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Fetzer on Obama, Mowry on viral video “Gaza in Plain Language”!

Tuesday, February 2nd, 9-10 a.m. Pacific (noon-1 pm Eastern) on, to be archived here a few hours later…

First half-hour guest: Dr. James Fetzer of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Jim Fetzer would be the first to admit that he…well, come to think about it, maybe not quite the first…but anyway, if you work on him long enough, he just might admit he isn’t infallible ; – ) On today’s show, he will be performing acts of autoflagellation in remorse, contrition, and repentance for his enthusiastic support of Barrack Obama’s presidential bid; and we will be discussing the upcoming Debunking the War on Terror symposium in London.

Second half hour: Joe Mowrey, author, Gaza in Plain Language, just released as a youtube video that has gone viral during the past 24 hours. Anthony Lawson, maker of the world’s greatest 9/11 truth TV commercial This Is an Orange, did the video.

5 Thoughts to “Fetzer on Obama, Mowry on viral video “Gaza in Plain Language”!”

  1. Anonymous

    Kevin, this video about gaza is just sickening. If there is one tiny example of retribuition on the part of the Palestinians, please, Zionist War Party, let us see it. You can be certain if there were mutilated Jewish bodies in the street, we'd have seen them by now.

    One problem with people here in the states is their undying support for Israel because of what is preached at so many churches. But they are unable to distinguish between the Jewish people of Israel and the Zionist madmen who lead them. Same as here at home. The flag stands for baseball, mom, and apple pie. But it also stands for death and destruction as our leaders continue to wage war around the world.

    I got into a heated discussion with an older man and woman, WW II generation, who praised Bush as a man of God. "He meets with his men every morning for Bible study." "He's a war criminal" I replied. "Well at least he's a friend to Israel. Will Obama support Israel ?"

    A friend to Israel. That's the mindset of too many Americans.

    How about being a friend to the human race. Besides, I prefer cherry pie to apple.

  2. Anonymous

    Regarding "despite blockage and harassment from youtube", when I used that youtube link below, Google first required a "sign up", then while the video was playing in the temp folder, AVG virus scan detected a "threat" which I had it remove.

  3. Anonymous

    We need to do something about YouTube's policy that restricts minors from viewing anti-Zionist videos.

    I allow ny 16 year-old niece to use my computer so I am not allowed to see this video on YouTube. I watched it at the original site holder.

  4. Anonymous

    I listened to your show today. You signed off saying to listen next time for more conversation "outside the box." Well, you sure aren't "outside the box" when you repeat that same old stuff about the "nazis" as being everything that we need to avoid; who are the ultimate "evil-doers."

    You even know it isn't true. You know the 'holocaust' is mostly myth, certainly the gassing and "intent to murder" part, yet you use it to "make your points" as if it were … or … depending on who you're talking with. This is not being a truth-teller, Kevin, and it is not serving you well even though you think it is. It is political ideology, pure and simple.

    Get a grip and quit playing the game.

  5. Anonymous

    I often find myself recalling the following quote by Arthur Schopenhauer when I read news stories that whitewash or "civilize" reality: "Lasting pain exist only in thought and therefore lies in the memory. If now such a sorrow, such painful knowledge or reflection, is so bitter that it becomes altogether unbearable, and the individual is prostrated under it, then, terrified nature seizes upon madness as the last resource of life; the mind so forcefully tortured at once destroys the threat of its memory, fills up the gap with fictions, and thus seeks refuge in madness from the mental suffering that exceeds its strength, just as we cut off a mortified limb and replace it with a wooden one… A faint analogy of this kind of transition from pain to madness is to be found in the way in which all of us often seek, as it were mechanically, to drive away a painful thought that suddenly occurs to us by some loud exclamation or quick movement to turn ourselves from it to distract our minds by force." Apparently mainstream media is the insane "force" by which we are supposed to distract ourselves from the unbearable truth. Thank you, Joe Mowrey, for keeping us sane.

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