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Lying Zionist scum slaughter humanitarians, blame the victims

[Note: I will be appearing with Gilad Atzmon, who just wrote a terrific essay on the Free Gaza convoy massacre, and Jim Fetzer of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, in London, UK, on July 14th, 6-9:30 PM, Friends House, Euston Road opposite Euston Station. Please spread the word! More details at Rediscover911. ]

The Israeli massacre of humanitarian aid workers in the Free Gaza convoy is shocking enough. But what is really shocking is the lies…and the way those lies are being parroted in the mainstream media.

Here is how CNN is reporting the event:

20 dead as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid convoy
(CNN) — Israeli commandos killed at least 10 people in pre-dawn raids on a flotilla of six ships carrying aid for the Palestinian territory of Gaza early Monday, the country’s military said.”During the incident the soldier’s lives were in danger,” said a statement from the Israel Defense Forces. “They were attacked with severe physical violence, including live fire, bold weapons, knives and clubs.”

Why do AMERICAN mainstream media trumpet even the most absurd Zionist propaganda? The short answer: Because, as Ariel Sharon said shortly after 9/11, “we Jews control America.” How? By dominating the media, political cash, and organized crime; and by maintaining a vast army of sayonim — American intelligence operatives sworn to work for the Israeli Mossad.

Actually it isn’t Jews per se who control America, but Zionist criminal billionaires and those they have brainwashed. Honest Jews, like next week’s radio guest Rabbi Weiss of Naturei Karta, know that Zionism is a criminal syndicate that violates the tenets of Judaism.

It’s time to face facts: America’s media is dominated by people loyal to a hostile foreign power–the power that attacked us on 9/11. Rather than whining about Middle Eastern news outlets that are telling the truth, maybe it’s time to re-establish American control over American media. If the Antitrust Department can’t do it, some day our military may have to. And if today’s escalating Israeli insanity is any indication, that day may come sooner than you think.

7 Thoughts to “Lying Zionist scum slaughter humanitarians, blame the victims”

  1. All eyes are on Obama now.

  2. why pentagon put all his bases in the middle east on high laert and active combat phse since last saturday ?

    There is a larger agenda… and extension of the conflict behind these attacks,

  3. It's clear, Israel wants conflict. There is hardly any other conclusion. It will be interesting to see where this leads? You can feel the atmosphere the world over has changed. The incomprehensible insanity is hitting home. It's about time.

  4. What is so sad about the American media and groups like AIPAC is that they don't represent the views of most Americans. Most Americans are sick and tired of America's incestuous relationship with the state of Israel. But you'll never know it from watching the mainstream media in this country.

  5. Anonymous

    Israel was correct in it's actions. It is a legitimate act to kill people if they are opposed to the state of Israel, as they are evil anti-mongoloids who want war while all we Israelis want is to live in peace and piss down the back of your throats.


  6. Anonymous

    Don't look to Obama–he's a puppet, just like all other presidents.

    Neither Israel nor the U.S. want peace, and it was getting too close for comfort, so this atrocity had to be cooked up to keep the pot boiling, just as they've done in the Koreas. That 'Shadow Government', world-wide is pulling the strings.

    Let's direct our attention in the right place. Israel wouldn't act out if it didn't have the total support of the U.S. shadow government.

    If Obama had any balls, he would resign his post with a grand speech, saying he could no longer knuckle under to such egregious task-masters. That could have the potential of blowing the whole nasty business wide open and expose it to the world in grand style. Unfortunately, he doesn't likely have the balls to do it.

  7. Anonymous

    We can only hope that this act of barbaric piracy and murder will be the beginning of the end for these Zionist criminals! They may have gone too far!

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