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My West Coast book tour March 31st – April 3rd

Kevin Barrett’s West Coast tour premiering the brand-new second edition of Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters:

Santa Cruz: Wednesday, March 31st

San Francisco Bay Area: Thursday, April 1st – private meeting/dinner with 9/11 activists. Contact me for more info.

Sacramento area: Friday, April 2nd and Saturday, April 3rd

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Questioning the War on TERROR: Kevin Barrett Premiers His New Book in Santa Cruz

Wednesday, March 31st   7 P.M.

Live Oak Grange  1900 17th Ave Santa Cruz

Donation requested/No one turned away for lack of funds
Contact: (831) 688-8692
Dr. Kevin Barrett is the author of three books including the brand-new Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters, which deconstructs the “war on terror” through Socratic questioning. A Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, he has taught languages, literature, humanities, religious studies, and folklore at colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad.

Blacklisted from teaching at the University of Wisconsin since 2006, Dr. Barrett has recently worked as a talk radio host, author, public speaker, and congressional candidate. One of the best-known critics of the War on Terror, Dr. Barrett has appeared on Fox, CNN, PBS, ABC-TV, and Unavision, and has been the subject of op-eds and feature stories in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, and other publications. Dr. Barrett hosts two talk radio shows, one on a liberal and the other on a conservative network, and runs the website He lives in McFarland, Wisconsin with his wife, two children, and a dog named after Salman Rushdie.

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Sacramento, April 2nd

Questioning the War on Terror

Friday, Apr 2, 7pm, Questioning the War on Terror: talk by Dr. Kevin Barrett, one of America’s best-known critics of the “War on Terror”. Meeting Rm, Colonial Heights Library, 4799 Stockton Blvd. (at 21st Ave.), Sacramento. FMI: 916-372-8433; afreedmind{AT}yahoo{DOT}com

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Sacramento, April 3rd

Friends of the Peace Pyramid:

THE PEACE PYRAMID: 28th Convocation

Date and time of meeting: 5 p.m. Saturday, April 3.
Place: home of Tom and Dar King, 6009 Kifisia Way, Fair Oaks. See directions provided below.  Feel free to bring friends you think might be interested. Latecomers welcome! Wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.  You are asked to bring some edibles of your choosing for general consumption. (Some call it a potluck.)  As always, YOU (each attendee) will be invited in our OPEN FORUM segment to disburden your heart and speak your mind.

What distinguishes this event: the speaker we’ve been fortunate enough to offer to bring before you is the dynamic Dr. Kevin Barrett, radio host (Truth Jihad Radio), author of Questioning the War on Terror: a Primer for Obama Voters, and Islamologist. So WHAT is an Islamologist?…  A good guess would be “an expert on Islam.”  A former Fulbright Scholar and polymath (look it up!) who has taught English, French, Arabic, American Civilization, Humanities, African Literature and Folklore, fluent in numerous languages, Barrett lived in Morocco and converted to Islam.

On April 3 in Fair Oaks Kevin Barrett will address the topic, Peace Jihad: Islam and the Quest for a World Without War.  Here are some of the questions he is apt to deal with: Is Islam a religion of peace?  Does Islam have a just war doctrine? What is the relationship, if any, between Islam and terrorism?  What is the Islamic vision of a just and peaceful society?  Why do most Muslims think the “war on terror” is a disguised war on Islam?  Is there a scriptural basis for an Islamic peace movement?  What role does the Israeli-Palestine conflict play in the wars and unrest between and among Islamic and Western nations?

DIRECTIONS TO  EVENT:  From Sacramento along I-80 take the Greenback exit, right along Greenback for about ten minutes, past Sunrise Blvd, past Fair Oaks Blvd two blocks (till the enormous Mt. Vernon Mortuary is directly to your left) to Kifisia, turn right and circle to 6009.
RSVP to Tom and Dar King, tjking07{AT}comcast{DOT}net, 916-241-9194

Kevin Barrett
Author, Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters

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