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Dear Yukihisa Fujita, please insist on your right to respond!

My open email to Yukihisa Fujita

Dear Yukihisa Fujita,

I appreciate your brave work on behalf of 9/11 truth.

According to the rules of American journalism, you have the right to publish a response to the Washington Post editorial that attacked you. Please insist on doing so. If the Post refuses, members of the 9/11 truth movement will inundate them with phone calls and emails until they change their minds.

You may wish to consult with David Ray Griffin in crafting a response. (Email copied to DRG).

The Washington Post Ombudsman is Andy Alexander. You can reach him by e-mail at or by phone at 202-334-7582. See

Thank you for your excellent work, and please let me know if you ever wish to appear on one of my radio shows.


Kevin Barrett
Author, Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters:

* * *

Note: I have been informed that David Ray Griffin is already in contact with Mr. Fujita concerning a possible response to the Post.

8 Thoughts to “Dear Yukihisa Fujita, please insist on your right to respond!”

  1. It's a great letter, Kevin, well done.

  2. Great Stuff. It should be taken as flattery by Mr. Fujita, when big time controlled media (The Post) decides it's necessary to do a hit piece. It's evidence he's hampering the U.S. agenda. It never ceases to amaze when hit pieces flip an accusation such as the Japanese Senator is fact averse in a piece that is itself fact averse. I hope, everyone rejects tactics of last resort–since the facts of this matter are clealry against them. It's the reason they avoid facts.

    The Post's op ed piece borders on psychosis. It presents the 9-11 accusations as bizarre as if we should all be satisfied with the official conspiracy theory (OCT) that jet fuel and office fires took down three steel structures on that day. It's fascist tactics that should fail and fall flat on anyone's ears. They've over-reached this time by employing one of their tried and true tactics in a situation where buildings fall straight down which defies any natural explanation. Yes, controlled demolition is one of the very few sufficient explanations that applies here. No, we cannot go along this time becuase the disparity between the facts and the OCT is just too great!

    This op ed is bizarre doublespeak where true is false and having any sense of justice is engaging in terrorism. Wow!

    I can only root for Yukihisa Fujita.

  3. Exactly what part of Fujita's comments are accurate. My personal favorite is that 8 of the 19 hijackers are actually alive and well. Let's see – there was no hijacking but the hijackers are alive and well. Hmm.

  4. It's an absolutely silly letter. I particularly liked the part of there being no hijacking juxtaposed with the fact that 8 of the 19 (non existent) hijackers are actually alive. Fujita is not exactly thinking very clearly. He's just parroting what he's read on the internet.

  5. Ross, you're the one who either isn't thinking clearly, or isn't writing truthfully. Obviously the fact that many of the alleged hijackers (i.e. the patsies framed by the perps) turned up alive post-9/11 adds to the already overwhelming case that there were no hijackings. If the treasonous liars at the Washington Post don't put "hijackers" in quotes, that isn't Fujita's fault. Do a google books search for Jay Kolar's "What we now know about the alleged 9/11 hijackers" in Zarembka's The Hidden History of 9/11 for the evidence that ten alleged hijackers were reliably reported alive post-9/11, while another died before 9/11. Further evidence that there were no hijackings includes: Slam-dunk evidence that bogus "cell phone calls from passengers" were fabricated; no squawked hijacking codes from the planes; impossible feats of flying by the alleged airliners, including Flight 175 being clocked at almost 600 mph through the dense sea level atmosphere, when it not only would have been uncontrollable, but almost certainly would have been torn to shreds at lesser speeds; and above all the government's failure to quickly make public evidence against the 19 men it accused, including authenticated passenger lists, boarding passes, security videos of the alleged hijackers boarding THE ATTACK FLIGHTS (no Portland, Maine videos and no bogus DC videos please) and eyewitness testimony from the airline employees who boarded the alleged criminals. In fact, there is obviously no such evidence, since it would have been produced if it existed, meaning the patsies were not even on the planes. That explains why they turned up alive.

  6. Everyone – go online, register with the Post, and put your comments online. The weight of opinion seems to be running heavily against the Post. This crude hatchet-job is unworthy of a semi-respectable blog, much less a national newspaper. Exhibit A that the WAPO has nothing much to say of substance regarding 9/11 is that their editorial has to resort to insults and name-calling, since the facts of the case are heavily against the official conspiracy theory.

  7. Anonymous

    Oh yeah, Ross, our government would NEVER lie to us, right? Just ask the Native Americans! But thanks to our government Ross, you and I will never be fooled by criminals with boxcutters again, will we? Next time they try this, we'll be ready for them !!!
    Keep up the good work, Kevin!

  8. Anonymous

    The US government has in fact both put innocent American lives at illegal and certain risk of violent death and then lied about it. Just check out one instance, the well documented but media ignored attack on the USS Liberty in 1976. Talk about a false flag attack that went horribly wrong, the ship actually survived, but the incident and the dead, injured and surviving sailors were effectively disappeared by the US "freedom, justice and truth loving" government and the attack itself rendered invisible by the US "free and fair" press. And that was 40 long years ago.

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