’s the latest example of the kind of stuff I can push into the mainstream if I do run:
Kevin Barrett: Psychological warfare campaign rages under the radar

105 Thoughts to “Should I run for Congress?”

  1. Perhaps Kevin you would be freer to speak as you speak, with uncompromising truth on many issues, as a private citizen and educator. People like Dennis Kucinich, Howard Dean, et al, are margninalized in Congress if not ignored. It's a corrupt place. Al Franken seems more silent than ever since he finally won a spot there. His predecessor, Paul Wellstone was silenced, violently. Whatever decision you make, keep these issues in mind.
    Best regards,
    Jerry Mazza.

  2. Barrett for Congress? Good idea! Better idea still: forget ObamaCare and all these silly wedge issues. One issue dwarfs all the others: 9/11. Only 9/11 Truth can draw a consensus, with no grassroots opposition. Only 9/11 Truth exposes the overarching censorship humanity as a whole has been subjected to. As such, 9/11 Truth holds a unique potential to lead the human community into a paradigm shift for the better.

    For more information, I respectfully recommend my essay:

  3. Anonymous

    Yes. It was a lot of fun. So is running for State Rep.

    For Life and Liberty,
    David Macko
    Libertarian Candidate for State Representative,
    Ohio House District 17

  4. Anonymous

    YES, Kevin, RUN as far and fast as you can AWAY FROM THOSE WHORES…..
    many go in with the right heart,IE, (for the people)

    "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely:".

    about the CCA, at IE, ( private for profit prison industry slave runners) was so on point. I continued to research and have found some information that details the rest of the story, it's INTERNATIONAL!

    Please , please share with others, we must awaken the people to this modern SLAVERY plantation system.

  5. Anonymous

    Greetings Dr. Barret,

    I vote yes on your query to run for President. I can't help too much but if you decide to campaign we can hook up on the phone and I can give you exposure on my local public access TV program, "1st Amendment Free Speech Zone: TRUTH and FACT.

    If you are not familiar with Public Access TV I suggest that you do and if possible get a program of you own instead of making the commercial media moguls rich.

    Good Luck and Best Regards whatever your choice.

    John Spooner.

  6. Anonymous


    You would probably do well in Washington. You have an amiable personality, which is the most important thing. The slimeballs even put up with radical Constitutionalist Ron Paul because he's simply a nice guy.

    Rock on!


    Jock Doubleday

  7. Anonymous

    The Democrats and the Republicans must be removed from power.

  8. Anonymous

    Of Course!

    Martin Noakes

  9. Anonymous

    FUCKIN' A RIGHT YOU SHOULD!!!! Let me know if you need a great song for your campaign- it could be one of the ways I could contribute to you- Your friend- Teddy Woodward

  10. Anonymous


    ONLY run for Congress if you will in the process expound full 911 Truth — and NOT a placebo or "something just as important" or that "adds up to the same thing" everywhere you go! No more chickenshit people in the know — the world is full of them, and they are full of it! Please, GO ALL OUT OR DON'T GO AT ALL!!!

    James Hufferd, Ph.D.
    founder, 911 Truth of Central Iowa

  11. Anonymous


    Yes, you should run for congress.

    It would be nice to have at least One politician who told the truth.

    Peter Zaza

  12. Anonymous

    Kevin, you should definitely run ! Like it or not, here's my input:

    Shave your beard, wear a suit and tie. Yes, people ARE that shallow. Never overestimate the voter.

    While 9/11truth is the single most important issue to me personally, put it at the bottom of your list. Don't bring it up unless they do.

    Focus on the working man's wallet. Take back the government, restore the Constitution, stop wasteful spending, are all appealing to most people.

    Have your friends prepare some tough questions for you, and practice your answers. "Hey, ain't you one of them conspiracy theorists ?" If you hate your country so much, why don't you leave ? Is it true you're a Muslim ? Are you part of a Muslim plot ? Do you support al Qaeda ? Do you hate babies and puppies ? Do you smoke pot ? Can I have some ?" You know -those kinds of questions.

    If I were single, I'd offer to be your campaign manager, but you can certainly find someone younger, more energetic, and smarter.

    Best of luck !


  13. YES!
    -Jack Blood

    WARNING: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency (NSA) may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse, nor protection………. IF anyone other than the addressee of this e-mail is reading it, you are in violation of the 1st & 4th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States.

  14. Anonymous

    I'm probably not someone to be asking this question, quite honestly! Since I am only a distant observer and not directly engaged in US politics in any way. Even so & since you asked, I can only say that I would very much encourage you & people like you to run for public office! Thinking of Cynthia McKinney again now, too!!

    Very best,

    BJ Douthwright

  15. Anonymous

    Yes, Kevin!
    Please run for Congress.
    Everyone knows you're a disinfo guy, so one more clown in the parade will make it all the more entertaining.
    Santa Cruz

  16. Definitely run. My friend and fellow Truther David Arnold is running in the Democratic primary for 3rd District in Missouri. Get as much publicity as possible. I convinced him to run by telling him how horses are run. Only a few horses in any race are "well-meant" i.e., intended to win. Others are running as part of their TRAINING to win next time.

  17. Anonymous

    Yes. Informed patriots are needed in Congress if the nation is to be taken back for the people.

  18. Anonymous

    Kevin-Hell yes! And when you win you can get your hips fixed up so you can continue to take on the powers-that-be. And you will be a power-that-is!
    Antelope, Ca

  19. Anonymous

    I think you can make a huge inpact in Congress Kevin. Be prepared when you win the ballot of having Glenn Beck invite you on his program and asking you the question" Sir… are you a terrorist?"… Overall you would get my vote… if only it would count!

    Doug from Edmonton

  20. Anonymous

    or Assembly

    Best regards,

    Dave Redick

    'Ron Paul Style' Reform-Republican Candidate for WI State Assembly-77

    913 Hampshire Pl.
    Madison, WI 53711

    Tel 608-469-8922

  21. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin

    I am a regular listener of your shows for 2 years or so now. Thank-you for all the work you do in educating the public. I was shocked to learn of your hip affliction. I hope you can get the best treatment out there so you can keep on keeping on as best you can.

    I donated once before and will again soon if you run or otherwise. You are a great character and an example to all of us!

    Your continued good health & Support from Scotland!!

    Yours in solidarity


  22. Anonymous

    You won't win dont waste your time

    Sent from my Jesus Phone

  23. Anonymous

    You are a fucking moron. You belong in a nuthouse with all the other paranoids and psychopaths.

    Winfred Mann,

  24. Anonymous


    You are doing better work now than any Member of Congress, and you would be distracted, depleted, and nearly isolated. But, you could vent your rage, maybe get expelled and make the point that congress has unconstitutionally abrogated its supreme duty as a check and balance to the imperial presidency. Articles of impeachment are wonderful too. Plus, other tactics to piss them off.

    The downside side is, you are telling people that congress is a representative body, when not a member of the Wisconsin delegation is!!!

    Look both your senators are fascist war criminals, as are mine here in California. In fact, all are Jewish too.

    But, I have my bias, Pure Democracy, and had a very hands-on relationship with congress and learned to despise it painfully.

    Better yet, I just sent a couple articles out, you have them, one is by Richard K. Moore and he would make a better quest than any candidate I know of, past or present!


  25. Anonymous

    YES most definitely DO RUN FOR CONGRESS Kevin (BRAVO contemplating on it)
    TRANSPARENCY in Government is KEY FOR ME
    Changing US FOREIGN POLICY is up there too
    Perhaps a push for a NEW 9/11 investigation if MANY like YOU infiltrate the evil SPOOKS
    we have currently running this country? (NOT) WE ARE RULED BY WEALTH (Plutocracy)
    Oh well
    Anyway THANKS for ALL this info you sent me (YOU ROCK THE HOUSE Brother)
    Frank Agamemnon

  26. Anonymous

    Didn't you just go through this?

  27. Anonymous

    Start a zionist-free political party and I may join. I'd like real national health care, like the rest of civilized developed countries, not corporate-welfare Obamacare.

  28. Anonymous

    Yes, run. And make the demand for a re-opening of the investigation of 9/11 the central feature of your campaign. All our current ills flow from our national failure to uncover, and hold accountable, the true perpetrators of 9/11.

  29. Anonymous

    I Dont believe in this system anymore. No one can change it from inside. We need a Revolution.

  30. Anonymous

    absolutely… the message

  31. Anonymous

    Yeah, as a Green Party candidate.

  32. Anonymous


    No, do not run, hitch-hike!

    Thumbs Up for Barrett!

    ISSUES: Antiwar antiwall Street is what we need. Remember it is not just the libertarians against Obamacare!

    Webster (Tarpley) has a full economic program in five steps that needs to be advocated as the means of getting rid of Wall Street hegemony over the US Gov. Give him a call or join us on the Sunday Call.



  33. I'd say GO FOR IT but only if you're willing to replace our current healthcare with a public option or medicare for all.

    We're dying out here for healthcare (literally) and I don't want ANY candidate to stomp on the crumbs we have just been given.

    Other than that we need someone who will speak the truth of 9/11 and stop the insanity of blaming the wrong people, i.e., Muslims.

    As far as being an Congresscritter – can you speak out and not have a "CIA heart attack" a la Paul Wellstone? I think it is still dangerous fora high-profile person to speak out about 9/11.

  34. I support Medicare for all and will fight Obamacare to the death!

    As for Wellstone…sure, every now and then they kill the leading pain-in-the-butt in hopes it will silence the rest of us. If you let that silence you, you're following their script.

    Those who haven't protested Wellstone's murder share the guilt for it. And those who let something like that silence them are too pathetic for words.

  35. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin. I'm sorry to hear about your health issue – a real bummer. All things considered [from an outsider] it would be better to let Sander Hicks have a go at it and to save your energy for your current activities. I wonder how many more years it will take to finally get at the real 9-11 story.

  36. I'd love to move over and let Sander run. Unfortunately it looks like the apparatchiks who run the NY Green Party as their private fiefdom just gave the nomination to one of their own.

    So if I let anyone run instead of me, it will be Eric "Way" Sayward of and maybe Ben Olson.

  37. Anonymous

    Leave running for Congress until there is a real progressive, non zionist controlled organization to back you. Such does not exsit in the US today, at least not on more than a local level.

    My opinion!

    -M R

  38. Anonymous

    Please don't — unless you begin to show far more receptivity to others than you have so far!

    I have never received one response from any email I have sent you, and there seems to be a notable longstanding absence of women on your radio program!

  39. Anonymous

    I don't have advice for you about Congress. But you might be interested in this. There is a protest planned (June 6th) regarding the construction of a mosque at Ground Zero.

    Looks like an opportunity to educate people. There should be simultaneous protests against more likely culprits, like AIG offices which are only a few blocks from GZ, or SAIC offices at 1250 Broadway (25 blocks from GZ).

  40. Anonymous

    Well, it sounds hard especially with your hips. But if you have the energy for it then go for it! Money is tight all around so that will be harder than your last campaign, but that is as helpful as I can be with insights.

  41. Anonymous

    Idon't know if it's just more BS, but my wife has Lyme (and/or fibromyalgia) and I thought we'd try Miracle Mineral Supplement (1 & 2).

  42. Anonymous

    yes – generate pr for yourself – write another book about it


  43. Anonymous

    No. You belong in a nutshell on an Island. Stupid 9/11 truthers.
    Just kidding!!!!!

  44. Anonymous

    Yes! Absolutely, Kevin! Run!! We need to have principled representatives.

  45. Anonymous

    I am for it.

    Take care,


  46. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin… you're gonna have to read this aloud to yourself. I have a
    peculiar habit of talking aloud to myself, and that is how I think and
    write. OK?

    Absolutely do RUN! I am not in your district. I live in Eugene Oregon,
    else, I would gladly help elect you.

    I (formerly) lived in Mpls/Stp area and was peripherally involved with,
    both, Wellstone's election and subsequently…
    I knew Paul Wellstone since 1979 as everyone did…until his
    murder, which is the ONLY reason such a horrible shit as n-Worm
    CocaCol-mean (norm,jewishmafia,coleman) could supplant the
    election back in 2002.

    {that fuckah–Norm–even had the noive,CHUTZPAH…

    [i was born to the 'tribe' but have no truck with
    the fabled chosen shit; I'm more like the
    Finklestein 'brand' without the sorrow-sound, so i
    can talk like this, and fuck ANYONE who tells me
    about sef-hatin' and anti-semitism including the
    few but noisy zionist relatives etc]

    …to try the old 'better-jew-than-thou' saw, a trick
    which didn't work the first time it was tried against
    Wellstone when he ran against Wazisname back in '92
    …lumber-store-baron…Rudy Boschwitz}

    …with Al Franken's incredibly unlikely election (nearly undermined by
    the same Babylon-sized shit hill of criminals including the little norm

    Anyway, I wish to give personal critique here but don't know enough about
    you to know where to start without giving an impression of stupidity on
    the one hand or arrogance on the other…

    Myself, I would love to run for something BUT I am not SQUEEEEEAKY

    …and, of course, you know that the entire superman-alterego "Bizarro" is
    going to hurl everything in the house at you including your toilet that
    you didn't keep quite clean enough when you were an undergraduate in
    ->and if you did clean it regularly, then it's safe to say, i guess, that
    you must be OCD or maybe Borderline Personality Disorder type or

    So, If you have read this so far, and haven't HO-Hummed (or not gotten
    this far) or, in fact, don't wish to hear from the likes of imperfection
    (mysef'), that is OK…you wouldn't be the first or the last.

    I am sure you must be deluged in fanmail; and i am not envious! So, be
    brutally honest.
    My chainjerks are around delivery and nuance… like the Doctor from
    Vermont who 'shrieked' by accident etc… NOT around character 'issues'.

    Anyhow, whatever you do, I enjoy hearing your show whenever I get the
    chance. and 'GOOD LUCK' to you whatever you decide to do…it takes alot
    of courage; everyone who 'thinks' is faced with the decision to talk for
    fear of being destroyed or disappeared.


  47. Anonymous


    Yes, run for congress again and again.

    Main issue to vote NAY on war supplementals for Iraq and Afghanistan, and introduce and support legislation calling for a complete withdrawal of all US forces and contractors out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Bail out Main Street, not Wall Street.

    9/11 Truth is of course a worldwide truth movement so no need to highlight this issue in your campaign.

    If elected introduce legislation for an independent criminal investigation and supeona Bush Jr, Cheney, and Rumsfeld to testify under oath publicly about standing down for the attacks.

    Best wishes and regards

  48. Anonymous

    Sure give it a shot, you could not be any worse then what we have and I don't mean that in the negative sense. I do disagree with your view on Obamacare. It may not be perfect but he got something done that no one else seemed to be able to. At least now they have a base to work from and considering all the "Party of no" did was cause problems I think it's a step in the right direction.

  49. Anonymous

    YES run for Congress

  50. Anonymous

    Yes, please do.

    it's Banksters 1st, issue-wise, and an emergency economic stablization and recovery for the US (& globe).

    And contact bruce marshall about coming onto the Webster Tarpley-led weekly call.
    "Bruce Marshall" ,

    OR go on Webster's saturday? radio show on GCN. Good place to announce when the time comes, assuming you are on good terms.


  51. Anonymous

    If your family is supportive, and your career can withstand the income hit from the campaign time required, this is the time to do it. Just don't be kissing any rings!!
    I pledge $100.00 USD.

  52. Anonymous

    If you're aware of the challenges to your morals, run.
    If you're not going to sway because people in the israeli lobby try to buy you off, run.
    If you're going to make the personal sacrifices required to do the critical thinking necessary to get down to the bottom of issues that most Americans have no idea about because they don't read or try to get information, run
    i could go on and on Kevin.

    Regards from Tokyo

  53. Anonymous

    No. You're much better served doing what you do best, which is this. You can't win, and the system is broken. Why would you want to be a Congressman? Do you honestly think you can make a difference?

    Be realistic, and get that ego into check.


  54. If I didn't like you then I would say run & then I would watch you slowly lose your soul and mind. However, I like you so no don't run. We need you in office, but we need you more here. The 'system' would destroy you &, if you did go against the D.C. (District of Corruption) they would just shoot you.

  55. The chances of winning and/or martyrdom are slim. The chances of getting a slightly bigger platform for my infowar, and waking up a few more people than I otherwise would have, are very good.

    Whether or not I run, it's a very good thing for info-warriors to do.

  56. Anonymous

    Hey Kevin
    put me down for $100. I'd like to see someone propose to tax incomes over $10 million at 90%; and on and on up to 99% at 20 million; and 99.9 at 30 million. And then go after their assets. This would solve the crisis in Greece, Spain etc. etc.

  57. eyeball

    Kevin, don't do it. The congress is controlled by the oligarchy. We all know this. The control is deepening. You will me muffled and/or crushed. I believe you would be more effective working from the underground because that's what it's coming to. The internet will be government run soon so ways will need to be identified and implemented so as to continue getting info to the people. (Just like in the Running Man with the underground organization they had.) In congress you will be unable to do anything. If you try, you KNOW what they will do to you. Remember, it's worse than we think it is. Whatever you choose, good luck.


  58. Anonymous

    Why NOT?!

    Expose the New World Order to FIGHT the New World Order!

  59. Anonymous


    Get your health in order first. How are you dealing with the Lyme Disease? Are you familiar with biological medicine? Check it out at the Marion Institute:



  60. Anonymous

    If your heart is to protect the people from the continuing false claims made by government actors who want to steal our rights, if you want to continue the Constitutional form of government that we are supposed to have, if you want to secure the liberties of the people at large, if you want to defend the borders of this once great nation, and you want to protect all the issues/rights raised within the bill of rights….then all I can say is…..RUN KEVIN RUN!!! Congress and the American people needs you.

    Bob L.

  61. Anonymous

    Absolutely you should run. Absolutely.

    We need honest and enlightened individuals in Congress desperately.


    MM, Brookfield WI

  62. Salaam,

    Why not, if the goal is to awaken innocent people. I remember writting to you asking why you never interviewed Bollyn ? And you did it, Djazak Allh kheyren for this. I have another request if possible at all. We came to 9/11 through french-algerian secret services, under israel's command, which created before, Al Qaeda, GIAs and others false group to keep control of the gaz, oil of in North Africa. I have another request as it looks that non-muslims shoudl understand what we are saying about Jesus, or Issa in Arabic (aleyhi salam), but I think that at the moment we don't have a full pictures of what is sgoing on in the Middle East and events currently unfolding in this area directly linked to religious belief of Jews, Christian, Muslims. Would you mind having a look, if not already done, to Imran Hosein books, and the one entitled Jerusalem in the Quran and his explanation about the Anti-Christ system, or dajjalic system, it will help a lot of people to understand what we muslims mean in a lot of commons beliefs and share with other religion and cultures.

    Look at they've done to Georges Galloway in london, anti-zionists are clearly targeted, these are the consequences of the genocide in Ghaza. I still do believe like Jerry Mazza
    that it would be very difficult to be efficient, but Allah swt knows Best!

    May Allah swt give you the best treatment.


  63. Anonymous

    Yes!!! We need more courageous(and intelligent) souls in Congress!

    All praise 2 the Lord of the Worlds!


  64. Anonymous

    The short answer is YES! and, I have some neat ideas on issues.

    But right now I'm out of town and don't have time to say it right.

    Run Kevin, Run!

    Jim G

  65. Anonymous

    Hello Kevin,

    I would NOT run. In our recent election we had a wipeout of independents of all sorts. People here are just not prepared to use their vote on what they see as a no hoper. The only way would to run as a dem or rep.


  66. Anonymous

    Kevin, I think you're a wonderful person, a courageous truthsayer. People like you should run, no question. We need men of principle. That's what lacking. Would you be for single payer medical care? It ain't health care. It's medical care. Everywhere I turn there's corruption. And it seems that capitalism's structure, it's nature, brings out our underlying viciousness, like the Catholic Church's institutional structure encourages sexual abuses. We certainly need more Muslims in government–as well as educated principled people.

    If you really want to win there's some things you should focus on. 1. End the wars; 2. reopen the 911 investigation; investigate the Fed, and maybe abolish it and the Lucerferians. I don't know that I even believe in Luceferians, but I've recently met people who do, and they're quite passionate. I don't know if Obama killed the idea of "change", but I think the people, the masses, want change. You could probably get elected just mouthing platitudes about demanding responibility and the need for change without ever being specific.

    I don't know what Lyme disease is. Are you doing anything for it? Is there anything that can be done? How much pain are you in? Are you familiar with Marma Therapy, or Emortional Freedom Therapy? That's EFT.

    I wish you the best,

    John J

  67. Anonymous


    I'll be happy to contribute $100. You might be interested in tomorrow's (todays) Diane Rehm Show, NPR, begins at 10:00 am EST. She will be giving lip service to CIA operations in Afghanistan.

    All the best,

  68. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,
    For me the decision was whether or not I was nominated by a party. I didn't want to run without some organization behind me. It was the Green Party when I ran for governor.
    So you have to think of the support from a party vs the extra work if you don't have a party behind you.
    And by the way, I have a regular tv program on cable now about reinventing VT – as Ethan Allen. CCTV in Burlington. If you are desperate for a guest I can tell you about that and my musical, Mixed Nuts.
    Jim Hogue

  69. Anonymous

    Get this shit away from me you treasonous cunt
    – Timothy Martin,

  70. Anonymous

    Well, Kevin

    You have the skills to debate AS LONG AS THEY LISTEN TO YOU,
    and I bet you have many friends around you, plus we need a real
    politician who cares about the treasure of the country = people,
    who also pursues truth and justice to achieve genuine world peace,

    THOUGH I cannot financially contribute to you,
    I'd say "Yes, GO FOR IT!"

    Even if you can't get the seat, you can use the
    procedure as a great opportunity to educate citizens.

    Oh, and FYI


    Love, Peace and Gratitude to you and water inside you,

    "The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with
    a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."

    – J. Edgar Hoover

  71. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    I'm pondering that very issue myself, and need to decide soon. My problem is my erratic work schedule, and excessive commuting. I'm picking up more hours and campaigning would be grueling. If I don't run, I would like to help you and Eric. If I do run, we could try to coordinate efforts.
    Of course I would like to see you run. It helps to relieve the sense of despondency that that our present wack jobs instill upon any thinking organism evolved beyond the pond scum.
    (don't quote me on that)

    I would like someone (i.e.- you) to challenge Kind in a primary.
    The good thing about that is- not many people show up to vote in the primary. If you could make it past the primary as a Democrat, you could have a good chance at winning (IMHO). Think about it. The media would eat it up. The Dems have really blown it this time, as most people (I hope) are against the bank bailouts, the wars, etc. If you run against the health care reform as presently passed, I think the media would also latch onto that, as it would give them fodder to criticize Obama.

    And I'm sure you'd make a lot of new friends in the Democratic Party (he he)!
    They would love you!

    Just a few thoughts. I need to get ready for work.

    Mark W

  72. Well done Kevin, I did see this one!

  73. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin:

    I ran for the Canadian Parliament for the Green Party once and it was incredibly draining. I found it affected my health adversely. So be careful about your health issues – you need to take care of yourself.

    But more importantly, does running for Congress mean that you accept a priori that the system is working? Do you really think that members of Congress make any difference whatsoever? Or are they simply puppets controlled by the puppet masters?

    Personally, I think that you are more effective working outside the system. The system is well and truly broken and I don’t think that it can be fixed from inside. As the founding fathers contemplated, there will come a time when the entire system needs to be replaced, and I think that time is now.

    So in summary, I suggest you keep doing what you are doing outside of “the system”.



  74. Anonymous

    Go for it!

  75. Anonymous

    Definitely run for congress. I am already aligned with all of the issues you represent.

  76. Martha Galep

    Kevin, I'd love the company being a thorn in Ron Kind's side – it gets lonely…so.. YES!!! Run! And let me know what I can do to help – signatures, pamphlets, etc…After all, Michelle Bachman needs you across the aisle to prove to her Muslims are not "barbarians". Good luck and God Bless!!! Martha

  77. Anonymous


    Yes, you should run. I'd like to run myself some day. If I'd fail to upset the incumbent candidate,
    I would not fail to upset 330 million Americans "with the truth!" (that they've never heard). That
    is why it would be worthwhile. Show me the way to the microphone.


    Joe F. Krackenfels

    Largo, Fla


  78. Anonymous

    Yes, go for it, Run.

  79. Anonymous

    Esteemed Kevin,

    My short answer to your question about whether you should run is: YES/NO.

    We both know the good reasons why you should run. But it may help to read the letter below from fellow progressive Rev. Dr. Richard Curtis. It is sad, sad, sad!

    The osteoarthritis problem is certainly not minor, as I can attest from experience with it.

    Whatever you do, VERY BEST WISHES!

    Allahu Akbar.


  80. Anonymous

    It's embarrassing how many people here seem to think you can win. You couldn't even win the Libertarian primary if anyone opposed you.

  81. Dear Kevin and Richard;

    I've said before, you are two of my real American heroes, and I follow and applaud all that you do for peace, justice, 9/11 and other truth, and real democracy.

    Richard, I was sorry to read your Swan Song, but not really surprised. When my husband Jeff and I ran in our own federal election in 2000, he ran in a downtown high-profile riding and was virtually excluded from the all-candidates debates, while I, in our North Vancouver riding, got to participate along with all other candidates. However, though we did well considering others from our small party across Canada, we knew we didn't have a chance, other than to bring important issues before the public which were considered 'off the table' to mainstream politics when people were awake and interested enough to pay some attention before a major election, and I feel that we accomplished that.

    That said, Kevin, I would say that you did a splendid job in attracting publicity in your previous congressional run, and could probably do so again, but given your recent diagnosis, in spite of your wife's and family's support, I would advise you to husband your energies for healing, as I presume you will continue your writing, radio hosting, and speaking. As you said, 'standing' would be a challenge for you. But, of course, you need to make up your own mind, and you know that we wish you both well from up here north of the border, whatever you choose to do next.

    Richard, your analysis of where the population is at the moment seems accurate. In fact, since Jeff and I gave up our radio hosting (I'll be 70 in less than a week!), he's been thinking of writing a book, but is so pessimistic about many of the issues you brought up in your Swan Song and many others to boot, he hesitates on getting started, hoping to find some ray of hope and positivity for the future.

    What else can I say, except that I hope you both can find some way to 'keep on keeping on' that suits your monumental talents, and will help your country (and the world) to a better place.


    Diana Jewell
    Mission, B.C.

  82. Richard Curtis, explaining why he just withdrew from running for Senate in Washington:

    Swan Song

    I made a big mistake. It was an error in judgment and timing. I was asked to run for the U.S. Senate by progressives who want peace and social justice. I agreed to take up the charge and try to challenge the incumbent. I did this because I believed (incorrectly) that there was a historic moment at hand when people of good will would turn their backs on the two party system and flock to an alternative, even one they did not really know about. I also believed that progressive organizations would flock even more to a progressive alternative. After all we were promised change and instead we got a third Bush term with a new face. It is disgusting and I thought all of us were so disgusted we would act. It turns out that is not true. People are disgusted but they did not act – they are tired (see below).

    Progressive organizations are an entirely different matter. Some are simply not what they appear – that is they appear to be about an issue but are really fronts from the Democratic Party. Such organizations will not challenge the status quo because they live in and through the status quo. Other progressive organizations seemed to not care about the opportunity, much to my surprise. Labor, I thought, might be a wildcard. There is an obvious and undeniable connection between a strong Labor movement and average standards of living. The stronger Labor is the better we all live. But Labor is like a battered wife, not ready to leave the relationship. The Democrats constantly do things to undermine Labor and its interests, but Labor has no courage or power to its political convictions. At the state level Labor talks about being independent but it is just a pipe dream. And that is very sad for al l of us, since that is the source of social power that could help ordinary working people to do better. Instead Labor works for Democrats who just take advantage of them and occasionally apologize for not being a better partner. Democrats abuse Labor and Labor tolerates it – there really is no hope until that dynamic changes.

    I thought people would, en masse, care enough to support an independent challenge to the two-party system and its wars. I was wrong. It is time to admit that error and get on with life. I cannot do what I had hoped to do with this campaign and so I am pulling the plug on the effort now.

    I have learned a great deal along the way. I understand some things better now. I think I understand our current descent into the fascism of Europe. I don’t think it is complicated. And I know that some think I sound melodramatic. Perhaps. It is true we cannot know the future when we ponder it as future. I understand much deeper the degree to which American politics is now just theater rather than democracy. For example, the Seattle Times reported today that the Republican front-runner in this race is actually a flaming hypocrite. It turns out he denounces government aid, but has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in such aid as a small farmer. It appears he does not know anything about how the world works, anything about history, anything about politics, but he can spout colorful nonsense. Now he has been caught in his own hypocrisy, but I think it will not matter much in the end. The incumbent has been voted the least intelligent member of Congress in the past (polls of interns done by one DC paper). This front runner is clearly not fit for the job but it is not clear the incumbent is either. So I predict a great deal of theater in which people who don’t know much of anything about anything have “debates” in which they give hyperbolic speeches devoid of real content. If I had stayed in the race I would have had the privilege of being excluded from those debates. (continued next post)

  83. This theater of the absurd masquerading as democracy is disturbing, but even more disturbing is the fact that this dynamic cannot change as long as elections are primarily about money instead of ideas. The for-profit media have too much of a profit motive in the theater to encourage a contest of ideas and the dominant political parties have no interest in it either. Neither of them could do well if they were judged by the quality of their thinking and analysis. And this works for them, although not for democracy. It is all quite sad, really.

    There are grave problems facing the nation. The economy is teetering on the edge of collapse and the steps that might make a real difference aren’t being done. I hear this from Left and mainstream economists. The necessary steps are not being taken. Instead we have debates about important issues to be sure, but the debates don’t happen in an orderly form. They are hysterical. Healthcare became hysterical for social conservatives and economic liberals, at least among those prone to hysteria. There seemed to be a lot of them.

    These days people I think of as decent and well meaning are hysterical over racist legislation in Arizona. In this case I think the concern is quite legitimate. What is interesting is that these issues get dropped on the public sequentially. Now I don’t mean to imply a plot of some sort, just a pattern to the politics of the day. We are in crisis mode and I suspect that part is not accidental. Some just happen due to ill considered risks and bad luck, like oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico right now. Which things are crises at any given time is probably not under anyone’s control, but general social instability can be tolerated, encouraged or resisted. Our government seems to tolerate it at the very least, and at times much more. I think this is basic to what is called Straussian Politics, and I have said before I think both major parties are at the heart of it Straussian. One of them do es a variant and so does not identify it by name.

    Leo Strauss was a political philosopher who came up with a variation on European Fascism in which the state uses psychological manipulation rather than state terror as the primary mechanism of control. Strauss believed that the population was not fit to govern itself and so the people with power had to use “gentlemen” who believe the lies the government tells, the myths of society and can repeat them with enthusiasm (clearly the incumbent and the Republican front-runner are ideal from the Straussian point of view). He believed that war was the best way to keep society ordered. If we are at war then we are busy with that and not other concerns for social justice, equality or fairness. The Neo-Conservatives of the Republican Party have enthusiastically embraced this philosophy. The Neo-Liberals of the Democratic Party have embraced this way of governing but they don’t talk about Strauss. They both put o n a play every couple of years in which they pretend to have democratic elections, but really they just have theater in which people are allowed to vote but only for a limited range of inadequate options.
    (continued next post)

  84. (Richard Curtis, continued from two previous posts)

    These crises have tired people out. The Obama campaign tired people out. We thought if we did all that work that he (they, the Democrats) would use the power we gave them to do good in the world. Instead they just continued the same old imperialist policies and in same cases extended them. It is not simply that Obama and the Democrats have not done what they promised, it is that they are not who they claim to be. People are recognizing this but are too worn out to do much about it. Probably the turn out in this primary will be historically low as a result.

    I am impressed now with the mechanisms they have for social control, mechanisms I understand much better now. We are a big country and it is amazing that they can do the most absurd things, put forth moronic policies, start wars with no reason, turn us into a torture state, bomb countries we are not at war with, and more all while convincing the American people to accept this as necessary or inevitable. It is neither necessary nor inevitable that we are an imperial power, a torture state, or that we sit and watch the global economy collapse while simultaneously watching the rise of a domestic “Blackshirts” movement.

    People are tired, and this is why. It matters to an Independent political campaign that people are so profoundly tired. Sure, if I was a pro-corporate hack it would be easy to attract money and so tired populations are not such a big issue, and in fact can be quite helpful. A campaign like mine needs people, energetic volunteers. A political campaign is akin to starting a new business, that measures success in near instant terms (relative to ordinary business), and certain sorts of specialized knowledge are key to that. For a very large campaign much of the things that are a big deal for me, for my volunteers, are huge. A campaign needs momentum and I failed to generate that.

    I have considered that it might be important, in fact very important to go on for precisely the reasons I mentioned above. These are scary times and we need to challenge that. Is that not precisely what I was intending to do? Well yes. So why I am dropping out? I made a mistake in coming to certain conclusions about what I could do and expect. I overreached myself and my evidence. Poetically it feels like flying too close to the sun. More straightforwardly it is a painful lesson in trying but not being able to try hard enough due to a mistaken analysis. Many people have expressed sympathy. I tried and that is more than most. There are some people who helped me, and they made it easy to get started, and had confidence in me. I did too. I feel that I have let them down; as well as all my supporters, and myself. But I tried and learned a great deal. To a scholar (espec ially but not exclusively) that makes this sort of experience valuable, if costly in other ways.

    Thank you all! I am sorry I could not do more. I wish us all well, as I am deeply concerned.



    Rev. Dr. Richard Curtis, former Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate

  85. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    Regarding running: If you actually have a chance, then I hope you go for it. If you seriously think the odds are against you, then I suggest evaluating where your energy and money is best focused to meet your goals and get your message across.

    Best to you.

    Don Plummer
    Grand Junction, CO

  86. Anonymous

    Absolutely, hands down, no questions asked. Run, sprint, find a DeLorean and hit 88mph if you have to.

  87. Anonymous

    I was a teenager when I first heard and came to appreciate the message of Jesus Christ as God's Son sent to redeem mankind. Over the years, I have been disappointed and even outraged by experiences with various individuals and organisations professing their Christianity, while also meeting sincere Christians whose oversights and naivete have allowed a sophisticated and very knowledgeable enemy to run circles around and through them – at great profit, I might add, referencing the Government's collusive relationship with the film industry. I live in Kingman, Arizona now, where I currently face criminal charges for finally, uncompromisingly, standing up to this Government's outrageous sense of entitlement and their crimes. I still believe that the Bible's Christian message is ultimately the true hope for mankind – otherwise, man is left to his recalcitrant sin and God's requisite judgement. I am not supportive of an increased Muslim role in Government, anymore than I am at ease with the inane references to our great "Judeo-Christian" roots. That would be like describing how well protons and electrons are so compatible! I've been recommending lately that the naive read Elizabeth Dilling's damning 160-page book (available online) on the Talmud. She lays out the degenerate spiritual history which is responsible for "the powers behind the thrones" even today. And recent centuries have seen (referencing the Mishna here particularly) the most veomous, hateful inclusions about Jesus Christ and faith in Him – how about the passage wherein a rabbi crosses all the world's rivers and has sex with every whore in every nation, but returns to find forgiveness from the rabbinical council BECAUSE AT LEAST HE DID NOT BECOME A CHRISTIAN DURING HIS TRAVELS? Yada, yada, yada. I've certainly got some profound open-ended issues with some Christian teachings and persons, to be sure – but I've looked at other religions and their founders and teachings. They do not match up with the excellence and truths of the Christian Gospel. So I would not support your run for Congress, while still seeing your struggles for 911 truth, etc. in the light of the well-worn saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". If you are against the New World Order and the criminal running America, we're still on talking terms.

  88. Anonymous

    Kevin, thanks for the question.
    If you say you see great value in the Longhouse Coalition platform, I'd say, with no reservation, yes, please run for office!
    You have a few things to understand, Kevin, IMHO about what Creator has told us in the sacred books, not only the Qur'an.

    Here's the short version of the platform:

    May your heart be open to new understandings.

    Blessed be,

  89. Hi Kathy,
    Yes, I see great value in the Longhouse platform! I agree with most of it. BUT:
    "35-J) Palestinian refugees will receive Ephraim (Gaza and West Bank) settlement housing." Sorry, right of return is inalienable, period. And the scriptures are very clear — Jews (meaning followers of the religion, not some imaginary "race") will return to Palestine when God makes it happen; they can't do it themselves. Thus the Zionist movement, created by atheists and satanists, needs to be effaced by truth; Palestinians must return; and European settler-colonialist thieves can either remain as equals, or return to Europe or one of the lands genocided by Europeans (like North America) where there are enough resources for them. Palestine never had enough resources to be a realistic settler-colonial destination. Recommended reading: Alam's "Israeli Exceptionalism"; Hart's "Zionism, the Real Enemy of the Jews."

  90. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    You know that I think it would be great if you were in Congress. But the question is should you run. You also know that it takes a lot of money to run, and you can spend all that money, sometimes go into debt, and still lose. You'd have to consider your chances of winning.

    I'd say if you study it and conclude that you have a decent chance of winning (like over 50%) then go for it. But you can do a lot for the peace movement from your current position as well.

    Take care,


  91. Anonymous


    We need truthful, visionary leaders like you, but sadly, our corrupt system will not allow anyone who gets too close to the Truth into high places in the US government. The system is so far gone, that it is sheer folly to think that any internal correction in the form of a competent elected official is possible. Fifty years ago things were not as far gone, as witnessed by the election of JFK, but today the military industrial complex's control over the election process, the media and virtually everything, else make it impossible for people like you.

    Those in Congress are there because they have compromised their values, and sold their souls for the sake of a piece of power and personal aggrandizement. Even given that your election was possible, you not only would not fit in, you'd be totally ineffective and become a pariah. Many candidates reach higher levels of office with high expectations of being able to change things and make a positive difference. Then they quickly learn that to be even the least bit effective, they have to play the game.

    My advise to you is like my advice to every other member of the 9-11 Truth movement. Get involved in planning a clandestine event that will serve to break the media's control over 9-11 Truth awareness.

    Then educate yourself about the only issue that trumps even 9-11 Truth in importance – UFO Disclosure.


  92. Hi Bill,

    I'm educated enough to know we need to grant all those Disclosure Project witnesses their wish to be brought before Congress to testify under oath.

    But as for understanding what the bleep is really going on regarding UFOs — that strikes me as vastly more difficult than understanding what happened on 9/11.

    I've read a fair bit on UFOs and as far as I can tell there is neither a core of empirical evidence proving what is going on, nor an easily understandable strategic framework into which we can integrate such empirical evidence as exists.

    In short, we can know most of what is worth knowing about 9/11 by investing a reasonable amount of time in studying the issue. We can then transmit this knowledge to others. This process is changing the world, however incrementally.

    What can we do with the UFO issue, other than handing out Disclosure Project DVDs and admitting that we don't have the faintest idea of what is really going on?

  93. Anonymous

    Of course, you'd make a great congressman, especially considering the unassailable fact that you ain't no politician.

  94. Anonymous

    Absolutely, right on.

  95. Anonymous

    Yes, run and run hard.

    Run to win!

    Please broaden your focus to challenge the banksters.

    Thank you!


  96. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin,

    First, I am extremely sad to hear you have osteoarthritis. I hope you're taking lots of fishliver oil!

    Second, I really have no business meddling in American politics, Englishman that I am, but it would give me a kick to see a man whose stated position on most things I agree with – and whose attitude I admire – run, walk, or stand for Congress. 9/11 is what got me reading you, and I'd put a reinvestigation of 9/11 at the top of my list of priorities.



  97. Anonymous

    I think you should endorse Jesse Ventura’s idea of a third party
    to unite Americans.

    Make it very broad-based: The government is lying and cheating.
    Unseat the mainstream parties who are part of the problem,
    not part of the solution. The Libertarian Party misses the point
    that LESS GOVERNMENT is not the solution. We need a totally
    new government. It can only come about by a third party,
    by secession, or by r.e.v.o.l.u.t.i.o.n.

    Don’t force the Nein Lovin agenda down people’s throats.
    But accept the fact that people are totally disenchanted with
    politics as usual. The idea that congressmen are the main candidates
    is ridiculous, because public approval of Congress is at 9%.
    The fact that Congressmen are the main candidates shows
    that the military-industrial complex qua media is totally
    controlling the choices, within a very narrow range.
    Huge numbers of people already understand this to a degree.
    Huge numbers of people agree that our country has collapsed since the Kennedy a.s.s.a.s.s.i.n.a.t.i.o.n

    The only solution is a party willing to question corruption – and investigate it openly. Follow the facts!
    Don’t endorse answers. Endorse questions. Open the floor to questions
    that have gone unanswered and uninvestigated for too long.
    Let us take down the bureaucrats who have perpetuated endless wars and financial disaster.

    Has the government told us the truth about 9-11? No. Let’s investigage.
    About the Kennedy assassination? No. Investigate.
    About the banks? No. Audit the Fed REGULARLY.
    About the wars? No. War crimes trials, fair game.
    About I.s.r.a.e.l.i war crimes? Gaza? U.S.S Liberty? WMD hysteria?
    About the oil spill? Why isn’t the central government discussing
    this ongoing crisis with us daily? Isn’t because THEY FAILED?

    Throw out all incumbents, unless they jump ship and join the ANTI-CORRUPTION PARTY!

    Enough is enough.

    Maalik Bennett

  98. Anonymous

    Would it give you more of a voice than you already have?

    If Congress operated the way it SHOULD, you would do the country a real service to be part of it.

    Is there any indication that you have a REAL chance to win? More and more people are learning the truth, so maybe you do.

    Ever heard of Jim Humble and MMS? That's miracle mineral solution, NOT mineral management service. He can heal anything with it, it seems, including AIDS and malaria. Personally, I'd give that a try for your hips, and DEFINITELY get off of any prescription medicine. Check out his website.

    9/11 truth is THE issue. It is the key to unlocking the whole mess our country is in. Could it be that there are some in Congress who still really believe the official story? Or are they all running scared and repeating the lies out of fear? Would it be easier to get thru to any or all of them if you are in Congress? Because it seems they are the ones who, most of all at this point, need to learn the truth.

    Generally, I have great difficulty making decisions, but I have found that if I am not SURE of something, it is best to wait, or do nothing. If your gut says do it, then do it. That is wonderful that your family is with you on whatever decision you make. That is so important.

    Would it dissipate your energy and focus, or help it along? Sometimes, you don't know what decision you should have made until you make the wrong one. But if you make the wrong one, stick with your reasons for doing so. See why I have such problems making decisions? I'm afraid I'm no help. 🙂 But I have great confidence in you, your knowledge, your integrity, your courage, your honesty, etc. You are a true American hero.

    Your friend always,


  99. Anonymous

    "I think you should endorse Jesse Ventura’s idea of a third party to unite Americans"

    That's the best suggestion I've read here thus far.In your May 18 newsletter you mentioned the New World Order banksters.

    Kevin there is no New World Order – as so flamboyantly explained by Deek Jackson here


  100. Any chance you could discuss the term "Libertarian." I thought I knew what that meant until Rand Paul opened his mouth.

    How do your ideas differ from his?

  101. jim foreman

    Kevin, I feel you are somewhat helpful in bringing truth of 911, Iraq war etc. to the forefront. I use the term "somewhat" because I feel you also turn off many who might otherwise open themselves to questions on these issues. That because your manner, your way of "relating" often seems to brush aside a sense of community. In a few words, I feel you are often Alex Jones without the bullhorn. You flaunt your intellectualism with sarcasm and derision which does not bring many to your side. I personally feel we need congressional leaders with the inner moral and spiritual strength of a Ghandi. Your quests seem to illustrate the former; but the manner of your quests to not illustrate the latter.
    Seems more like a personal issue rather than a public issue. Whatever you decide I wish you well. Hope you might find a more community building orientation.

  102. To me, "libertarianism" is a political philosophy that holds freedom to be the highest value. It is the foundational political philosophy of the USA, and worked well when there was a huge frontier and plenty of resources to go around. This philosophy, and the way of life that goes with it, is now threatened by diminished resources and an ever-more-cynical power elite with its hands on ever-more-powerful social control technologies. I would like to see the American experiment in political liberty mature rather than die; so I think we need 1) a revolution to overthrow the power elite and de-legitimize their means of social control, and 2) a fundamental re-thinking of how to maintain and expand liberty in an era of diminished resources and flat or negative economic growth. This kind of revolution could be accomplished with a spectacular triumph of 9/11 truth or some similar shocking event that delegitimizes the power elite.

    The Libertarian party hasn't fully grasped the situation, so much of it is stuck in the mind-controlled matrix, defending the "freedom" to buy or sell blue pills without too much taxation or regulation! Rand Paul seems to lean in that direction, but he may just be compromising to make himself electable, so he can go after the Fed and the military-industrial complex once he gets elected.

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