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“Ft. Hood – 9/11 link” echoes DHS attempt to set up Muslim 9/11 truth activist

The recent FBI attempt to link Ft. Hood patsy Nidal Hasan to 9/11 has elicited plenty of eyeball-rolling among Americans accustomed to extreme government duplicity and mendacity. But so far nobody has noticed that the alleged Nidal Hasan – 9/11 link echoes an attempt just over a month earlier to frame a leading Muslim 9/11 truth activist as a “terrorist sympathizer.”

The Washington Post informs us:

“Hasan attended the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church in 2001, when its spiritual leader was Anwar al-Aulaqi, a figure who crossed paths with al-Qaeda associates, including two Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers, one senior U.S. official said.”

This isn’t the first government effort to frame an antiwar Muslim by suggesting an association with the “pro-terrorist” Al-Aulaki. On September 24th, Muslim Marine-vet 9/11 truth activist Muhammed Abdullah was raided by an apparently DHS-coordinated team of over 10 government agents on a transparently bogus pretext. According to Abdullah, the agents repeatedly asked him about whether he might commit a terrorist act, and what he thought about Al-Aulaki. Abdullah says he felt the agents were trying to set him up.

The raid on Abdullah shows that the authorities were targeting antiwar and 9/11 truth activities of a Muslim veteran, and trying to smear that veteran by linking him to Al-Aulaki, more than a month before the shootings at Ft. Hood.

Was the Ft. Hood incident a psychological operation designed to discredit a group that the government fears — Muslims who oppose the war and support 9/11 truth? Was it also intended to have a pro-war effect on public opinion, by portraying war resisters as “radical Muslim mass killers”?

Muslims and others are already questioning the highly-improbable official version of the Ft. Hood incident. The way the Ft. Hood “Al-Aulaki 9/11 connection” echoes an earlier attempt to frame  9/11 truth activist Muhammed Abdullah adds to those suspicions.

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Shaykh Anwar Al-Aulaki, demonized by the 9/11 perps for defending the right of Muslims in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan to defend themselves against criminal wars of aggression…and for telling the truth about 9/11. “Al-Awlaki and his followers blamed Israel for the 9/11 attacks. ‘There is an expectation that Muslims should apologize for something that they never did,’ al-Awlaki told National Geographic magazine in September 2001.”

7 Thoughts to ““Ft. Hood – 9/11 link” echoes DHS attempt to set up Muslim 9/11 truth activist”

  1. Anonymous

    Shykh Anwar Al-Aulaki is one of the most amazing people. NO WAY he is implicated inall those none sens. I 100% beleive its all a set up… its sad that the greatests are always being deamonized… May Allah protect him inshallah ameen

  2. Mike Adkison

    One thing's certain: There is a major cover up and spin being put on this entire rotten affair. They first came out saying there were multiple shooters. Now they are saying only Hasan. They said there was a separate shooting incident at a movie theater on the base, and they've reneged on that as well. They've even said that Hasan was possibly only trying to defend himself and was not even the perpetrator. Those that say he couldn't have shot so many are right. There were either other perpetrators or many were shot in a barrage of wreckless or defensive friendly fire. They said what enabled him to shoot so many was ricochetting bullets. Bullets don't ricochet from thin drywall or other office fixtures, and when they do ricochet they don't change directions multiple times, they are simply deflected and loose energy. To say he shot over 30 people with a handgun is ludicrous. They first came out with the claim he yelled, "Allah Akbar." Now the word is he MAY have said it. They first said there were 3 shooters, and now only Hasan. They had a story in the NY Times that he had been saying his goodbyes, as if he had planned the whole thing, ommitting the fact that he was to be deployed to Afghanistan the very next day. I think several ostracized soldiers, Hasan included were being deployed to Afghanistan to be "fragged" or killed, to be made an example of. When they realized what was in store for them they went berserk. If this is true then it's a very sad commentary to what measures our military will go to in their sordid attempt at moral building. It seems that everything our government says now is a lie and they spin every event to suit their own purpose and need.

  3. Anonymous

    Something about this incident doesn't add up.

    1. Incident Time frame
    2. Number of casualties and wounded
    3. Ballistics and Arms
    4. The rush to put blame
    5. The alleged "shooter" only wounded

  4. Mouser

    99.99% Fact: Major Hasan did not fire a single shot on 5 November 2009.


    The shooters are (most probably) Mossad.

    This false flag was brought to you by the same folks that brought us 9/11 – CIA and Mossad.

  5. Anonymous

    Don't forget that there were civilian police officers on the base. This is not standard operating procedure in the military. They always prefer to handle their own policing affairs. And, on a military base, how can anyone get that many shots out (with a handgun no less) before being taken out by the very well-armed military during war time?

    This is a cover=up for sure. For what? I don't know but rumors are that one of the U.S. elite was in the process of being arrested for fraud and treason when gunfire broke out.

  6. DestroyingOurselves

    Please, come and walk with me.

    Rome wasn't built in a day – and it didn't fall overnight either.

    History shows us the decline of the empire occurred over time with small identifiable events that retrospectively are clearly seen as signposts of what was happening.

    Let us now look at the present empire. Although there are many signs and events there are three I want you to focus upon – two in the past and one in the present.

    The very first is the last shot entering president Kennedy's head which was captured upon the McGruder film. The exploding head shot has been fired 90 degrees different from the empire's account. The Warren commission confirms it is very unlikely a single man Oswald was to blame. Looking at the last shot on film one can see the final shot was a state of the art exploding tip sniper's bullet – not from Oswald's bolt action riffle.

    The second is building seven (WTC7) on the eleventh of September 2001. Many films reveal the descent of the 47 story high-rise at freefall speed symetrically downwards was achieved by controlled demolition – contrary to the empire's account.

    The third is still going on, and the reason for this talk. The event is being described by the empire as being the work of one crazed Muslim soldier. Twenty five eye-witness testimonies will likely be procured that Hasan killed 13 and wounded 31 singlehandedly. The empire's story will be accepted and the man will sit in jail for the rest of his mortal life. History will someday reveal that Hasan never even held a gun on the fifth of November 2009. The event was staged and carried out by government agents (several gunmen) in order to garner further support for the empire's wars of exploitation against middle eastern Muslim countries.

    Years after the empire has fallen, historians will point to the Fort Hood shooting together with the Kennedy assassination and the 9/11 attacks as three pivotal events which the citizens of the empire ignored and which were crucial to the fall of America.

    Thank you for walking with me.

  7. Anonymous

    A new claim by another male police officer that he's
    the real shooter of the Muslim doctor not the lady
    officer as they claimed before !

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