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Israel Identifies the Real Existential Threat

“You see, despite the rhetoric, Israel and its supporters in Washington do not view the current dispute over Iran’s nuclear program as an ‘existential threat.’ Rather, it is viewed as another golden opportunity to bring ‘regime change’ to a country considered one of Israel ‘s adversaries, as Iraq was under Saddam Hussein.” – Ray McGovern

A leaked top-secret memo from the Israeli Ministry of Secrets, Existential Threat Department has confirmed what everybody always suspected: The real existential threat facing the apartheid state of Israel is not Ahmadinejad, Hamas, or Hezbullah.

The memo, entitled “Coping with the Real Threat,” begins:

“It is time for we Israelis to admit that we are facing an existential enemy far more terrifying than the Palestinians, the Iranians, the Muslim ummah, or even the Nazis. That threat, in a word, is Justice.

“If Justice were ever to triumph, Strauss forbid, we would be dispossessed of the land that we stole fair and square through murderous ethnic cleansing. Justice, as victor, would rewrite history, effacing our falsehoods and revealing us as the biggest liars ever to walk the earth. Were Justice to gain the upper hand, it would inflict terrible retribution on us for what we have done.

“Given the absolute and existential nature of this threat, we must not remain immobilized, sitting on our hands while our enemy,  Justice, grows stronger every day.  Our only hope of survival is to strangle the infant Justice in her cradle. We must declare a pre-emptive war on Justice.”

The memo outlines a War on Justice beginning with an all-out assault on even-handedness and reason via a blitzkrieg of double-standards:

* Bombarding Justice with nuclear double-standards such as “it’s okay for us to have have hundreds of nuclear weapons, but it isn’t okay for Iran to even have nuclear power.”

* Promulgating Islamophobic double-standards such as demonizing the Qur’an’s modest and limited call to military self-defense when necessary while ignoring the Torah’s calls to genocide; decrying the abuse and exploitation faced by some women in some Islamic countries, while ignoring greater abuse and exploitation in non-Islamic countries; and calling any Muslim who engages in self-defense a terrorist.

* Promoting Jewish-Zionist superiority by making Jewish-Zionist power invisible and off-limits to critique, and viciously insulting anyone who notices or critiques it.

Alongside the blitzkrieg of double-standards, the War on Justice will include spectacular events designed to demonstrate the futility of the cause of Justice. Zionist forces will launch such massive terrorist attacks as the obvious controlled demolition of inhabited skyscrapers, make little or no attempt to disguise what has happened, and use their power in media and government to blame the attacks on Muslims (in such a transparently false way so that anyone paying attention sees the truth), thereby assuring that the real perpetrators are well-known yet never brought to justice.

The memo concludes:

“Such a series of grotesquely spectacular crimes, committed shamelessly and with complete impunity, offers a psychological warfare strategy capable of bringing Justice to its knees.”

In response to the memo, the Department of Zionist Common Sense and Other Oxymorons released a statement questioning whether a war against Justice is a viable long-term strategy.

10 Thoughts to “Israel Identifies the Real Existential Threat”

  1. Anonymous

    This is SUPERB!!!!!

    Now do another one — describing the overall War on Truth! This war goes back way before the immoral takeover of Palestine.

    As TruthJihad obviously knows, this war has been constant on Earth, as conscience-less elites have long fantasized that they are "superior beings," and can justify extreme maltreatment of all whom they target and exploit as "inferior beings" — pretty much everyone but themselves.

    Let us continue to push for Truth to reach critical mass — and trigger a quantum leap into a good, new world!

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin,
    I cannot believe this leaked document.It just seems too far out for my logic.What would the purpose be for this approach? I feel this sort of approach contributes to making things worse and not better. I think there is a need to balance things a bit.
    Kind Regards

  3. Anonymous


    this is very misleading.

    Open quotes??? You need to attach and cite quotes for something like this.



  4. Interesting joke…A point could be made that similar "secret memos" could be written for just about every dysfunctional government. The triumph of "Justice" would likely make most governments, worldwide, irrelevant, as exemplified by their shameful participation in the 9/11 censorship.


  5. Anonymous

    I take it this is a satire. Very clever. As long as people don't believe there's really a Ministry of Secrets… unless of course there is.

  6. It's hard to do satire (or irony, allegory, etc.) these days because the truth is so outrageous. Also, we're swamped in so much information that we tend to just kind of accept everything as being intended at face value. Who has time to read for literary nuance.

    Still, I can't resist writing this kind of stuff occasionally. Remember, my main occupation is literature — news & current events is just something I got dragged into by circumstance.

  7. Anonymous

    Great satire! Of course, satire doesn't have to worry about sticking to the truth… which you, Kevin, surely know – so you don't. Still, this propaganda is as one-sided as the Israeli kind: too bad we can't find someone to write a more-balanced examination. Is it not time to say, "a pox on BOTH their houses"? The evils of the Quran and those who follow it, "Palestinian" or "Egyptian" or generic Arab or Turk or Persian, are so obvious that no honest and objective observer can deny it – and the Zionist leadership can no more claim to follow Torah than Haman could claim to be a friend of the Jews. Nor can they claim to be defending themselves by their actions when those actions are far more aggressive – and against mostly innocent people. But why is there a need to be biased FOR either side?

  8. There is a niche for your writing. I would take it a step further, though. It's difficult to do satire, not only because it's so outrageous, it borders on insanity. It would be hard to buy some these events if they were offered as fiction .e.g., the open air concentration camp which is Gaza.

  9. Anonymous

    "Israel Identifies the Real Existential Treat" – superb! Chutzpah taken its logical limit.


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