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Jim Duensing Shooting Story Grows Legs

This blog’s report about the outrages visited on Jim Duensing by cops and Libertarians alike is raging across the internet, beginning with, and was even picked up as a source today by the Las Vegas Review Journal!

The Review-Journal report finished with:  “A blog item on, a site supporting former presidential candidate Ron Paul, called Duensing a ‘Libertarian 9/11 truth leader,’ referring to those who doubt the official story of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.” In fact, the DailyPaul story was a cut-and-paste copy of yesterday’s TruthJihad blog entry, which first refered to Jim as a “Libertarian 9/11 truth leader.”

Along with avoiding all mention of, the Review-Journal studiously neglected to mention the VERY IMPORTANT FACT that Jim Duensing IS RUNNING FOR SENATE AGAINST THE SENATOR FROM LA COSA NOSTRA, HARRY REID

Got that, mainstream journalists? (Please use that phrase verbatim, too!)

My working assumption is that God saved Jim’s vital organs from those bullets for a reason. Please visit and contribute at Jim’s Senate Campaign website:

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Quote of the Week Regarding Jim Duensing by MelissaWV:

“Holy wow this guy is Rambo! He was simultaneously running, holding his pants up, pulling a handgun AND pulling a folding knife! These cops were certainly in mortal danger, because someone this awesome was OBVIOUSLY going to shoot over his shoulder, like in the movies, and hit one of them squarely between the eyes, while flinging his knife and piercing the other one’s heart. Then he was going to leap into a getaway vehicle driven by a beautiful woman, and threaten our freedom!”

One Thought to “Jim Duensing Shooting Story Grows Legs”

  1. Anonymous

    First and foremost, I would like to say that I spoke with Jim Duensing on Sunday evening and he is doing very well. I am thankful that he is going to have a speedy and full recovery. Two members, one of whom is an officer of the CCLP, were by his side in the hospital keeping him company as we spoke. I come to this site perhaps once a week so you can imagine my surprise to see such fury directed at the Clark County LP. Okay, most of the fury was directed towards me.

    At 7:30pm on Friday, I read an online article about an officer involved shooting concerning one Raymond J. Duensing. I thought, how odd is this that someone with the name Duensing was involved? At 8:30 pm I received a call from the Review Journal asking me to confirm that our Congressional candidate was involved. I declined to speculate.

    I sent out an email to the LPN and the CCLP early Saturday morning stating that it sounded fairly positive that the police had shot Jim Duensing after an altercation. I received more press inquiries on Saturday morning regarding Jim Duensing. I refused to answer any questions. Jim’s mother sent an email on Saturday morning confirming that Jim had been involved in an altercation. I refused to comment after several more media inquiries. My quotes from the Review Journal came from a Saturday afternoon phone interview with a journalist who also confirmed that Jim Duensing was involved. He informed me that his article would appear on Sunday. My thoughts were compiled in my head and on the computer through out most of Saturday. I was still in shock. The reporter asked some personal questions regarding Jim, which I refused to answer. He asked some questions that I felt would be damaging to the party. I only answered questions that I considered to be of a neutral tone. A few of my remarks were not mentioned in the article. One of my remarks was misquoted. I understand that many of you were upset by my quotes in the paper. I accept that. Most of the local television and radio news reports surrounding this event were incredibly biased. My intentions were to be supportive of Jim and to keep the damage to our party at a minimum.

    There was never a press release issued. Nothing was mailed or emailed by me to ANY new agencies. I gave one interview. A draft of a press release was hastily written after my phone interview with the Review Journal and sent to the CCLP executive committee by me on Saturday night. My belief was that we would craft a release that was neutral, but supportive, via the CCLP Ex Com. I used some of the quotes I gave to the Review Journal interview in the draft press release I wrote Saturday night. I felt that by responding to these negative questions, we could quell any future negative press. I informed our officers to make changes to the draft in an effort to improve it. I had planned to send the press release out Monday morning after using Sunday to review it. After much contemplation Saturday night and Sunday morning, I decided it was best to say nothing more. My mistake was not informing our officers of this decision quick enough. I got up and went to work on Sunday morning. Needless to say, I was surprised to see that it was posted here.

    Again, no press release was ever given to any media outlet in Nevada by me. I spoke with Jim on Sunday evening and he accepted my explanation of the events. We talked for quite sometime. We both agreed that The CCLP will not issue any more statements or “non” press releases regarding this event. The Libertarian Party of Nevada was never involved. He then asked me to post something here. I apologize for not posting sooner.

    Nathan Santucci

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