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Bush Arrest Imminent?

Will Bush be arrested for war crimes during his visit to Calgary tomorrow, Tuesday, 3/16/09?

If so, you’ll hear it here first on “Fair and Balanced with Kevin Barrett,” 9-11 a.m. Pacific (noon-1 pm Eastern),

I’ll be interviewing student activist Joshua Blakeney, who will be reporting live from Calgary during the visit of former president George W. Bush. Josh, his professor Anthony Hall, and other protesters are working to have Bush arrested for war crimes, including the crimes of 9/11/01. (Dr. Hall’s article calling for Bush’s arrest:

It would be great to see folks attempt a citizens’ arrest of Bush! International law professor Francis Boyle has called for “civil resistance” (CR) meaning citizens’ taking it upon themselves to enforce international law by arresting war criminals like Bush. Boyle explains that this is different from civil disobedience (CD) in which people break the law and ask for the full punishment. In CR, WE are the cops, and THEY are the criminals. In several cases, juries have agreed with this logic. According to CR advocates, Bush and any Secret Service agents conspiring to help a known war criminal avoid arrest should themselves be arrested by citizens at the earliest opportunity. Let’s hope it happens in Calgary tomorrow! (For more on Boyle and Civil Resistance, see:

My guest during the second half of the show will be Allen Roland, Ph.D. psychotherapist and 9/11 truth supporter, discussing the spiritual aspects of 9/11 truth. Check out Allen’s blog “Mossad’s Obvious Connection to 9/11”: and his latest article “AMERICA’S DARTH VADER: DICK CHENEY”:

Keep up the struggle for truth!

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