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Why no attacks since 9/11-anthrax?

The 9/11 truth movement says the official story of 9/11 makes no sense: skyscrapers imploding from relatively small office fires, 767s being flown by amateurs with pinpoint precision almost 600 mph at sea level (faster than the plane’s maximum physically possible speed at that altitude), alleged crash sites that look nothing like crash sites, alleged hijackers who got on the planes without being caught on security videos and without any boarding passes and without being seen by any airline personnel and without showing up on any official passenger lists…and then turning up alive afterwards! I could go on like this, and often do.

If the official story of 9/11 itself is bizarre, the official meta-narrative around the events is even weirder. We are supposed to believe that back in 2001, an al-Qaeda cell in the US displayed extreme military competence in pulling off this spectacular, highly improbable attack. Yet since then, we have seen absolutely no evidence of any competently-planned attempts to attack the US “homeland,” except for the anthrax attack, which the US government admits was a false-flag attempt to incriminate Muslims perpetrated by a US germ warfare scientist.

What makes this situation even more bizarre is that for every angry Muslim who wanted to harm the US back in 2001, there must be several thousand today. If 9/11 was really pulled off by a militarily ultra-competent al-Qaeda cell, there should be thousands of such cells operating in the US in 2009. And since Muslims now have so many more reasons to join al-Qaeda’s jihad — the criminal wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan for starters — many more highly intelligent, realistic Muslims should be joining al-Qaeda now than back then. That means that there should be tens of thousands of al-Qaeda cells in the US right now, most of them far more competent than any 2001 cell.

Remember, al-Qaeda is not a centrally organized outfit. It’s an unregulated franchise operation.  Anybody can start a franchise (including intelligence agencies hostile to the cause). The fact that Bin Laden has probably been dead since 2001 will not stop angry Muslims and Mossad spooks  alike from starting “al-Qaeda” franchises. So if US officials claim they have “disrupted” al-Qaeda by busting a few of the pre-2001 jihadis, and this explains why there have been no attacks since the admittedly false-flag anthrax attack, they’re either out of their minds or lying through their teeth. I repeat: for every pre-2001 Muslim angry enough to want to do harm to the US, there are thousands now, thanks to the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

If 9/11 had actually been the work of an al-Qaeda cell, would top US officials really adopt a policy aimed at producing tens of thousands of such cells?  Al-Qaeda, remember, thrives on anger at the Zio-American proxy occupation of key Islamic countries, as well as US support for Israel. The post-9/11 US wars of aggression in the region, and increased US support for Israel, are increasing than anger exponentially.

The 9/11 alleged hijackers were supposedly brilliant enough to defeat US air defenses, yet too stupid to just crash their plane into the nuclear reactor they were flying over, which could have provoked a Chernobyl-style meltdown and killed tens of thousands. Instead, they supposedly helped the city of New York and the Jewish mob that controls it, including billionaire mobster Larry Silverstein, cheaply demolish the biggest obsolete, asbestos-riddled white elephants in architectural history.

Hani Hanjour, a “terrible pilot” who could not even solo in a Cessna, was supposedly brilliant enough to slip by all of our AWOL air defenses and perform an amazing stunt maneouver to hit the Pentagon…yet too stupid to just dive into the roof toward the opposite side of the building, thereby killing thousands including Rumsfeld and other top brass.

If the US continues to demonstrate that it is an utterly bankrupt, decadent, immoral society firmly grounded in big lies and governed by a covert dicatorship of usurers, and if it continues to murder Muslims by the millions in criminal wars of aggression, and if it continues to kidnap and torture the best and brightest Muslim activists here and around the world (think Aafia Siddiqi, Moazzam Begg, and Sami al-Arian for starters), and if it continues to support Zionist genocide in Palestine, and if it continues to cover up the fact that American Zionists and imperialists, not Muslims, orchestrated the 9/11 attacks…the result, inevitably, will be that an ever-growing number of competent and dedicated people will wish to do it harm.

Conclusion: The best insurance against future terrorism is 9/11 truth.

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*Note: As former CIA Bin Laden unit chief Michael Scheuer has repeatedly pointed out, al-Qaeda’s aims are to eject US and Zionist forces from the Muslim world (including Occupied Palestine), eliminate the nation-states carved into being by the Western colonizers, and re-unite the Muslim ummah as a single nation. The vast majority of the world’s Muslims agrees with those aims.
Where most Muslims disagree with al-Qaeda is in tactics: the Muslim majority holds to Islamic religious prohibitions against harming civilians, while at least some al-Qaeda sympathizers argue that the butchery of millions of Muslim civilians by the Zio-Americans legitimizes a certain amount of retaliation in kind. The bigger the outrages committed against Muslims, the more likely that some will abandon religous prohibitions against harming civilians and engage in terrorism. Therefore, the extreme outrages perpetrated against Muslims by the post-9/11 US and Israel should be seen as attempts to greatly increase al-Qaeda terrorism, not attempts to reduce or eliminate it.

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  1. Anonymous

    As usual, Kevin, you hit the nail on the head! Thanks for summarizing the absurd basis for this ongoing nightmarish march against freedom!

  2. Anonymous

    We know the the CIA were involved in the Kennedy assasination, the bringing in cocaine to fund the contras, and 9/11.What is being done about it? Absolutely nothing. Why? The biggest road block is the American people who are completely in the dark about what is being done.With their dumb and ignorant vote they elect the same garbage every election. No Ralph Nader ,No Kucinich,etc.Remember, 57,000,000 voted for PALIN.The republicans put idiots on the ballot , the Quayles, the Palins, and the American people go for the insult. Meanwhile ,the pentagon learned from Vietnam and keeps the war off the tv screen.I see no hope short of a revolution.

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