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“Should I run for Congress” poll results tallied — and the winner is…

A huge thank-you to everyone who responded to my query, Should I run for Congress?  The results were a lopsided 60-23 victory for “yes” over “no” (with twenty or so that were neither yes nor no). More importantly, there were lots of good ideas and advice offered by folks on both sides.

Overall I think the “yes” voters had better arguments. Their best argument was that I should run in order to raise awareness of important, suppressed issues such as 9/11 truth. Anyone who runs for Congress gets a media platform, and I’m well-known in Wisconsin and would therefore get an even bigger platform than most 9/11 truth candidates can. This is critically important, because the traitors who run our mass media have learned the hard way that “any publicity is good publicity” for 9/11 truth — they tried bashing us in 2006 and it backfired, so they’ve retreated into full censorship mode, at least here in the USA. (Globally, the media is gradually opening up to 9/11 truth.) So forcing 9/11 truth into the media by any means necessary, short of the Unabomber method, is a huge plus for our movement.

Alongside 9/11 truth are the many other most-important-yet-suppressed issues, which boil down to the one big issue: The American political system, and much of the world system, have been subverted by an obscenely corrupt amalgamation of the New World Order financier elite, the military-industrial complex, and the Zionist lobby. It was these forces that pulled off 9/11; and they rig our elections, murder anyone who seriously stands in their way, and are intentionally dumbing down our people and destroying our economy in order to create a world of a few masters and a great many serfs.

While running for office as “infowar by other means” against these forces is laudable, I do think many “yes” voters overestimated my chances of winning the election. In fact, those chances are slim; since a victory by someone as outspoken as I am would present a serious problem for the NWO, they would mobilize their tremendous resources to prevent it. Here, the “no” voters were more realistic. But this does not detract from the value of running in order to call attention to critically important suppressed information.

My decision had to take into account not only this informal plebiscite, but also two other considerations: The fact that we already have an excellent pro-truth, anti-NWO District 3 candidate (Eric Sayward), and the feelings of my family members. After conducting what we Muslims call a “shura” or consultation with my family, I discovered that there is some resurgent ambivalence. Splitting the ambivalent votes in half, it came out to something like 3 to 1 or 2.5 to 1.5 in favor of running. That isn’t good enough. If I run, they get more stress and less of my time and energy. So,  learning from previous mistakes, I decided it would have to be a consensus decision. Since the consensus isn’t there, I’m not running.

I urge everyone who would have supported me to instead support two other 9/11 truth, anti-NWO candidates here in Wisconsin: Eric Sayward of We Are Change – Wisconsin  in District 3 and Mark Wollum eats_funny(at) in District 6.  I will be doing everything I can to support them, and any other candidates who share the commitment to spreading the truth and struggling for justice.

I apologize for not getting back to most of you who commented or emailed me about this issue; if you have a question you want personally answered, please (re)send it.


Kevin Barrett

Summary of plebiscite results — for the full responses, read the comments at

Yes votes (total: 60)

Just plain yes. (23)

Run to win!

Run on a 9/11 truth platform – the mother of all issues. (2)

It’s fun.

You could do well in Congress. (Because, like Ron Paul, you’re a nice guy with radical ideas, ain’t no politician, etc.) (3)

Run to beat the two-party system.

It’s great to have at least one politician telling the truth.

Yes – and de-emphasize 9/11 etc., focus on the workingman’s wallet. (2)

It’s entertaining.

Yes – do it to raise awareness of issues like 9/11 truth. (11)

Yes – or consider running for State Assembly instead.

Run as a member of a new Zionist-free party.

Run as a Green Party candidate.

You might win the Democratic primary and then the election.

Run, because you finally answered my emails.

Run to get a bigger platform for your ideas, and then write a book about it.

Sure, you’re no worse what what we have now.

We need principled/courageous/intelligent representatives. (3)

Run with a (third) party behind you.

Run if you think you have a realistic chance of winning.

Run as part of a new anti-corruption/unity party. (2)

No votes (total: 23)

Just plain no. (2)

Your health comes first. (3)

You’re doing well as a writer and radio host, don’t mess with a good thing. (4)

If you win you’ll be marginalized, ruined, or, failing that, assassinated. (3)

Congress is terminally corrupt. (2)

You won’t win.

You’re a bleeping moron who belongs in the nuthouse.

You’ve been there done that.

It’s pointless. We need a revolution.

It’s pointless because Zionists control the entire political system.

Don’t run because you never answer my emails.

People still aren’t ready to vote for independent candidates.

You wouldn’t even win the Libertarian primary (despite landslide victory last time).

I’m a Christian and you’re a Muslim so I can’t support you.

5 Thoughts to ““Should I run for Congress” poll results tallied — and the winner is…”

  1. Salaam,

    Wisdom always come out after a shura, wa Allah swt 'alam.

    We need as muslims t odesc ribe eto the other how the antichrist-dajjal is working, in deep, very deep details…. as nwo is now working openly and blatantly in front of us…

  2. Anonymous

    I'm in the last – seemingly narrow-minded or negative to some people, no doubt – category. I'd rather explain that decision in far more detail and with much more finesse. I cannot reasonably do that here. But here are a few comments — no Muslim country embraces Christianity, so why should America, with its bizarre blend of occult and Christian origins, embrace Islam? Now that's tit for tat, but delving deper, Islam is antithetical to Christianity, basically labeling the most sacred Christian claims lies (as I mentioned in my original posting, the same holds true for Judaism, making a sick mockery of "our Judeo-Christian" heritage – as best as I can determine, our heritage is a gumbo of Christian fringe groups whose most well-known spokespersons were at least as taken up with classical wrtings from the Grecian and Roman era, and occultic elements). I believe that the New World Order will find certain Muslim believers to be objectionable and to be targeted, along with various dedicated Christians. Therefore, I respond warmly to your efforts to educate people about the NWO common threat. Considering the horrific plans these monsters have for mankind, I can only suggest people avail themselves of Christ's claims and promises. I know that the Bible's statement that believers will overcome Satan by "the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and by not lpving their lives to the end" may not apeal to the warlike and indignant, but I say – whatever it takes to make it to Heaven and leave all this evil behind. But that is a choice each person must make.

  3. w

    Is life a coincidence? I had this page already open (to read later) when I came across your post "Should I run for Congress"


    A leader gains the love and trust of his people and is followed by them in proportion to his competence in solving their problems, whether personal or public, related to individual, private life, or to social, economic, political affairs touching the community as a whole.

    In solving problems, you may resort to force and terror, or apply sanctions or punishments like exile, imprisonment or depriving the guilty of their rights of citizenship, or torture people, or spy into their affairs. However, none of these ways are of much use in the long term; rather, they will bring about a vicious circle, in which the more you struggle to solve problems by such means, the more you entangle yourself in them.

    However, God’s Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings, solved all problems so skilfully and easily that no one disagreed with the issue of his decisions. Although he was sent to a people by nature and habit quarrelsome, ignorant, wild and rebellious…

    The ball is in your ourt…

    Thank you for that great interview with Alan Hart

  4. Anonymous

    I'm really sorry you are not running — we need a dose of outlandish, ridiculous off-the-wall bizarre humor to brighten our political dialogue. Of course, a few people on the fringe of the universe would have taken you seriously but for the rest of us, it would have been funny! You would have been perfect!

  5. Sorry, I don't think much of Eric Sayward. Rand Paul is a perfect example of Libertarianism and it is repellent in all of its many incarnations.

    His cutsey name-calling on health care as "hell care" is really stupid and insulting. We need healthcare for all Americans….and preferably a single payer program such as Medicare of All.

    And yes, let's all call for a real investigation of 9/11.

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