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Anthony Hall on Canadian Parliament’s Nazi Salute, Cokehead Trudeau, Discredited Nobel Prize Committee, & More

Anthony Hall with Pepe Escobar, Ken O’Keefe, and Wayne Madsen at a New Horizon conference (before the Israeli-occupied US Treasury Department sent the FBI to warn that future conference participants would be arrested)

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Globalization Studies professor emeritus Anthony Hall of Looking Out at the World from Canada discusses Canada’s latest scandal: Justin Trudeau and Zelensky leading the Canadian Parliament’s standing ovation for a Nazi, I mean, National Socialist war veteran.

Prof. Hall also discusses his new article on the discredited Nobel Prize committee: “The waning credibility of the Nobel Prize is suffering another tromping after having granted this year’s award in Medicine to the makers of the gene-modifying mRNA/lipidnanoparticle procedure…” Today’s bestowal of the Peace Prize on an anti-Islam anti-Iran propagandist discredits the committee even further.

Prof. Hall reminds us of when Canadian police assaulted outdoor hockey players to protect them from COVID, how Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s plane (and nose) have allegedly been “full of cocaine,” and much more.

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