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Three mega-myths BUSTED by my radio guests!

Webster Tarpley, who appeared on both my radio shows last week, busts the myth of al-Qaeda on Russia Today: “Al-Qaeda is the CIA’s Arab Legion.”

Gilad Atzmon, who will join me on November 11th, busts the myth of the Jewish people and their “return” to Zion: SHLOMO SAND’S THE INVENTION OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE-BOOK REVIEW BY GILAD ATZMON.

And last but not least, Richard Gage got a mainstream paper to help bust the myth of the magically-crumbling World Trade Center skyscrapers: Imperium Watch: Flying Girders, Falling Towers Is the public ready to consider evidence that controlled demolition brought down the World Trade Center skyscrapers?

Go, mythbusters!

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