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Sander Hicks: On Van Jones

Might Obama’s annoyance with the Van Jones lynching have something to do with today’s release of Charlie Sheen’s amazing conversation with Obama about 9/11? [Note: this turned out to be an event that “hasn’t happened yet…”‘ i.e. a hoax.] I’ll be discussing this and related topics with 9/11 truth supporter and California Assembly candidate Peter Thottam today on Fair and Balanced.

Meanwhile, here is Sander Hicks’ article “On Van Jones”

WDT Producer Sander Hicks is a former Van Jones fan. He has met him, heard him speak and has read his book. Here are a few reflections on the news that Jones will be leaving his White House job in the wake of revelations that Jones once signed a 9/11 petition.

We are living in a strangely anti-intellectual time. Van Jones, the Obama White House’s “Green Jobs” man, was forced out this weekend. A Fox witch hunt found Jones had signed a 9/11 Truth petition back in 2004. But 9/11 is the last thing the media is willing to talk about.

Politico bites its nails and says that it’s the end of an era. They blame the left pre-emptively in case the left might get mad at Obama. Au contraire, Don Hazen at Alternet praises Jones’ charisma and leadership and says that it’s better this way, Jones can now become a leader of the progressive left. But wait a minute Don, that’s eerily like the right wing wags who said that Palin had a better shot at the White House, once she quit. No one likes a quitter.

Time (of all places) gets it half right by side-stepping the drama. Time points out that the bigger issue is the green jobs creation that Jones was in charge of. That was important.

So why then, would the old 9/11 issue be allowed to nullify the need for “Green Collar Jobs?”

At an Investor’s Circle conference, I once saw Jones turn a crowd of weel-heeled Boston liberals into a roused mass of loud revolutionary spirits. I read his book “The Green Color Economy” with relish, but in the end, found it a little disappointing. The Boston speech was passionate and hearty. The book showed Jones’ getting groomed for a place in the mainstream political establishment. With endorsements from Daschle and Pelosi, it was easy to forget that Jones was a real community organizer with a human rights center in Oakland. The book omits the story of his radicalization by daily life in the USA: Rodney King’s assailants’ acquittal, or the railroading of black radical journalist Mumia Abu Jamal, or 9/11.

Establishment media voices take it as given that 9/11 Truth is an issue so taboo it’s not worth going into. Polls show that a huge amount of people reject the Bush/Cheney official story. But not one voice in the media have examined why Jones felt compelled to sign this petition in 2004.

Over the weekend, Jones backed down quickly. He claimed the 9/11 Truth petition he signed, “certainly does not reflect my views now or ever.”

What an opportunity wasted.

At this moment in history, we know more about 9/11 than ever before. A peer-reviewed journal just published the research results of a team of scientists that found military-grade explosives in the dust from the World Trade Center.

We know now that the CIA, FBI and Pentagon protected several of the key 9/11 hijackers before the attacks. Here in NYC, a careful, professional petition drive has gotten blocked from getting on the NYC ballot as a November referendum on a new 9/11 investigation.

This weekend, I am producing a conference of the best minds in the science and history of the truth about America, the ugly truth about its broken “justice” system, it’s sham War on Terror, it’s sham economy and it’s sham currency. I’m doing it because Obama himself is a sham. People who call him a “socialist” are struggling for words to describe a deep feeling of betrayal.

I will leave you with these comments from a reader on Alternet:

Did Obama give Van Jones even a second thought? Of course not … Just like Obama doesn’t give a second thought about the people of America … It’s all about the neoliberal agenda.

Obama cuddles with Billy Tauzin, head of Big Pharma, golfs with the head of UBS, who promoted tax cheating in Swiss Accounts and regularly chats with Fat Cat Bankster CEOs, who have taken us for trillions and are gonna get trillions more.

Among all his centrists and Wall Street wonks, Obama had one interesting guy working for him.

Until this weekend.

For peace, for truth, for the USA, We Demand Transparency.

-Sander Hicks

Sander Hicks, Producer
“We Demand Transparency!” Conference

3 Thoughts to “Sander Hicks: On Van Jones”

  1. Sander is producing a conference of some of the best minds in the science and history of the truth about America–and a couple of bozos, Craig Ranke and Kevin Barrett, who if they get any media coverage at all will bring discredit to those best minds.

    Based in the testimony of one confused witness who claims he saw an airliner make a U-turn in 5 seconds, Ranke claims he's proved that flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon. He has a habit of surreptitiously taping people interacts with, and of accusing respected journalists of being government operatives. He wants Truthers to aggressively promote his swill to journalists and public officials, demanding that they help seek indictments based on Ranke's nutsoid theory. Don't encourage him.

    Barrett specializes in alienating public figures, journalists, leftists, and ordinary citizens with his advocacy of violence, his bigotry, his support for wild-eyed conspiracy theories, his lying, his unethical behavior, and general boorishness. He has become so accustomed to living in his own subjective reality that he lies about his own writings that appear on the same page on his blog. Don't let him get away with it.

  2. Thanks for publishing this, Kevin! I can't wait to hang after the event. I'm going to keep rapping until after the event actually ends and then my vision is : when you say "OKAY, STOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPP!!" Then that will be the end.

  3. September 11th I honor the memory of the dead, the grief of their loved ones, and the horror of the survivors–and denounce wackos and jackals like Kevin and Willie whose bigotry and/or self-serving lies disgrace themselves and dishonor all the victims of 9/11, including the innocent Iraqis and Afghans these two claim to serve.

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