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Tuesday, August 4th: Dr. Frank Greening

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During my recent hostile interview with Mike Pintek on Pittsburgh mega-station KDKA I was asked a question I hear all the time: Why, if the WTC “collapses” were such obvious demolitions, are there so many scientists who disagree?

My answer is that there aren’t. Like Diogenes with his lamp, searching the world for an honest man, I have spent several years searching for an honest, independent scientist willing to defend the Bush Administration’s account of what happened to the World Trade Center. The only person I have found who even remotely fits the description is Dr. Frank Greening. A few years ago I lampooned Dr. Greening’s heroic yet doomed attempts to support the government version: We had some correspondence, and I found him to be a decent, thoughtful, ultra-meticulous kind of guy who just doesn’t want to leap to any conclusions — like official complicity in 9/11 — unless every other possibility has been thoroughly explored and exhausted.

After exploring and exhausting many possibilities, Dr. Greening has grown increasingly skeptical toward the government’s position. Once the ultimate authority for the JREF anti-9/11-truth debunkers, by April 2007 Dr. Greening was expressing his disgust with their tedious nonsense: Then almost exactly one year ago, Frank Greening blasted the ridiculous NIST report on World Trade Center Building 7:
He is now collaborating with Dr. David Ray Griffin on Dr. Griffin’s forthcoming book about WTC-7, due out September 1st:

Get to know the world’s only honest, independent scientist who has tried to defend the government’s version of what happened to the World Trade Center (heck, this should earn him a footnote in the history books!) tomorrow, Tuesday August 4th, 2009, 9-10 a.m. Pacific, at To be archived shortly after broadcast time at

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