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David Ray Griffin: Is the War in Afghanistan Justified by 9/11?

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Fifteen-city lecture tour schedule:

My discussion with tour organizer Matt Naus and several local event organizers, broadcast last night on Truth Jihad Radio: 

Canada: 9/11 Truth Storm in Mainstream Media:

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Another great lecture by the Dean of 9/11 studies, author of eight books on 9/11 and two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee! A huge thank-you to Matt Naus, who spearheaded this fifteen-stop tour, and to all the other local organizers who made it happen.

I enjoyed introducing David in Milwaukee and chatting with him afterward. He said that while he used to prefer doing radio interviews over the phone, he has come to enjoy lecture tours “because I meet so many wonderful people.” That’s what my wife also noticed during our Northern California book tour: 9/11 truth supporters are self-selected for intelligence, moral qualities, outside-the-box creativity, and spiritual depth. If you want to meet the best people from any given location, just get in touch with the truthers.

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4 Thoughts to “David Ray Griffin: Is the War in Afghanistan Justified by 9/11?”

  1. Anonymous

    I liked his courage in saying flat-out that the Hebrew-speaking, kitten disembowling "Atta" in Florida was OBVIOUSLY not the same person as the gentle "nightengale" from Egypt.

  2. Anonymous

    AK Dewdney writes:

    Last saturday I drove up to Walkertown, a town in mid-western Ontario, to hear David Ray Griffin speak at the town hall. It was a small venue to be sure, but easier to deal with than the confused megapolis called Toronto. I was accompanied by a member of Citizens' Inquest of London, a local activist group: George Crowell is an expert on monetary reform.

    Griffin was preceded by Graeme McQueen of McMaster University who gave a power point presentation about the perpetrators of 9/11 within the United States and the command structure that made the operation possible. The hall was filled to approximately 90% capacity and the audience listened to both talks attentively. David Ray Griffin took the War in Afghanistan as his starting point, emphasizing that 9/11, far from being "ancient history," is still very much with us. He then made a smooth transition into the main points of evidence supporting the claim that 9/11 was a false-flag operation.

    We met with Griffin after the talks and before the Q/A sessions during which we had to leave. But at least I finally got to meet him!

  3. I had the opportunity to take in his lecture in the first city of the tour, Des Moines, IA. I was surprised how accessible David Ray Griffin is in person. I'm just glad he's out there keeping the issues in fact of the people.

  4. correction, err, I'm glad David Ray Grifin is keeping the issues in front of the people.

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