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Dear Angela Merkel: How much do Raul Hilberg and I owe you?

Thursday 4/22: This just in! Two notable anti-revisionists have agreed to join me to rebut Thomas Dalton. Details here.

[Note: I will be interviewing Thomas Dalton, author of Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides this Saturday, April 24th, 5-6 pm Central, on AmericanFreedomRadio (to be archived here for free on-demand listening).  I am still looking for a mainstream Holocaust expert to refute him during the second hour. Over the past few months I have invited Deborah Lipstadt, Michael Shermer, John Zimmerman–the three most prominent critics of the “Holocaust deniers” — as well as many dozens of professors from several of the leading Holocaust and Genocide Studies and Jewish Studies programs. While I have received a few cordial refusals, notably from Shermer and Lipstadt, the vast majority of the academic “experts” have refused to respond…as has anti-revisionist blogger Muehlenkamp. I will be publishing my email to these experts in a later blog. Meanwhile, I am worrying about how to fill the second hour of the show. If you know any Holocaust experts who dare to defend the conventional wisdom, please have them contact me: kbarrett*AT* Otherwise I will just have to keep Dalton on for the second hour to respond to callers, many of whom, I hope, will critique his interpretations.  Anyway…as a free speech absolutist and a card-carrying non-coward, I am disgusted by the fear that surrounds this topic–not to mention the criminal sanctions. Below is my letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel offering to turn myself in for beginning to doubt the standard six-million-Jewish-victim figure.]

Dear Andrea Merkel,

I read in the news that your German government has fined Bishop Richard Williamson 10,000 Euros for “partial Holocaust denial.”  According to reports, the 10,000 Euros fine reflects Williamson’s public statement that he believes that “200,000 to 300,000 Jews died in Nazi concentration camps” rather than the widely touted figure of six million.

According to the report, you stated that the pope must “‘clarify unambiguously that there can be no denying’ that the Nazis killed six million Jews.” So I am writing to tell you that as a Muslim and a nonbeliever in both papal infallibility and Zionist historiography, I am not going to endorse the six million figure even if the Pope threatens me with hellfire and damnation. After reading three books on the issue–Lipstadt’s Denying the Holocaust, Shermer’s Denying History, and Dalton’s Debating the Holocaust–I am now prepared to state that I find pre-eminent Holocaust scholar Raul Hilberg’s estimate of 5.1 million Jewish Holocaust victims a more reasonable estimate.

Since it is against the law in Germany to state ones belief that fewer than six million Jews died in the Holocaust, Hilberg and I are apparently partners in crime. The question is, precisely what penalties should Hilberg and I face? Since Bishop Williamson was fined 10,000 euros for underestimating the six-million-Holocaust by 5.75 million people, that means that underestimating the six-million-Holocaust by roughly one million, as Hilberg and I do, should be penalized by a fine of $1,739.13 Euros. Please let me know where I should go to turn myself in — the nearest German consulate is in Chicago — and whether you would like that in the form of cash, check, or credit card. Or should I just send it straight to Israel and bypass the middleman? (Hilberg, fortunately for him, passed away a couple of years ago, and will thus never have to feel the fiscal jackboot of German justice.)

But seriously, Ms. Merkel, you may ask why I side with Hilberg’s estimate of 5.1 Holocaust deaths rather than the well-known figure of six million. My answer is that Thomas Dalton, in his book Debating the Holocaust, presents evidence that the figure of six million European Jewish victims threatened with destruction repeatedly occurs long before anyone could possibly have known the real figure. For example, the February 23rd, 1938 New York Times describes six million European Jews as “slowly dying of starvation, all hope gone.” Yet at that time the Holocaust, much less its precise body count, was still several years away. A few decades earlier, the May 7, 1920 New York Times cited “Jewish war sufferers in Central and Eastern Europe, where six millions face horrifying conditions of famine, disease and death…”

These two cases are not isolated instances. All told, Dalton cites seven such references to the six million Jews threatened/killed figure during World War II but before accurate body counts were possible; two such references from the 1930s; eight from the period during and after World War I; five between 1900 and 1914; and even four from the 19th century, the first occurring in 1869! He also states that when the official death toll at Auschwitz was revised downward from 4 million to 1.1 million in 1989, the official consensus held that the previously-believed-in 2.9 million Holocaust victims who suddenly turned out never to have existed were all non-Jewish Poles, thus preserving the apparently magical six million Jewish victims figure…while the anti-revisionist Shermer, as I recall, claims that the overall Holocaust total didn’t change, despite the sudden evaporation of 2.9 million previously assumed death camp victims, because about that number could be added to the previously-accepted figures for victims killed on the Eastern front, mainly by firing squads. Either way, it seems very strange that the well-known six million figure (and the less-known 11 million figure that includes non-Jewish victims) could survive the sudden disappearance of almost three million previously-assumed deaths.

The arguments cited above, along with others too lengthy to elaborate here, suggest that the magic figure of six million is some sort of tribal shibboleth, rather than an empirically-verified, historically-accurate body count. Hilberg’s estimate of 5.1 million Jewish Holocaust deaths thus seems far more probable.

Honestly, Ms. Merkel, I do not understand why the six-million-Holocaust, if it is really a well-verified historical fact, needs to be protected by criminal prosecutions, fines, prison sentences, ad-hominem vilification, the destruction of careers and reputations, and all the other trappings of the Orwellian police state. Some African-Americans and Native Americans argue that their holocausts involved up to one hundred million deaths, while other historians claim that the real figures are only a small fraction of that…and yet I have never heard of anybody being fined, imprisoned, or driven out of polite society for the all-too-common “crime” of “underestimating” these holocausts by millions or even tens of millions. Why should underestimations of the Jewish body count from the Nazi Holocaust be treated differently? Isn’t this a case of racist double-standards, in which the “inferior races” (Native Americans and Africans) are neglected, while superior “white” Jewish suffering is lionized? And isn’t it the case that if denying the Palestinian holocaust, the Nakba, were criminalized, virtually the entire population of the USA, Europe, and Israel would have to be prosecuted?

Truth does not need the support of criminal sanctions, Ms. Merkel. By prosecuting Holocaust revisionists for thoughtcrime, you are announcing that you believe they are right. That makes you a Holocaust revisionist yourself. Please turn yourself in to your nearest Gestapo Thoughtcrime unit immediately. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up sharing a cell with me and the ghost of Raul Hilberg.

52 Thoughts to “Dear Angela Merkel: How much do Raul Hilberg and I owe you?”

  1. Anonymous

    Do the math. If jews represented 1% of the European population and Germany killed 50 % of them then that means that there were 12 million jews in Europe and the European population had to be 1.2 billion people in Europe during WWII. One can down-size these figures somewhat but the result is still a ridiculous figure for the population of Europe.

  2. Anonymous

    She's called Angela, not Andrea.

  3. Anonymous

    5.1 million PEOPLE may have perished in German camps but it couldn't have been just Jews alone! According to the World Almanac's for the years of 1939-1945 total Jewish population numbers only decreased by around 400,000. How the census' were taken during this time, I don't know but there wasn't even 6 million Jews in all German held territories during the war so that number is an impossibility!

  4. Anonymous

    Pleas take your time, and watch "ontehtirdofaholocaust" on the web. It´s the "blockbuster movie" of revisionism…

  5. Michael

    Well I'm a British Christian & I'm certainly not going to pay homage to the holocaust myth. Sure hundreds of thousand of Jews died but the whole matter pales into insignificance when compared to the part paid by Jews in running the Soviet Gulags which caused the death of between 30 & 50 million Christians & Muslims. A matter just hinted at on this Jewish website.,7340,L-3342999,00.html

  6. Anonymous

    Very good. Except I think Richard Williamson is closer to the actual figure, and I think Merkel's first name is Angela.

  7. Anonymous

    Very interesting article.Kudos to you. I also find it interesting to see how many times the number six million is thrown about in our culture in North America. Is this a cabbalistic number of some sort.

  8. Benhamid

    Angela Merkel also known as Andrea Merkel just for information sake.
    Holocausts were committed against the Native Americans, the Russians,the none Jews, Armenians and the Palestinian Arab People in Palestine…what about them for a change?

  9. Anonymous

    Talk about our free speech being eroded! I'm in a totally different country… with my OWN views on the subject, but according to German law, anything I say is subject to a fine from Germany?
    The thought police are about.. careful about your personal views… you can go to jail for them!

  10. Anonymous

    Great article Kevin. And I agree w/anonymous– the six million figure is some sort of Kabbalistic number. I heard that somewhere in jewish writings, they needed to lose a certain number before they could return to the Holy Land. Also, they used the six million figure right after the first world war. You can learn about this from Don Heddesheimer's book "The First Holocaust: Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War I." Another great book to look into is "A Greater 'Miracle' Than the Lost Ten Tribes Discovered: The Dead 'Six Million' Uncovered" by Brian Cleraubat, which cleared everything up for me.

    Also Kevin, I have occasionally listened to interviews you have done where you seem frustrated/annoyed by Chomsky's stance on 911 and I just wanted to let you know that a couple of sources (Bob Chapman of and the Larouche people. They say he is basically some sort of intelligence operative (specialist in disinformation). He has connections to RAND and Zmagazine, which is foundation funded (meaning that it is funded by the bankers who are trying to bring about world govt). I used to read Chomsky and have respect for him, but once I "woke up" to 911 and the criminal Federal Reserve I became very suspicious of him. In all of his books, he NEVER mentions the central bankers and he NEVER mentioned the Israel Lobby (and continues to deny it's power). He is too smart to have missed all that he missed, unless he was doing so intentionally. As far as I am concerned, he is another one of the gate-keepers on the left and his opinions are simply there to disinform and keep us from the real truth. (And, for all we know, he may really be a zionist at his core).

  11. Anonymous

    I beleive that the 6 mill, number comes from the idea that their god needed a offering of 6 million so they could return to the promised land.

  12. Anonymous

    Yes, you CAN be prosecuted IN GERMANY for expressing your views on this subject ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Unbelievable but true.

    One of the most controversial aspects of this (Zundel) case was the fact that all the publications had been made outside Germany, which some analysts argued took the crime outside of Germany's jurisdiction to prosecute. Since all of Zündel's publications were made outside of Germany, and created in Canada and the U.S., it could have been argued that the robust Anglo-American law of freedom of speech should have applied.

    But German courts had already ruled on this issue, in the case of German-born Dr. Fredrick Töben, who was also charged with denying the Holocaust from the Adelaide Institute, in Australia. Toben was sentenced to 10 months in prison. He appealed on the grounds that since his Internet material was "printed" outside Germany, it should not be subject to German legislation. In response, the German Federal Court of Justice ruled that any persons publishing pro-Nazi material on the Internet is subject to German law, regardless of their country of origin.

  13. It seems to me that it is those who support the German denial laws who are "pro-Nazi" in the pejorative sense. These laws are where absolute Orwellian unfreedom meets goose-stepping groupthink.

  14. Anonymous

    Remember the Jews declared war on Germany in 1939. They alone are responsible for the ass whupping they got. 6 million, 6 shmillion. Only those afraid of the truth won't tolerate any investigation to find out the truth. Shame on you so-called democratic and free countries for sending people to jail for questioning the orthodox version of the holocaust.

  15. Anonymous

    The rationale behind the laws that make denying Holocaust a crime, is that downplaying the magnitude of this tragedy is equivalent to the call to do the same again, and kill more Jews. So if you are indeed brought to justice for decreasing the figure by 1 million, your crime is essentially in calling to kill the missing million.

    Asking German premier about the reasons is somewhat naive and is akin to asking a prisoner why he prefers to wear clothes with stripes on them; or, closer to the matter, asking DePaul University why it fired professor Norman Finkelstein. These laws and decisions are not product of free choice, they are product of political pressure that pro-Israel community has on the governments in all countries. This law exists not only in Germany but in many other countries in Europe, and with it being so obvious exception and contradicting any notion of free speech, one can only imagine the degree of intimidation and bribery that it took for Israel to achieve it and to affirm by UN; in fact, this is diplomatic achievement of greatest magnitude. The true reason of it is of course protecting the steady stream of billions of dollars coming to Israel from the whole world as compensation, even from the countries who were fighting Germany (their crime is that they didn't react fast enough when alleged Holocaust was happening). Plus, this victim status is seen as Israel's ticket to be exempt from all international norms, such as for instance non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Israel has undeclared nuclear weapons, does not participate in NNPT, does not allow any inspections of their territory, and with all that is still in position to demand military strike on Iran that does not have the weapons, does participate in NNPT, and does allow the inspections. This is also thanks to the Holocaust, and it's also why you won't hear back from German premier. This issue is much, much more than just historical curiocity.

    What surprises me though is that you agree with the number 5 million. I wonder if you are aware of the fact that not a single mass grave has ever been found supporting mass extermination, not a single piece of forensic evidence exists. Even the ovens where alleged mass killing was taking place in Auschwitz were built already after the war, it's well known fact. Of course it's not to say that people were not dying because of starvation and typhus in German camps, and that Germans did not shot groups of people who were considered a danger during the war, for instance harboring the insurgents (US troops do the same in Iraq every day), but the claim about the program of targeted mass killing of all Jews so far has not one piece of forensic evidence supporting it; it's fully based on the testimonies of the "survivors".

  16. Anonymous

    Is the Zionist-run media's all-out attack on the Pope payback for the Pope's decision to rehabilitate rather than excommunicate Williamson? Just asking.

  17. Anonymous

    Are yu kidding?

    I stand here, straight, and with my legs firm, as a non-believer, a christian heretic a jew "holocaust" Denier, saying:

    "I will NOT pay a red cent, a sou, a france, a Euro"!

    Not to any man!

    I say LIVE AND LET LIVE! If you want to believe one thing, that's your business, and If I want to believe something els, it is MY Business, and God-Given Right!


    "Shakes Her Fist"

  18. Anonymous

    Jews can be brilliant,but they can be incredibly myopic,for example; by creating false charges of anti-Semitism used to silence criticism and of the loathsome holocaust exagerration industry,they are laying the foundation for creating TRUE anti-Semitism,whch will end the way it always has…eviction,or worse.

    As a non-Jew,who has studied the horrors of that wonderful Jewish inspired invention of communism and the incredible amount of people destroyed by it(overwhelmingly non-Jews),I shall never allow myself to be disarmed and swear "NEVER AGAIN"!!

  19. Anonymous

    all over the web on comments sites, MSM and offstream I have seen an uptick from those making comments about Zionism and Jews/Israhell, Holocaust revisionism…they better build a heck of a lot of prisons…oh, I guess they have.

  20. Carolyn

    It's good that you are doing this, and I'm looking forward to hearing you interview Thomas Dalton — it will be a great program.

    But if you want to be on the real cutting-edge of what's going on today, get someone on to talk about Elie Wiesel and the documented proof that he is an imposter who was never at either Auschwitz or Buchenwald. Elie won a Nobel Peace Prize, earns millions a year from speeches and donations because he is billed as "the world's most famous holocaust survivor," but he is a fake. His book "Night" should have told people that 50 years ago.

    This is a BIG story, and I and several other people can talk about it. This would be your next step in your evolutionary progression to becoming an authentic holocaust revisionist. 🙂 I will send you all the citations privately.

  21. For the record, I am not in any evolutionary progression towards holocaust revisionism. But I am a strong supporter of free speech and free inquiry. I have a strong background in 9/11 and war-trigger false-flag ops in general; Islamic Studies; the study of literature/folklore/mythology; and a few other areas, none of which is even close to World War II history. So I can analyze the MEANING of the various holocaust stories, but I'm not an expert on the FACTS, nor do I expect to become one. Instead, I want to offer a genuinely fair and balanced platform for a discussion of disputed facts. I feel obliged to do provide this platform because of the insane level of fear and censorship that surrounds the question of holocaust revisionism. My academic career was destroyed by witch-hunters who fear free speech and free inquiry. Since US academia is no longer a "free speech zone," my radio show is the next best thing.

  22. Anonymous

    > the Soviet Gulags which caused the death of between 30 & 50 million Christians & Muslims.

    That's preposterous Right-wing nonsense. The total number of all those who were ever executed by the NKVD or died in GULAG camps is somewhere approaching 2 million. In general it's a demographic fact that life-expectancy of Russians did improve significantly from what it had been in the Czarist era. There's no justification for the inane claims by Cold War propaganda which attempt to assert tens of millions of abnormal deaths.

    As far as Jewish deaths during WWII are concerned, the total number is probably less than 2 million but more than 1 million. Hilberg's 5.1 million number should not be viewed as substabtively different from the orthodox 6 million. All of the numbers given in that range tend to underestimate the effects of massive population movements brought by deportations, as well as the way that Jewish in post-WWII eastern Europe did not have the same incentives to mark their Jewish identity as did those in the west. People who would have been counted as Jewish by the Third Reich had the option in the Soviet sphere of registering without reporting their Jewish background. They usually had more to gain from this, and so post-WWII population counts reflect a discrepancy which is wider than simply the numbers who died in the war.

  23. Anonymous

    It's way past time to stop this madness. The 6 million figure is obviously wrong. The World Almanac of 1939-1945 showed a decrease of Jews to be around 400,000! Most died of starvation and disease of war that killed millions of non-Jews. There have been many holocausts, and all have been debated on US campuses without repercussions or arrests. From the China wars to the genocidal attacks on the people of Gaza, many incinerated with white phosphorous. Who are these people who try to punish anyone for questioning a number of deaths in a war Americans fought and died in? What is behind these threats? Fear of the truth?
    It's highly suspicious! And a threat to Freedom of Speech.

  24. Anonymous

    "Since it is against the law in Germany to state ones belief that fewer than six million Jews died in the Holocaust, Hilberg and I are apparently partners in crime. "

    Holy shit, your are really a nutty "Truthseeker".
    It is not against the law in germany to belief any specific number, nutty "Truthseeker".
    Read the laws, nutty "Truthseeker".
    Its §130(3)

    Its against the law, to deny oder trivialize the nazi-crimes. Got it, "Truthseeker"?

    It wasnt the "german government" that fined the Bishop, it was an independent court.

    Williamson didnt "underestimated" any numbers, you nutty "Truthseeker". He was deniying the existence of gas chambers.

    "He also states that when the official death toll at Auschwitz was revised downward from 4 million to 1.1 million in 1989,"

    Holy shit, you holocaust denier are really the dumbest "Truthseeker" on earth.
    1989 was the year, the iron curtain was falling. Auschwitz is in Poland. The 4 Million Propaganda was an product by the communist government. Hilberg and all of the western historicans knew the falseness of this number from the early 1960. They ALWAYS calculated with about 1,1 to 1,5 death in Auschwitz. So any nutty re-caculating by you holocaust-"truthseeker" is just one thing:

    So Williamson is an nutty holocaust denier and you are fighting for these idiots?
    To deny something that happened to million people and to deny the basics of historical knowledge,isnt free speech.
    Its disgusting and nutty, nothing else.

    Or to say: Typical Truthseeker.

  25. Anonymous

    Anne Frank didn't really die in the holocaust. A Jewish writer wrote a book about it. He found that she was working as an assistant to a famous writer named Lamelud.

  26. Anonymous

    > The 6 million figure is obviously wrong. The World Almanac of 1939-1945 showed a decrease of Jews to be around 400,000!

    While that 6 million number most likely is greatly inflated, the World Almanac which you've mentioned doesn't count for much. That number was not based upon any actual demographic survey but merely took off from pre-war numbers without any real attempt to determine the effects of the war. No serious revisionist has ever attached much significance to those numbers put out by the World Almanac in the late 1940s.

  27. Angela Dorothea Merkel, née Kasner

    ("Andrea" is, nonetheless, an all to common erroneous version, judging from a brief googlation)

  28. Anonymous

    …….Honestly, Ms. Merkel, I do not understand why the six-million-Holocaust, if it is really a well-verified historical fact, needs to be protected by criminal prosecutions, fines, prison sentences, ad-hominem vilification, the destruction of careers and reputations, and all the other trappings of the Orwellian police state…………..Excellent point ~~~~~~~~~~~

  29. Anonymous

    Kevin, the issue is how much longer can a lie go on. Virtually every facet of the alleged holocaust has been refuted by scientific and forensic evidence. The story is supported primarily by anecdotal and witness accounts. Witnesses alone are not considered legal evidence unless supported by physical and forensic evidence. None exists to back up any of the witnesses. The 6 million figure is based on presumed Jews no longer living in Germany after the war and were tagged as dead at the hands of Nazi Germany. In fact many Jews left Germany for Palestine and other nations. Even the Holocaust industry has pared down the number to about 1.5 million. Less than many ethnic groups lost during WWII. Eisenhower is personally responsible for almost 2 million dead German soldiers after end of war. Dresden another 300-400 thousand at the hands of Allied aircraft.

    Throw in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of German civilians by Russian armies and one could make a case the real holocaust was prosecuted on the German population, not Jews.

    I will try and catch your show. Take care.

  30. Anonymous

    > Dresden another 300-400 thousand at the hands of Allied aircraft.

    That's at least a five-fold exaggeration. It's scams like this which make it difficult for Joe Q. Public to look seriously at revisionism.

  31. Anonymous

    Jim Condit's "The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler" has much thought-provoking material in his 2hrs 22min video presentation, and Mr. Condit's research complements the interviews you did with these guests.

  32. Is the claim that Eisenhower killed 2 million captive German soldiers a five-fold exaggeration too, or just the Dresden figure? What are the best sources on these events?

  33. Anonymous

    Probably, though I haven't looked as far into that yet. That 2 million number comes from James Bacque, and one of the classical problems already familiar to critics of the Holocaust story also arises there:,9171,958673,00.html

    > Bacque's recounting of those policy decisions may hold up to historical scrutiny better than his statistics. His evidence on the death toll in American camps comes from fragmentary, often contradictory Army records. Says historian Arthur L. Smith of California State University, Los Angeles, who has written about German soldiers in the postwar years: "How do you get rid of a million bodies?"

    As for the issue of bombings, Jörg Friedrich has written a book on the Allied bombings which is more on the critical side than most, and he doesn't place the Dresden death toll beyond the tens of thousands. Most historians take 40,000 as an upper limit.

  34. Anonymous

    Holocausts, we are told, are nothing new to the Jews. They have been suffering regular extermination programs since time began. First the Egyptians and the Persians, then the Romans, then the Spanish, then the Russians, then the Nazis, and today the Arabs. As the candid Jewish psychohistorian Dr. Howard F. Stein wrote in The Journal of Historical Review, Winter 1980:

    "For the Jews, the term 'holocaust' does not simply denote a single catastrophic era in history, but is a grim metaphor for the meaning of Jewish history. The 'Holocaust' lies at the heart of the Jewish experience of time itself. One is either anxiously awaiting persecution, experiencing persecution, recovering from it, or living in a period that is a temporary reprieve from it.

    " 'Holocaust' is thus the timeless fabric into which the 1933-1945 period is woven… Thus the 'reality' of the Holocaust is inextricably part of the myth in which it is woven — and for which myth it serves as further confirmatory evidence for the timeless Jewish theme that the world is in conspiracy to annihilate them, one way or another, at least eventually."

    Indeed, the Jewish perception of many of these "Holocausts" is strikingly synchronous. We can trace the same feature in all of them: "persecution" by anti-Semites, gassings and/or burnings, sexual and toiletry tortures, and general Jewish suffering and torment. The myths tells us more about the tellers than about the subject characters; for many of these tales are totally or partly fictitious. They do not stand up to scientific examination.

  35. On Apr 28, 2010, at 6:49 PM, Andrew E. Mathis wrote:

    Hello, Kevin,

    Well, you have a Ph.D., so I assume you've done a literature search. I did one just now. Took all of five minutes.

    So "Dalton" asked me to check the New York Times and find references to six million Jews vs. references to other sums of millions. He suggested a date range from 1900 to 1945. I thought it more wise to end my search on August 31, 1939 — one day before World War II began.

    These are standard Boolean searches and can be replicated on the ProQuest NYT Historic databse. Here are the results:

    5 documents found for: ("6 million Jews") OR ("six million Jews") AND PDN(>1/1/1900) AND PDN(<8/31/1939)

    220 documents found for: ("million Jews") OR ("millions of Jews") AND PDN(>1/1/1900) AND PDN(<8/31/1939) AND NOT ("six million Jews") AND NOT ("6 million Jews")

    Not to put too fine a point on it, this is five references in the Times to six million Jews before the war began vs. 220 references to other sums in the millions. I.e., there are over forty times as many references to other figures.

    I think I made my point. Please publish this to the Web site. Roberto, you may do the same.


    Hi Andrew,

    This does support your point about the "six million" references being presumably due to cherry-picking. I withdraw my statement that this number seems to have been a "tribal shibboleth" prior to World War II.


  36. Anonymous

    Crimes And Mercies By James Baccue would be a good souce point in finding out how many German (About 1,000,000) died under Eisenhower command.

  37. Anonymous

    > This does support your point about the "six million" references being presumably due to cherry-picking.

    Only up to a point. It's true that generic references to "millions of Jews" were much more common than a specific "six million Jews" claim. But references to "six million Jews" were clearly much more prevalent than two, three, or four million. But we don't have to play games by guessing on this point. We can look Rabbi Benjamin Blech, THE SECRETS OF HEBREW WORDS, and read on page 214 a passage from Leviticus 25:10 about "ye shall return." Rabbi Blech describes the Hebrew spelling and says that it seems to be missing a character "vav" in the spelling. Rabbi Blech then explains that the "vav" character is assigned a numerical value of six and that leaving the character "vav" out of the Hebrew spelling of "ye shall return" was a prophecy which foretold that "an all-important 6 million of our people who perished in the Holocaust" would presage the rebirth of Israel.

    So it's not really a matter of speculation that there was a religious meaning to the number 6 long before Hitler was even born. That clearly was the case. When we see that Rabbi Stephen Wise invoked the number 6 million in his speech of June 10, 1900, that appeared in the New York Times the next day, I don't think you can count that as a coincidence. Rabbi Wise was following the same religious texts as Rabbi Blech and it's fair to assume that Wise took his number 6 from something like the misspelling which Blech describes where a character with the numerical value 6 is omitted as a form of prophecy.

  38. When I started looking through the mentions of "six million" vs. other numbers of millions, I found that "six million" usually occurred as the number of Jews who were threatened (by starvation, annihilation, extreme poverty, etc.) whereas the other numbers of millions did not refer to threatened Jews. So Dalton's point may not be as obviously invalid as Andrew suggests.

    Here is what I wrote to Andrew when he first showed me his google search results.

    "Based on a quick perusal, it would appear that the six million figure recurred mainly because it was an estimate of the Jewish population in Russia, which was threatened by pograms, economic problems and/or famines, and so on, from the late 19th century through WWII. As I look through the non-six 'millions of Jews' I see very few references to them being threatened, whereas with the six million figure there are lots of references to their threatened status.

    "I suppose Dalton might argue that those in the habit of hearing about 'six million threatened Jews' might have almost unconsciously chosen that as a round figure for the Nazi holocaust long before any accurate body counts could be made, and that the number became a Procrustean bed which the facts, as they arrived, were stretched to fit. This wouldn't entail any conspiracy, just force of habit, and the human tendency to fit incoming data to the pre-established paradigm. 9/11 research has shown me just how radical and invisible (to the participants) this tendency is!"

    Obviously further research would be necessary to clarify this point.

  39. Anonymous

    Judging from Rabbi Blech's claims, it does seem clear that the emphasis on the number 6 comes from something more than just an estimate of the Russian Jewish population a century ago. The numerical association of the character "vav" with the nummber 6, and the decision to leave such a character out from the spelling of the word for "ye shall return," would all have been done initially at a time when there was no such relevant Russian Jewish population to base anything on.

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  41. Anonymous

    > Even the Holocaust industry has pared down the number to about 1.5 million.

    Do you have a reference for this? I know that revisionists have placed Jewish losses in about this range. Where has the Holocaust industry done the same?

  42. Anonymous

    > Remember the Jews declared war on Germany in 1939. They alone are responsible for the ass whupping they got.

    That's a two-edged sword. There's no question that Osama bin Laden did declare war on the west by 1998. Whether or not you think he was behind 911 by himself, your mode of logic would suggest that Muslims alone are responsible for the "ass whupping" which they've gotten in the last decade.

  43. Strange. The holocaust story falls apart the same as the official version of 9/11 when you begin to look at the evidence. In fact it falls apart faster and more than the official 9/11 fairy tale. I wonder why that is. Could it be the same characters are involved?

    Bishop Williamson's estimate is more accurate, and more courageously truthful.

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