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I finally catch the flu conspiracy bug

Many readers and listeners have asked why I’m not banging the drums about the alleged Bilderberg-NWO conspiracy to kill billions of us off using bio-engineered flu, deadly vaccines, or some combination thereof.

The answer: I’m congenitally immune to gloom-and-doom fearmongering. Tell me that the Bilderbergers are planning to kill us off by the billions, and you’d better have some serious evidence behind you, otherwise I’ll find something slightly less outlandish, or at least better-substantiated, to worry about. (The 9/11 inside job, and the Zionist takeover of the former USA, will do. Tune in to my radio show this Saturday for that.)

Despite my heightened immunity, after 30 minutes of intimate video contact with a brilliant and lovely M.D. nun (dig that hijab!) named Teresa Forcades, I’m afraid I’ve finally caught the flu conspiracy bug. Sticking to mainstream sources and avoiding speculation, Ms. Forcades raises some stunning questions:

Why did the pharmaceutical giant Baxter manufacture large quantities of lethal “flu vaccines” that were discovered only by a freak accident?

Why would these “vaccines” contain a 100% lethal (in lab animals) mixture of non-attenuated bird flu (60% mortality in humans) along with non-attenuated A strain?

Had these “vaccines” been used as apparently intended, and injected into tens or hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of people, what would have been the result?

Why hasn’t the mainstream media jumped all over this?

Why did the WHO change its definition of “pandemic” this year so this year’s H1N1 flu, which is less lethal than the average year’s flu, could become a source of panic (and billions of vaccines)?

Why have they pushed through new laws this year giving both governments and pharmaceutical corporations immunity from lawsuits based on vaccine side-effects?

Why has there been a global push for mandatory H1N1 vaccinations (taken up with a vengeance by Massachussetts legislators) even though this year’s H1N1 flu is one of the least lethal flus ever?

In short, what is this non-event “pandemic” really about? What the hell is going on?

Don’t vaccinate me bro, I’m just trying to ask a few questions!

8 Thoughts to “I finally catch the flu conspiracy bug”

  1. Anonymous

    I'm with you, Kevin. This woman is absolutely BEAUTIFUL in every sense of the word!

  2. Anonymous

    it`s about time Kevin, but better late than never…


  3. Sachi Kuhananthan, MD

    Few years ago US army pathologists dug up a frozen human body, buried since 1918 and have sequenced the virus (H1N1) which killed 50 million people worldwide in 1918. This virus was given to two labs. Vetenary scientists in Univ of Madison, WI combined this virus with other influenza viruses and did several experiments on ferrets. Now they know which part of this virus was responsible for the virulance. Interestingly the same scientists claim anyone born before 1920 is immune to the present swine flu virus indicating that the current virus is close to the 1918 virus. If you go to the CDC web site you will find that the initial swine flu cases were concentrated in WI and Illinois particularly Chicago. First cases of swine flu was reported in late April 2009 and by early May Baxter international (situated close to Chicago)received approval for the production of H1N1 vaccine. Baxter was responsible for distributing HIV tainted and killing thousands. It also distributed contaminated heparin last year and several patients died. Few months ago Baxter sent seasonal flu vaccines contaminated with H5N1 avian flu virus to Europe but got caught. Accident ? Intentional ? Did H1N1 escape from Univ of Madison lab? Or deliberately released by Baxter ? Important questions.

    Sachi Kuhananthan, MD

  4. Is Kevin Barrett Just Another "Gate-Keeper"?
    (Apollonian, 14 Nov 09)

    Kevin: are u really looking for "evidence"?–or only that which is "politically correct"? Incidentally, do u think u're just setting up as just another "gate-keeper"?–and not just for 9-11?

    Okay, so u asked some questions–did u arrive, by means of induction, at any conclusions? Golly gee, but I wonder who's behind all these Pharmaceutical corp.s and the bribed politicians?

    Let me pose even simpler questions: (a) is the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) a COUNTERFEITING operation/mechanism?–yes or no?

    (b) is counterfeiting fraud?–yes or no?

    (c) Therefore is the Fed a conspiracy, ipso facto?–yes or no?

    And note this Fed counterfeit conspiracy has actually been around since 1913. And before that (1913) there were other such scams, like the original Bank of the US (BUS) of Alex Hamilton. Then there was (and still is) Bank of England fm 1696, etc.

    CONCLUSION: Who are the folks most connected w. this sort of banking fraud?–and are these people conspirators, even for the very essence of their religion? And isn't Talmudic religion actually just worship of a great WAR God? And isn't all war founded in deception (hence strategic lies)? And isn't that the very theme of Christian Gosp. JOHN?–Truth vs. lies? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  5. Anonymous

    Yep there's something not right about these vaccinations. Even here in Australia the govt seems keen to get us all jabbed, and we're moving from spring into summer (they've never promoted flu jabs like they have this one and have never promoted flu jabs pre summer). Mainstream papers here only talk about the mayhem that the swine flu is causing overseas, problem is: 95% of people believe wahtever mainstream says.

  6. Alan Sabrosky just canceled…today's replacement guest is Geraldine Perry, author of The Two Faces of Money, who will be talking about the Fed conspiracy and the false flag flu. Happy now? Truth Jihad Radio, 5-7 pm, to be archived at

  7. Problem For Fed Discussion Is Making It Understandable, Hence CONCRETE
    (Apollonian, 15 Nov 09)

    Okay, I went to ur site, ref'd above–BUT THERE'S NO ARCHIVE FOR 14 NOV, last one being 7 Nov.

    So tell me, did u discuss the Fed specifically as a COUNTERFEITING mechanism? For it seems to me if u can just get urself committed and certain upon that simple idea of counterfeiting (or not), then u have achieved the right and necessary premise for any further discussion.

    Problem w. Fed discussions is they most often stay far too abstract with terminological babbling, never understanding that basic COUNTERFEITING nature, which "counterfeiting" makes the discussion CONCRETE so that people can understand. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  8. I'd like to answer Apollonian's first three questions: all of a,b and c are a 'yes'. The Fed knew why it was no longer publishing the money supply data when it quit providing that info in 2006. I wish it were simply a matter of getting rid of the Federal Reserve. I fear it will only open up the United States to IMF (International Monetary Fund) and World Bank influences and the same tyrannical treatment that they're well known for worldwide. Draconian lending practices that leave a country who takes their loan on a path to economic ruin.

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