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Political Implications of Galileo Project; Obama’s War Plans

guest blog by Rolf Lindgren, my former campaign manager (see Barrett for Congress website)

Galileo satellite imaging project: tension with the United States

Galileo is going to be a civilian system that allows anybody to use it. GPS is a US military system that was designed to provide location signals of the greatest possible accuracy to US military users, while also providing location signals to civilian users. Thus far, the US has had the capability to block the “civilian” signals while still being able to use the “military” signal (M-band). There also was (and technically as of early 2008 still exists) the possibility to degrade the “civilian” signals by introducing errors to make them less accurate and thus significantly less useful to non-US military users, a process called selective availability. Since Galileo was designed to provide its greatest possible accuracy (possibly greater than GPS) to anybody, the US was concerned that a hypothetical enemy could militarily use Galileo signals in strikes against the US. The frequency initially chosen for Galileo would have made it impossible for the US to block the (accurate) Galileo signals without also interfering with their accurate “military” GPS signals. The US did not want to lose the ability to themselves use accurate [Global navigation satellite system] while denying enemies the use of accurate GNSS. Some US officials became especially concerned when Chinese interest in Galileo was reported.

This is what led to some US officials to go as far as threatening to potentially shoot down Galileo satellites in the event of a conflict. The EU for a long time held the stance that Galileo was a neutral technology, available to all countries, with no military able to only deny their opponents the use of highly accurate GNSS. For a time, EU officials were considerably unsympathetic towards the US’ desire to maintain their ability to use accurate GNSS for military purposes while denying non-US forces access to equally accurate GNSS. However, this EU-US standoff was eventually resolved by the EU agreeing to make Galileo use a different frequency, and the US would be able to locally interfere with/block the Galileo signals at the new frequency without interfering with their “military” GPS signals. In theory however, the “military” GPS signals could also be interfered with/blocked by a suitably equipped adversary, but interfering with either Galileo’s signals at the new frequency or “military” GPS signals doesn’t automatically block the other.

Has anybody here heard of the Galileo Navigation Project in Europe? It seems to me that Europe will have a satellite navigation system that is not controlled by the military, while the system in the U.S. is controlled by the military.

If the Galileo system is not controlled by the military, then wouldn’t that make a 9/11 false-flag attack impossible, as the actual movements of planes could be independently tracked?

And is this one reason why the 9/11 attack could succeed in the U.S., because the military is in control of all the data?

If anyone has any information on this please let me know.




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Obama’s War Plans

Here are the elements Obama plans to announce:


‘Obama’s war’ – New troops and new plan

Quote from article:

“Pakistan: The U.S. will continue to work with Pakistan and help them realize that the terrorist threat to the U.S. is as much a threat to them.”

Are effin kidding me???

Let me get this straight,…

Pakistan, which borders Afghanistan, needs to be told by the US that a large country that shares a common border with them is a terrorist threat?


The people in Afghanistan can’t figure that out one way or the other without our help??

Give me a friggin’ break!!!

Webster Tarpley was right! There is going to be a war in central Asia. There is going to be another giant 9/11-style false-flag event blamed on “terrorists” in central Asia, probably involving nuclear weapons.

We just built 14 gigantic billion dollar military bases in northern and eastern Afghanistan, conveniently pointing towards Russia and China, with a few buffer states in between (Afghanistan actually shares a small border with China).

Hardly anyone in the US seems to know about these military bases. I only heard about them because Ron Paul mentioned them in the TV debates. I think its probable that if “we” are going to build these military bases, we are going to use them!

Wake up, 9/11 Truth!! No more bickering about what hit the Pentagon. It is time to unite!


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