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Hey Obama: Surge THIS!

Since when did warmonger presidents start getting Nobel Peace Prizes?

Since 9/11.

Since when did America start staging Stalinist show trials?

Since 9/11.

Since when did American public universities blacklist people like Steven Jones and myself for pursuing “subversive” research?

Since 9/11.

Since when did the USA wage multiple simultaneous wars of naked aggression, in defiance of international law?

Since 9/11.

Since when did the international banksters think they could openly steal $26 trillion from the taxpayers and get away with it?

Since 9/11.

Since when did extremist Israeli Likudniks gain a complete lock over all three branches of the formerly American government?

Since 9/11.

Since when did the US government decide it could ignore the 4th Amendment prohibition of searches and seizures without a warrant?

Since 9/11.

Since when did the NSA decide its job was to spy on Americans?

Since 9/11.

Since when did Americans start torturing people as a matter of public policy, and using the false confessions extracted by torture in Stalinist show trials?

Since 9/11.

Since when did YOU decide you were going to put up with all this, instead of doing what the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine are doing and actually fighting back?

8 Thoughts to “Hey Obama: Surge THIS!”

  1. Dear Kevin,

    Fantastic !!

    In Solidarity with the People of America in their struggle against the Fascist Zionists who now rule their country.

    Feroze Mithiborwala
    Bombay – India

  2. Anonymous

    Well, it all started somewhere. I think the anniversary of just such a "somewhere" just recently passed. There is a little film clip that proves beyond any shadow of a doubt who, and what changed history from a pull-away from wars of aggression, toward such wars. It is YouTube Rare Version Of Nix Film.

    There you will see the lie put to the same fascist government, hiding behind it's publically sworn oath to uphold the Constitution. Apparently George Joannides of the CIA's counterinsurgency squad in Florida, really did not care who saw him. He lived until 2001, from most accounts. He is the one you will see in the film clip now digitally enhanced.

    The point here? Sometimes the only way to unravel recent history is to do justice to past history. Oftentimes, one might discover what actor, Bruce Willis and others have discovered. Back in April, 2007, he publically stated that he believes that "Kennedy's killers are alive and in power today."

    And he loves making war movies!

  3. Excellently put, Kevin!!! And your "Questioning the War on Terror" is indeed a terrific "Primer for Obama Voters." More power to you as you courageously speak truth to hubristic power!

  4. Shakeel Mohammed

    Dear Kevin,

    Excellent! It’s high time Americans start questioning their unrestrained alliance with Israel, for their own good.


  5. Anonymous

    I worked hard to get Obama elected. I had hope. The McCain/Palin ticket was a nightmare.

    So now what? Tear down Obama and all the democrats and let those racist war-mongering republican tea baggers take over next November?

    How about working with what we have – it's still better than Bush.

    Please let's focus on the Media! Let's break the barrier of silence and demand a conversation about 9/11 Truth – let's get this into the public conversation!!!!!!!!!!

    Here's what you can do:
    Call in to c-span's Washington Journal every day.
    Write Letters to the Editor about 9/11 Truth.
    Hang posters around your town about 9/11.
    Get DVD's on the subject and share them.
    Twitter congress via CXS about 9/11 every day.
    Talk – talk to everyone.
    On the 11th of each month stand in the street with a sign and talk to anyone who will listen.
    Find another person and begin a 9/11 Truth group in your area.

    It is clear that 9/11 was an inside job. Please don't let republicans take over congress again – they need to be eliminated once and for all.

    And Kevin – give a lecture about 9/11, and make DVD's available to burn and spread around…please let me help you spread the word.

    If we all make noise we won't be ignored.

  6. I have tried to give Obama every benefit of the doubt — read my book:

    If you want to help me spread the word, feel free to use the "special giveaway offer" of ten copies for 50 bucks and pass them out to pro-Obama friends. The book is designed to lead pro-Obama people to 9/11 truth.

    At this point I don't see a whole lot of positive accomplishments from Obama. The same would have been true one year into JFK's presidency of course. But look what happened when JFK tried to take down the empire.

    What the USA needs is basically to end the empire: shut down not just wars but all foreign military bases and reduce military spending 90%, nationalize the Fed, and build a better and less toxic infrastructure and way of life. I don't think anyone perceived as left/liberal can do that. Just as it took Nixon to go to China, it may take a "conservative" to end the empire. If that's true, supporting someone like Obama, whose main accomplishment has been to tranquilize and neutralize opposition to war and empire, might be a mistake.

    I could see a Ron Paul type ending the empire, then getting voted out of office due to his economic policies hurting ordinary people. The next president, who would inherit a big economic mess and no empire, might be a lefty/FDR type who could start rebuilding a decent country.

  7. Anonymous

    "Since when did warmonger presidents start getting Nobel Peace Prizes?"

    I don't know if war-mongering Secretaries of State carry any weight here, but Henry Kissinger got a Nobel Peace Prize more than 3 decades ago.

  8. Good point. Kissinger's prize is much more disgusting than Obama's. Which is saying something.

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