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FFWN: Who’s Winning “World War Woke”? (with Cat McGuire)

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1) Help FFWN “expose the nose”

Scamdemic Treaty

2) WHO Forced into Humiliating Backdown

War on Russia

3) White House Flip Flops Again on Decision to Send Medium Range Rocket Systems to Ukraine

4) Russia sounds alarm on risk of direct conflict with US

5) SCOTT RITTER: Phase Three in Ukraine

6) A new generation of US-trained extremists is fighting Russia. Are we prepared for the blowback?

7) Ukraine War: US Defeats, Occupies and Humiliates Europe, Crushing Its Economy

Media Lies

8) WaPo Lies About “Russian Naval Blockade” 

9) Rape Allegations Against Russian Troops In Ukraine Were Fake

10) Russia, Ukraine Both Prepare for War Crimes Trials

Putin Dead, Replaced by Jim Fetzer

11) MI6 & Media Go “Full Fetzer”: PUTIN REPLACED BY HIS DOUBLE!

12) Western “Intelligence”: Putin is Sick, Dead, or Worse


13) NBC Just Simulated A War With China: Here’s What Happened

14) The Sanctioned Ones: How Iran-Russia Are Setting New Rules

15) A World at War?


16) Evidence Emerges Buffalo Shooter Was Groomed by the FBI to Commit Mass Murder

17) Alleged ideology of Buffalo shooting suspect believed by most Trump voters, poll says

Uvalde Gets Curiouser and Curiouser

18) Uvalde shooting’s evolving narrative: Here are the details police have walked back

19) “Dick Cheney of Uvalde” IDed — It Was the Police Chief

Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and my Monkeypox

20) Monkeypox Looks Weaponized—Just Like in the Drill 

21) Monkeypox Biowar Smoking Guns?

War on Palestine

22) On June 8, 1967, 34 American servicemen were killed (see list with photos and bios) and 174 were wounded during an Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

23) Palestinian Teenager Killed by Israeli Fire Near Ramallah Fourth in Two Days

24) Genocide in Israel-Palestine

Big Pharma, Big Genocide

25) Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide by Naomi Wolf


26) Bush family friend: Attempted Reagan assassin John Hinckley to get unconditional release, judge confirms 

Trumpsters v. DeepState

27) Barr says Durham ‘accomplished something far more important’ than Sussmann conviction  

28) Alex Jones’ Bitcoin Fairy Drops $8 Million in a Month on Infowars


29) ‘Woke’ Chicago High School Launches Race-Based Grading System to ‘Equalize Test Scores’

30) Woman who is sexually attracted to planes wants to marry toy Boeing


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  1. Gary Flomenhoft

    Hey Kevin,
    You should really interview George Webb. He has great info and seems to be under the radar.


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