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Today’s guests: Sufi Muslim writer Anab Whitehouse, 9/11 truth candidate Craig Hill

Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 2/27/10, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (to be archived here.) Call-in number: 512-879-3805.

First hour: Anab (Bill) Whitehouse is the author of more than eight books including The Essence of September 11th, Democracy Lost and Regained, and Sam Harris and the End of Faith: A Muslim’s Critical Response. “He graduated with honors from Harvard University, and, then, by the Grace of God, successfully completed a Ph.D. program in Educational Theory at the University of Toronto. Dr. Bill (Anab) became a Muslim and stepped onto the Sufi path at the same time, back in 1973, at the hands of his shaykh, Dr. M. Qadeer Baig.” (Sufi Circle) The timing is propitious, since Sufi-inclined Muslims are celebrating Friday’s Mawlid al-Nabi this weekend.

Second hour: Craig Hill, 9/11 truth candidate for House and Senate in Vermont. Craig’s anti-anti-Zionist email polemic below seemed to me to be unduly broad and harsh. What do you think?

Call-in number: 512-879-3805

Funny thing is, i do not believe there is much mystery about the Israeli govt, which i liken to a govt best referred to as Nazisraeli. It is not hard to find out details about them. Ha’aretz, the most accurate anti-zionist outfit i’ve read, is filled with them. And funnily enough, rarely referenced by anti-zionists prejudiced like white southerners against blacks, which is what The Evil Drumbeat mostly resembles. Cuz referencing Ha’aretz would direct drooling booger-eating Jew-haters away from their wall-to-wall slam dunk against Jews, er um oh yeah, “Zionists”. Did you know there are orthodox Jews who get interviewed by media you would never read if it killed you who call the Nazisraeli govt they hate “illegal and immoral”? Of course you don’t. Too busy gazing longingly at your wallet photo of Hitler. It is the FINGERING of Jews as SOLE EVIL in the world, the force that drives all those benign innocent little overwhelmingly Christian-led govts, that i find blatantly literally retarding. I guess 0bama and Bush would have to be Jews wearing yarmulkes before any of the anti-zionist crowd could POSSIBLY see them as their own evil greedy killing agent, out for himself and his corporate military ilk, not being pushed around as innocents by der juden. And that is what the anti-zionist crowd produces: A very convenient villain hiding behind everyone else who’re doing 99% of all the evil in the world, who are then not focused on cuz they ain’t Jews. Just another govt psy-op to lead the easily led astray. First, everything is blamed on Muslims. If it’s not them, it’s the Jews. It’s never the fucking Baptists, or name your evil-doing Christian sect. Evereverevereverever. “You people” are such total saps. You protect by redirecting attention away from that which you supposedly hate, but don’t. Because if it’s not done by someone you can call a zionist, whether he is or isn’t, you’re down with every single murder. Whose side are you really on? Idiotic prejudice, and precious little else. ~~ Craig Hill

2 Thoughts to “Today’s guests: Sufi Muslim writer Anab Whitehouse, 9/11 truth candidate Craig Hill”

  1. Anonymous

    Listened to the archived interview with Kevin B. yesterday. You won. Good job. Kevin behaved badly, talking over you constantly, much worse than I've ever heard him do before. You must have hit him where it hurts. By the way, this debate is the same one that has been going on between James Petras and Norman Finkelstein (and Chomsky) for some time. I agree with you (and Finkelstein and Chomsky in this case), and I think it is important, so I applaud your effort.

  2. The above was emailed to Craig Hill, who I assume posted it. We'll hear what Petras has to say when he's my guest next week, Saturday, March 6th, same time, same channel.

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