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Holocaustism vs. Islam

Sometimes it seems like there are only two major religions left: Holocaustism and Islam.

According to Gilad Atzmon, “The Israeli Philosophy professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz was probably the first to define the holocaust as the ‘new Jewish religion’.”

But as the persecution of Bishop Williamson makes clear, Holocaustism has replaced Christianity as well as Judaism.

You can tell which story is sacred and which one isn’t by the reaction you get when you commit sacrilege. Nowhere in the West is anyone being brought up on charges of denying the crucifixion-resurrection. People can blithely doubt the crucifixion and the resurrection and the virgin birth and the trinity other tenets of Christianity and still work in the great universities of the West. In fact, if they don’t doubt these things, they might have a harder time getting hired. Admit at a faculty luncheon that you don’t doubt the resurrection or the virgin birth, and you’ll get some very strange looks.

But admit that you doubt any aspect of the sacred Holocaust narrative–six million Jewish victims, most killed in gas chambers, as part of a pre-conceived effort to eliminate Jewry from the face of the earth–and you’ll never work in this town again. Thus we are treated to the spectacle of a Catholic bishop being tried by a new Inquisition for a heresy that has nothing to do with Catholicism.

My wise old kabbalah professor, Jacob Needleman, once pointed out that the Holocaust caused a great many Jews to lose their faith in God. How could a good God let this happen? Abandoning God, these Jews joined the atheist Zionists who were colonizing Palestine. They began worshipping the state of Israel, and its power, instead of God, the true source of all power. So it’s easy to understand why Holocaustism, the sacred foundation of secular Zionism, became the majority religion of today’s ethnic Jews.

But why has Holocaustism replaced Chrisitianity? I suppose it is because Christianity has been in slow decline for several centuries. By the 19th century, neither the thinking nor the ruling classes really believed in God any more. (A.N. Wilson, God’s Funeral.) The reaction against Christianity in post-Christian Europe reached the point that by the post-World War II period, a residual Christian guilt complex met growing Jewish-Holocaustist power in the media…and the result was Holocaustism replacing Christianity as the core sacred narrative of the West.

Islam vs. Holocaustism

Islam, the world’s fastest-growing religion, is immune to Holocaustism for two reasons. First, Muslims understand and oppose the Holocaustist atrocities in Palestine. “By their fruits ye shall know them,” said Jesus, peace upon him…and the fruits of Holocaustist Zionism — millions of people ethnic-cleansed, children shot for sport with impunity, white phosphorus dropped on the world’s most densely-populated space, and on and on — are as visibly evil to Muslims as they are invisibly evil to Westerners.

Second, Islam is built around the core teaching of tawhid: the absolute, eternal oneness of God as the only appropriate object of worship. The worst possible sin, from an Islamic perspective, is worshipping something other than God. So Muslims are not easily drawn into worshipping alleged sons of God, crucifixions, trinities, chosen peoples, or even holocausts.

Since Muslims stubbornly persist in worshipping God rather than the Holocaust, the 9/11 false-flag attack was orchestrated in order to launch a Holocaustist crusade against Islam. Just as the sacred story of the Holocaust was used to brainwash Jews into believing they had been victimized and thus had the right to become vengeful victimizers, the sacred official story of 9/11 was used to brainwash Americans and Westerners into believing that they too had been victimized, and that thus they too must become vengeful victimizers. In both cases the target of vengeance was Arabs and Muslims — though why Holocaustists would take vengeance against Germans by mass-murdering and ethnic-cleansing Arabs and Muslims has never been explained. Le coeur noir a ses raisons que la raison ne connait point.

The Future of an Illusion

The 9/11 truth movement has already succeeded in desacralizing the official myth of 9/11. The question of what really happened and why on 9/11 has become a legitimate topic of debate. As time goes on, it will grow more and more difficult for the high priests of the official myth to do to other skeptics what was done to me, Steven Jones, and Kevin Ryan.

Meanwhile, the world’s Muslims will persist in worshipping God alone and refusing to kowtow to Holocaustism. They will continue to view the Jewish holocaust, small h, as just one of a great many holocausts and genocides, some of which continue today in places like Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They will continue to insist that the Jewish holocaust, like all other holocausts and genocides, be the subject of free and fearless historical debate in which all viewpoints are welcome, and issues decided on the basis of reason and evidence, not emotion or intimidation or fines and jail sentences. And they will continue to insist that Palestine be returned to its rightful owners.

When the dust settles, insha’allah, I think more and more Westerners will come to realize that the Muslims were right all along — not only about history and politics, but more importantly, about God.

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  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful article. Keep up the good work.

    The holocaust is a big business. The numbers are grossly exagerated to be sure. There's absolutely no documentation to support the 6 million magic number, let alone the 'lampshades and soap' fable. There is, however documentation which debunks those lies and even to verify that, in fact, 6 million Poles were killed – yet the POlish people do not demand reparations from germany nor hold themselves up as an example to the world to garner sympathy.

    The vast majority of people who migrated to Israel after WWII were Ashkenazi and Khazar jews. They were/are NOT semite people and hev no historical connection to that land.
    Jew means semite like Catholic means Swedish.

    The descendants of Jesus, if he existed, are the Palestinians.

  2. Anonymous

    This is an excellent article. Thank you.

  3. Regardless Of Dazzle, Glitter, Smoke, And Mirrors, Inductive Conclusion For Responsibility Of 9-11 Is Confirmed
    (Apollonian, 30 Oct 09)

    This is excellent article by K. Barrett on attempted imposition of holohoax mythology and demonization of gentiles. See,, and for expo/ref. on holohoax. But do culprits "protesteth too much"?

    And note holohoax serves practical purpose regarding present 9-11 cover-ups and scandals; gross, horrific mass-murder frenetically ignored and over-looked by a conspiratorial mass-corporate media and cultural establishment which promotes corruption, pre-occupation, and diversion of the people.

    But further, I'd submit holohoax is mere department/off-shoot of the prior imposition of MAMMON-ism, worship of the God of false "prosperity."

    For note what rules in USA, first of all, is simply a criminal conspiracy behind the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), which is really just a COUNTERFEITING scam when all the big-words and terminology are analyzed and reduced. See and for expo/ref. on Fed fraud.

    Poor people of the culture, not connected with "insiders," are simply thus dazzled by the glitter of MAMMON which takes over a culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Honest dissidents are successfully (so far) ignored and effectively silenced. But Inductive Logic and evidence is "stubborn thing" which persists and remains, waiting, waiting evermore ominously.

    Thus over-populated people in such a degenerate culture in "Decline…," are taken by the hubristic delusion, first and most, beginning with the third historical wave (after those of St. Augustine and Martin Luther) of Pelagian heresy (fallacy/delusion of "good-evil" founded upon a perfectly "FREE" human will), this wave now now merely rationalistic-styled as of Benthamite Utilitarianism and Immanuel Kant.

    And it was under this specific false-moralist (Pharisaist) cultural circumstances that Fed was originally ushered into the culture, under the noses of a distracted and confused public which had previously sustained the mass-murder and suppression of states' rights and attempted secession of the southerners which was merely their right according to the 10th Amendment, "powers (specifically like secession) not delegated to US, nor prohibited to states, are retained by states."

    Thus people in such degenerate culture are so utterly taken by wishful thinking and plain MYSTICISM–they utterly lose sight to simplest INDUCTIVE LOGIC by which all evidence indicts agents like Israel, MOSSAD, and neo-cons for 9-11.

    Thus as obvious 9-11 suspects are required to demonstrate they're not responsible–which now they evade by such moralism as, "u must not/cannot be anti-semitic," etc. And so far, the gullible goyim and gentiles swallow this large overthrow of Western culture and inductive logic.

    CONCLUSION: But note at same time, the real Talmudic culprits of 9-11 are confirmed as they effectively admit there is NO dis-confirming evidence to their responsibility for 9-11–hence the necessity for the holohoax myth and hysteria. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  4. Anonymous

    As opposed to the Holocaust, the author says, "nowhere in the West is anyone being brought up on charges of denying the crucifixion-resurrection," while in Germany, for example, one can end up in jail for denying the Holocaust. Setting aside the question of what laws should exist in what country, this example cannot be used to show anything useful, as the epistemic quality of existing documentation regarding the two events is vastly different. On the Holocaust read the three volumes by Raul Hilberg (The Destruction of European Jews) based on the documentation by the perpetrators. To deny the Holocaust is anti-Semitic but to deny or doubt resurrection need not be anti-Christian or anti-any-group, it could just be an expression of a scientific attitude or show that the person is not religious. This explains the author's massive straw man fallacy using this example.

  5. "To deny the Holocaust is anti-Semitic but to deny or doubt resurrection need not be anti-Christian or anti-any-group, it could just be an expression of a scientific attitude or show that the person is not religious."

    I disagree. I don't think people who support low end estimates of the death toll, and question intentionality, regarding the Native American holocaust are necessarily anti-Native-American. Same with all other holocausts and genocides, including the Nazi one. So when people are jailed for their historical interpretations — ANY historical interpretations — the prima facie assumption must be that they are correct, and being persecuted in order to silence truth; the burden of proof that they are racist and empirically wrong AND for some reason need to be jailed (!) is on those who oppose them. No truthful factual argument requires legal sanctions to uphold it.

    The fact that people are being jailed and fined, and their careers wrecked, for offering unpopular historical interpretations of the Nazi holocaust (but not of the much larger Native American and African slave trade holocausts) shows that the Nazi holocaust now functions as a sacred myth, not empirical history.

    So the anonymous commenter has it backwards. Sacred myths, which are foundational stories for whole societies, regardless of whether or not they are true (and in fact their empirical truth isn't the issue) are the ones that require heretics to be silenced. It makes sense to silence blasphemers against religious truth in every culture. But history (as opposed to myth) is constructed out of rational-empirical argument, and nobody would dream of silencing any voice in a historical debate. Therefore the nazi holocaust narrative, unlike all other holocaust and genocide narratives, functions in Western culture as sacred myth, not empirical history.

  6. Side note, I have to admit I'm somewhat relieved the prominent Zionist family of Winnipeg has lost some control (if not all) of the financially beleaguered large canwest newspaper chain across Canada including the National Post newspaper. If I saw that recycled story one more time on Bishop Williamson I would have cancelled my subscription and cut my throat. Seriously Canada needs to face it's own shameful history of genocide committed by the government Christian faith to our first nations people. Recently newspapers here in Canada have been spotlighting stories on missing aboriginal women. A major problem in Canada that has long been ignored.

  7. Well-put, Hawkeyi. The USA has even more issues with the Native American genocide (and African slave trade holocaust). Why do we build museums to a smaller holocaust done by our enemies, rather than our own big ones?

    My point that the Holocaust is sacred, but Christianity isn't any more, is borne out by this post on Jewish comedians pissing on Jesus:

    As the blogger says, can you imagine a Christian comedian pissing on Ann Frank's diary on network TV? Couldn't happen. Why not? Because the Holocaust is now the religion of the West, and Christianity isn't. End of story.

    Personally I deplore the death fatwa on Salman Rushdie and the violence committed after the Muhammad cartoons affair. But these events and others like them are proof that the religion of Islam is still alive. (And they are inevitable responses to blasphemy given that the religion IS still alive.) Once again, the sure test of what a society holds sacred is the response to sacrilege. If nothing happens when a comedian pisses on Jesus, then Jesus is no longer sacred.

  8. Carolyn

    To Anonymous #2 (10-30; 10:52 a.m.)
    That old tome by R. Hilberg doesn't do what you claim it does, that is: prove the Holocaust happened as officially stated based on "documentation" by the perpetrators.

    People, like you, continue to claim that because you know no one is going to read that dry, over a thousand page book.

    I have to tell you that that "documentation" is not there … and it is nowhere. "The Destruction of the European Jews" is one of the most over-rated, (non)historical books of all time. Only a few pages toward the end of that huge book deal with the
    actual "murder/destruction" of the Jews, yet that is the title of the book.

    On a witness stand in Toronto Canada, Prof. Hilberg had to admit he did not have the documents, proving the "Final Solution" to be gas chambers, that he claimed he had in his book, and that he didn't know where to find them. Following that, he had to issue a revised edition of his book, removing that claim.

    Confessions gained under torture is NOT documentation. This is why open debate on this historical event is necessary. Not allowing this debate is anti-Gentile, anti-German, anti-humanistic and anti-Western civilization. And a few others I could come up with.

  9. Carolyn

    To Anonymous #1 who wrote:
    in fact, 6 million Poles were killed – yet the POlish people do not demand reparations from germany nor hold themselves up as an example to the world to garner sympathy.

    IN FACT, "6 million" is an exaggeration by Poland; it is more like 2.5 to 3 million, as I am showing in an article I'm now preparing, based on Dr. Otwald Mueller's research.
    IN FACT, the Poles did and do receive a lot of financial help from Germany, whether they demanded it or not, and they do hold themselves up as an example of great suffering, seeking sympathy. How often have you heard and read: No people has suffered more than the Poles. Too many times for me.

    Even so, they're not as bad as the Jews. Nobody is.

    The point being that victimology is big business and there are plenty to go around. The point is also that most numbers are exaggerated … with the exception of German victims. Most people don't know that the Germans had the second greatest losses of WWII, after the Russians. And Germany is a relatively small country.

  10. Gentiles Must Face Up To Realities Of Judaism And Their War Against Gentiles And Truth
    (Apollonian, 31 Oct 09)

    Kevin, again, u do great work, but regarding science and its method, u and we must insist upon EVIDENCE in the classic Western tradition. There simply was no "nazi holocaust," period, as u go by the real evidence–this means apart fm Jews hysterically asserting over and over by means of the Jew-dominated Western media.

    Nazis, Hitler, and all the Germans knew they were on defensive against the West, Hitler offering to shore up the British Empire, desperately suing for peace–even when Germans had British trapped at Dunkirk in 1940. And the Germans KNEW the Jews ruled in the West; thus it's inconceivable Germans would mass-murder Jews.

    Ask urself if the Boers would mass-murder English during the Boer war of 1898-1901. Would Americans mass-murder English during Rev. War of 1775-83?–of course not; they wanted to get English to relent and make peace–same as Germans of WWII.

    Holohoax is simply Jew lies, and those who assert must prove, which proof Jews are incapable–which is why Jews rely upon intimidation and all other corrupt and criminal practices.

    Hence Raul Hilberg is a liar by his own (effective) admission–again, THERE IS NO EVIDENCE. See the outstanding short article at

    And don't forget the large historic circumstances. (a) The German people genuinely feared Jew-bolshevik dictatorship which Germans actually suffered in reality just after WWI, esp. in state of Bavaria.

    (b) Jew bolsheviks in Russia, funded by their fellow Jews who effectively ruled in USA, England, and France, mass-murdered millions of Russian Christians. (c) Jews, calling themselves "Young Turks" were behind the Armenian genocide–see "The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians" by Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Bjerknes himself a Jew.

    (d) Finally, don't fail to face up to the real meaning of Jew Talmud–it's a war program/strategy against all gentiles in general wherein lying is understood as a justified tactic. See,, and for best Talmudic expo.

    CONCLUSION: So surely most important thing to understand is we gentiles, both Christian and Muslims, are heavily under attack by Jews and their accomplices in the West and throughout the world (but mainly in the West where MAMMON rules). Ruling false god now in West is Mammon, and enforcing archangel then is holohoax–don't be afraid to call the holohoax what it is: JEW LIES, fully in accord w. Jew Talmudic religion of war against gentiles, truth, reason, and God. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  11. Anonymous

    Islam is NOT the world's fastest growing religion!

    You've been reading islamic sel-propaganda – and repeapting it!

    In fact, MILLIONS OF the joe 6-pack moslem, is QUIETLY leaving islam, than ever before. They've been disillusioned by the abuse and repression.

    Islam does NOT allow any moslem to leave the religion, but will kill anyone leaving it.

  12. Well, if they were Joe six-pack Muslims, they weren't really in Islam in the first place. The top legal scholars all agree that six-packs are haram. Cases, kegs, & 12-packs too.

    In your case, if you were to give up the six-packs and come to Islam, you might save enough brain cells to write a coherent sentence ; )

  13. Anonymous

    Kevin, I am afraid it is you who got things exactly backward. That in some countries Holocaust deniers end up jailed, is not evidence that the Holocaust is a myth, that it did not happen, or that it is anyone's "sacred myth" (not empirical history). Also, that the US genocide against Native Americans was worse than the genocide against European Jews in total numbers, and in the fact that many nations were completely exterminated, does not mean that the Holocaust did not happen, or no empirical history of it exists.

    Carolyn—Hilberg's is not an "old time"; it is a huge 30 year project based on documents that he revised several times, precisely based on documentation of the perpetrators. It is the empirical history of the sort Kevin thinks does not exist. Hilberg offers his best accounting at 5.1 million killed European Jews; if one were to count him as Holocaust denier because he did not come up with the figure of 6. Million that would only mean we are operating with a crazy definition of the Holocaust, and I am afraid some such definition is operative in your discussion. As to your complaint that the book is dry and long, well that is exactly what the best empirical history looks like.

  14. From the perspective of ethnology, the social meaning of stories is more interesting than whether or not they are empirically true. For example, whether 9/11 was an inside job or not is important mainly because the social effects of belief in one or the other story are so profound.

    The definition of "myth" in ethnology is something like "sacred foundational narrative that justifies a social order." Once a narrative is operating like that in a given culture, the people of that culture will defend its "truth" quite fanatically regardless of empirical evidence. That is obviously the case with the Nazi Jewish holocaust (though not the Nazi homosexual holocaust, the Nazi leftist holocaust, the Nazi Polish holocaust, the American Dresden-Hiroshima-Nagasaki holocausts, or indeed any other of the countless holocausts and genocides of history). This observation does not mean that the story or any part of it isn't true. It just means that it's sacred, so the culture of belief in it exists without regard to empirical evidence.

    Plenty of stories are empirically true — I could tell you many thousands about what I have done since I got up an hour ago. The question is, why do some stories become so important. In the case of the holocaust story, the interesting thing is not so much what parts of it are true, but why it has become sacred and in so doing had such a massively pernicious effect on the world.

  15. Anonymous

    Kevin—Your definition of "myth" may be a fine one: a sort of sacred narrative, "so the culture of belief in it exists without regard to empirical evidence." However, this has nothing to do with the Holocaust. It certainly isn't a "foundational narrative that justifies a social order". Which social order would this be? Whose foundational narrative would it be? Certainly not Jewish, as Jews have existed a few years before this "narrative" had been given real life reasons to emerge. I would never say "belief in the Holocaust" as that is abuse of the proper meaning of the word "belief". Rather, the belief that the Holocaust is a historical event is not based on a narrative, sacred or otherwise, and certainly need not be defended "without regard to empirical evidence". Quite to the contrary, it can and has been defended based on epistemically impeccable empirical evidence.

    There is a way to make the question you are interested in precise, without mystification, and without unnecessary anti-Semitic overtones. Rather than wrongly assuming that the Holocaust is a "foundational myth" in some culture and asking why this belief and not another you could be inquiring about the question: Why is Holocaust important? Were you to ask this question you would find out that it was not always, that it was quite unimportant in North America for decades, so unimportant that Hilberg could not find a publisher for his seminal work. You could read his aptly titled memoir "The Politics of Memory" where he offers an account of when the Holocaust became politically important in the recent history of the U.S. Or read Peter Novick's book: "The Holocaust in American Life" who has a different hypothesis about when and why the holocaust became politically important in the recent history of the U.S. This sort of inquiry would go a long way towards curing otherwise smart people from the postmodernist nonsense that everything is a "narrative," a myth of some sort, even when impeccable empirical evidence is available to establish what is true. And, yes, truth is important, so is evidence; and, no, not everything is just a "narrative," a myth.

  16. Norman Finkelstein, in The Holocaust Industry, argues that the holocaust story became important after the Israeli war of aggression in 1967, in which the Zionists invaded an occupied al-Quds, a Muslim holy land (except for a few brief, bloody Crusader interludes) since 638 CE. According to Finkelsten, and I largely agree with him, the reason the holocaust story suddenly became important after 1967 is that the newfound machismo of Zionist Jews merged with aggressive US imperialism, so the holocaust story was dusted off and deployed to justify Zionist aggression, ethnic cleansing, and genocide, in alleged service to US empire.

    I would extend Finkelstein's argument as follows. The holocaust myth (sacred story) is the foundational myth of a genocidal neocolonial social order, based in the Zio-American empire, which has reversed two key post-WW2 gains: the great decolonization of the world circa 1960, and the "no more genocides, no more wars of aggression" consensus to emerge from the (extremely flawed but nonetheless important) Nuremburg trials. The meaning of the holocaust myth is "WE are the eternal victims and good guys, THEY are the eternal perpetrators and bad guys." In other words, those who oppose Jews and Americans are equated to Nazi holocaust perpetrators, while Jews and Americans are justified in doing absolutely anything, including neocolonial projects, wars of aggression, and actual genocide, including the current genocides in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan, to defeat the "absolute evil" that is being equated with Hitler. Given this situation, the most important task of our generation is to expose and destroy the holocaust myth — not necessarily by arguing and investigating the question of whether certain facts cited in it are true, but rather by showing that the allies murdered far more civilians than the nazis did, pointing out that the US and Britain have murdered more Iraqi civilians since 1960 than even the high-end estimates of the nazi holocaust, and generally showing that the current Zio-American empire is the true axis of evil, and must be defeated if world peace is to be achieved. The truth about 9/11 is also playing a key role in exposing the falsity of the Zio-American "we're the good guys" myth.

  17. [——-here's part two to above entry——A.]

    * * * * *

    "As the author shows, the Jewish-owned New York Times played an especially important role in publicizing the inflated six million figure.

    "Heddesheimer also demonstrates how Jewish groups raised vast sums in the US for starving Polish and Russian Jews, and then diverted much of the money to Zionist and Communist institutions, including banks, labor unions, and agricultural communes.

    "This is a valuable study of American Jewish institutional operations at a fateful juncture in Jewish and European history, and an incisive examination of a cunningly contrived campaign of atrocity and extermination propaganda." Softcover, 135 pages. See

    So how is it we arrive at these Jew lies like holohoax? I submit the large socio-biologic/historic process goes like this–

    (a) First we get over-population of gentiles by means of the success of previous gentile culture, a CYCLIC development in spirit of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

    (b) Then, these over-populated gentiles begin in-fighting, pretending to mythical, wish-ful thinking, esp. like "moral-virtue" (Pharisaism), competing w. one another by means of Pelagian heresy, founded upon "good-evil" fallacy/delusion and the perfectly "FREE" human will.

    (c) Thus as gentiles begin cultivating this lying to themselves, gentiles mere relative amateurs for this lying, in step the Jew criminal network of psychopathic frauds and conspirators, foremost, consummate liars, waging their Talmudic war against truth, reality, and gentiles.

    (d) The decisive cultural moment happens when Jews are able to corrupt enough gentiles for the legal institution of such as US Federal Reserve COUNTERFEIT fraud (see and for expo/ref. on Fed fraud), by which they achieve absolute power as we see presently in the utterly corrupt and transformed ZOG-Mammon empire, now enforced by holohoax lies, as I've noted.

    (e) The seeming irony for ZOG-Mammon complex and effective oligarchy is resolved upon observation that even though Jews are out-numbered by gentiles, yet they're most cohesive, collectivist, sublimely organized criminal gang with numerous connections and accomplices among gentiles–as homosexuals and bolsheviks on the "left" and "Judeo-Christian" hereticalists (who pretend Christ was "Jew," hence Talmudist) on the "right."

    I'll stop here for sufficiency in rebuttal of holohoax lies and lying. The great over-arching tragedy, of course, is Jews, by means of their COUNTERFEIT fraud, hence volumes of money, credit, and financing, have now co-opted EVERY SINGLE establishment Christian church, and the danger is our cultural tragedy will end only in an absolute debacle with the complete destruction of all civilization, the worst-case scenario.

    CONCLUSION: Thus the Jew-Christian dichotomy (truth vs. lies) really is the ultimate anti-theses for all time. One can only pray and have confidence in the benevolent Christian Providence. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  18. Jew-Talmudic Lying: A Veritable Force Of History, Socio-Biology
    (Apollonian, 3 Nov 09)

    Excellent work again by K. Barrett, for his latest blog-entries, who strains to being "nice" (as well as quite incisive for theorization) in face of Jew psycho-pathology–for that's what Judaism is, simply a particular collective psycho-pathology, consisting essentially of (a) lying, (b) lying to oneself, and (c) believing in those lies–so that those lies then become one's honestly-held reality, as we see.

    And personally, I'm extremely gratified myself as Christian to note Christianity is nothing less than Hegelian anti-thesis (according to Gosp. JOHN, 8:32, "and ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make u free.") to Jew Talmudic lying and worship thereto–whence Jews make themselves God, creating their own reality by means of their psychopathic lying.

    Thus the Jew lies and lies to himself, over and over, incessantly–as we see by the respondent above who repeats mindlessly about Raul Hilberg who's long been exposed as liar, even admitted by Hilberg himself, as I noted with citation above.

    And don't forget the Jew liar, Hilberg, was called as witness to the great Zundel trial of 1984 where he was so pathetically exposed for his holohoax lies, he declined to testify at the re-trial of 1988 (see "Did Six Million Really Die?" by Barbara Kulaszka, editor).

    And note the holohoax of WWII was preceded by the exact SAME propaganda and figure of "six million" for WWI, as we're enlightened by author-researcher, Don Heddesheimer:

    "During World War Two, we are constantly told, six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. But as Don Heddesheimer establishes in this important, carefully researched work, "The First Holocaust: Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns With Holocaust Claims During and After World War One," the familiar six million figure was already in wide use years earlier.

    "During World War One, and in the years afterwards — especially in the 1918-1920 period — Jewish fundraising groups vigorously, and recklessly, propagated the claim that millions of Jews in eastern Europe had already lost their lives, and that many more faced grim death. The author cites eye-opening testimony by American diplomats and military attaches stationed in Poland and Russia that contradicted the much-publicized Jewish persecution claims.

    "'The First Holocaust' shows that the “six-million” figure, together with the now-familiar “extermination” and “holocaust” claims, originated as Jewish-Zionist propaganda in the early 20th century as part of a well-organized and agenda-driven campaign to promote Jewish political and financial interests.

  19. Everybody has their prejudices, Apollonian, but some folks are so over-the-top they even give anti-Semitism a bad name 😉 I'm open to pretty much any argument on any topic, especially if you have well-documented facts to support your interpretations, but this one has two big problems. First, where's the empirical evidence? (Point me to the most comprehensive-yet-succinct source, if there is one.) Second, and more importantly, these gross generalizations about THE gentiles and THE Jews are…how to put this politely…stupid and offensive. Obviously THE Jews are not conscious participants in some monolithic evil conspiracy! MAYBE certain Jewish leaders, like the Rothschilds and the neocons, are. But my considerable experience with Jewish colleagues, friends, radio guests, etc. makes it absolutely clear to me that by and large, most American Jews are as at least as thoughtful and decent as anybody else, except on the issue of Israel-Palestine. In general they're about as brainwashed as are non-Jews. Maybe in some ways a little less brainwashed. For example, they opposed the Iraq war more than any other group. The worst you could say about them is that Jews are just like everybody else (i.e. poor brainwashed schmucks) only more so. And in fact they may be LESS brainwashed on most issues other than Zionism. Attributing vast evil conspiracies to "THE Jews" is intellectually lazy and morally unacceptable. And if you think there's a grand Rothschild-neocon conspiracy out there, show me the facts that support that interpretation.

  20. Carolyn

    Anonymous, Nov. 1, 8:18 said:
    Carolyn—Hilberg's is not an "old time"; it is a huge 30 year project based on documents that he revised several times, precisely based on documentation of the perpetrators.

    Carolyn says: I didn't say "old time'" I said "old tome." 30 years project means he has to keep fixing his errors. The documentation it contains is about inconsequential matters. For the subject of the title, there is no documentation. The book is a highly praised fraud.

    Anonymous said: As to your complaint that the book is dry and long, well that is exactly what the best empirical history looks like.

    Carolyn replies: I didn't "complain" the book is dry and long, but said that is the reason no one will read it. Therefore, you and others can claim it contains documentation and proof without fear of much rebuttal. Have you read this book? I don't think you know what it contains. It was only ever meant to be a prop, something that could be pointed to as "evidence of the Holocaust."

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