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Steven Jones Interview Goes Blooey: Coincidence or Sabotage?

Physicist Steven Jones, along with several other respected scientists from various nations, is about to publish a paper in a mainstream scientific journal that will, for all intents and purposes, prove that “advanced energetic materials” (nanothermates) were used in the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center. (Links to his work here.)

Somebody apparently doesn’t want that information publicized. When I interviewed Dr. Jones for my radio show “Fair and Balanced” yesterday, the strangest things happened.

As I dialed the 800 number to establish my connection to the radio network, I heard some very strange sizzles and pops on the line. I hung up and dialed again. Same thing. I hung up, picked up the receiver, and listened to the dial tone being disrupted by the bizarre noises, which got louder and louder — clicks, whistles, bangs, shrieks, you name it. It sounded like the aliens from “Mars Attacks” were landing in the middle of a Fourth of July fireworks display. The noises reached a crescendo, and the phone went dead.

After determining that all of my phones, including the jack at the box, were out of service, I called in to the show on my cell phone. Allan, the technical guy at No Lies Radio, said my connection sounded fine.

Then, as I was launching into my introduction “hello, you’re listening to Fair and Balanced, this is your host Kevin Barrett” a hideous echo appeared on the line. I could hear my voice bounching back at me, horribly distorted, with a few seconds’ delay. It sounded awful, and made concentration difficult.

Halfway through the show, during the break, Allan told me that my voice was coming through badly distorted, so I should let Dr. Jones do most of the talking during the second half.

It’s still a great show, even if I do sound like Donald Duck on PCP. You can listen to the archive at

I just emailed Steven Jones:

Hi Steve,

Thank you for the wonderful interview! I like the way the first half covered 9/11 research, and the second preparedness.

It seems odd to me, and to Allan at No Lies Radio, that:

*My landline died 15 minutes to showtime, right when I was calling in to the show.

*Then my cell phone, which had no echo when I was talking with Allan before the show, suddenly developed a terrible echo when the show started.

If having you on my show is so important that the bad guys have to mess with us, maybe you should come back on the show after the article comes out ; )

Take care, and keep up the terrific work!


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