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Science Prof. A.K. Dewdney on “Gog & Magog Killed JFK”

Listen HERE First hour: Professor A.K. Dewdney is one of the world’s scientific notables. He took over Martin Gardner’s column in Scientific American when Gardner retired, and has done important work in several fields. Dewdney founded Scientific Professionals Investigating 9/11 (SPINE), the first scholarly 9/11 truth research group. His Project Achilles experiments proved that the alleged cell phone calls from hijacked passengers on 9/11 were bogus. Prof. Dewdney is currently working on an article entitled “Gog & Magog: A Deep History of the Deep State.” He writes: “The Gog and Magog people were perfectly real. They spoke a proto-Turkic language…


A.K. Dewdney on Gog-Magog and global destabilization; John Hankey on Trump’s lies, false flags, and San Bernardino anniversary

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