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See you in Delavan tomorrow!

The good people of Delavan are cowering beneath their desks and covering their eyes and ears, in anticipation of an explosion of truth timed to detonate this coming Saturday, October 24th, in the Delavan Super-8 Hotel Conference Room. See you there! (full story here)

In other stories…tomorrow’s radio show features Muhammed Abdullah, the Muslim Marine vet truther raided by DHS in apparent reprisal for his doggedly persistent truth activism in Pomona, CA. This story has been wildly underplayed in the 9/11 truth movement–the guy lost his job for being a truther, prevailed in court against the Pomona Police Department, then got raided under blatantly false pretenses. Come on people, where’s the outrage? Following Muhammed will be professor Anthony Hall discussing the recent flurry of “arrest Bush” activity in Canada, and lots of other good stuff.

On Monday, 1-2 pm Central, I’ll be appearing on the Mark Maxon show on KTKK in Salt Lake City, “one of the last remaining independent radio stations.” Mark recently interviewed Mossad-fabricated “reformed terrorist” and professional Islamophobe Walid Shoebat, the target of my recent parody “Walid Shoebat’s Evil Twin.” So I’ll be lambasting Islamophobia in general and Shoebat in particular on Maxon’s show.

Then on Tuesday my guest on Fair and Balanced will be Dr. Ian Douglas, Coordinator of the International initiative to prosecute U.S. genocide in Iraq.

By midweek KVMR of Nevada City, California will be posting the archive of my interview last week with Chamba Lane. Go here and click on the Wednesday, October 21st show. There were some great moments on this two-hour show.

Then on Hallowe’en I’ll play host to an amazing pair of guests, John Cobb and Richard Falk, on Truth Jihad Radio. John and Richard are two of the greatest minds in their fields — theology and international law, respectively. For academic reputation and intellectual firepower, these two guys back-to-back is as good as it gets.

Should be a great week!

One Thought to “See you in Delavan tomorrow!”

  1. Succinct overview you gave at Mathew's conference.
    Plaudits for your dedication to a wicked and diabolically suppressed realm. At Salomon Bros. I worked in WTC7 and spent many years of summer lunchtimes in the plaza there, prior to the PNAC decreed pyroclastic pulverization aka WTC

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