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Incendiary Nakba Day show: going boldly where truthers have rarely gone before

Many truthers are reluctant to face the evidence linking the Israeli Mossad and its American enablers to 9/11. And most don’t know enough about the historical context of the destabilizing logic of Zionism to understand that Zionists control US Middle East policy (which 9/11 was, by other means) as well as Congress, the media, and much of organized crime and high finance, to the extent that those are separate categories. Even the good folks at the New York City Ballot Initiative aren’t talking much about 9/11 criminal Larry Silverstein and cover-up judge Alvin Hellerstein not only having rhyming names, but being part of the same Zionist crime syndicate.

Today’s Nakba Day show with Franklin Lamb and Gordon Duff is a must-listen for anyone who realizes that the 9/11 truth and Palestine liberation movements are two sides of the same truth movement…and even more of a must-listen for those who don’t. You can listen to the second hour with Gordon Duff here; the first hour will soon be archived here.

Meanwhile, don’t miss Gordon Duff’s brand-new article  ASSASSINATION IN DUBAI,  ISRAELIā€™S WARNING TO THE WORLD, and the days-old one Times Square Bombing Part of CIA False Flag Against Pakistan.

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