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FFWN: Orange Alert! Al-Qaeda plot to just sit back and enjoy collapse of United States nearing fruition

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Guest commentator Cat McGuire whose August 28 “Wake Up New York” rally was a huge success—watch her speech


1) Help FFWN stymie al-Qaeda plot to just sit back and enjoy collapse of United States

2) 9/11 Truth Film Festival Thursday Sept. 9 Grand Lake Theater Oakland CA

3) Coming up September 11th. Global Live Stream from the 9/11 Lawyers’ Committee

Medical-Related Stuff You’re Not Allowed to Talk About on YouTube

4) RIP Robert David Steele: “Former CIA officer and conspiracy theorist who called pandemic a hoax dies of Covid”

5) CDC: Unvaccinated people shouldn’t travel over Labor Day

6) Mainstream media covering up vaccine deaths of Black people… while paying Black celebrities to keep pushing genocidal jabs

7) Ohio judge orders COVID-19 patient be treated with ivermectin — which no agency recommends

8) Emergency Response Says Department of Defense Has Taken Over Vaccine Shipment Crash That Shuttered Airspace

9) In a major blow to vaccine efforts, senior FDA leaders stepping down


9A) BREAKING NEWS: Biden signs executive order demanding the DOJ declassify FBI’s 9/11 investigation documents as victims’ families pile pressure on White House to reveal any Saudi links to attacks

10) Spike Lee’s 9/11 Doc Didn’t Just Include Conspiracy Theories—It Promoted Them

11) Spike Lee’s flirtation with 9/11 trutherism isn’t a surprise. But it should be a warning.

12) Was Spike Lee’s Greatest Film “Spiked” by 9/11 Traitors?

13) Coronavirus: Finding Answers with (9/11 Scriptwriter) Philip D. Zelikow

14) Confessed 9/11 demolition criminal Larry Silverstein: Still alive and giving interviews to Israeli TV

15) Citizens’ Rights Denied by N.Y. U.S. District Court- Appeal Filed


16) James Corbett: False Flag Coming! (“Terror Attack on Vaccine Sites?”)

17) A judge asked a mother if she got the coronavirus vaccine. She said no, and he revoked custody of her son.

18) NFL star Cam Newton axed for being unvaxxed

19) Australia: New Law Allows Feds to Hack and Control Online Accounts of Political Dissidents Without a Warrant

20) Australia Truckie Protest Update – Road Closures Across the Country & Entrances to Sydney Blocked

21) COVID Mania: High School Students Given Ankle Bracelets To Track Movements

22) ‘Catastrophic Injustice’: Judge OKs Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy Plan Shielding Sacklers

Graveyard of Empires

23) US Troops May Have Accidentally Gunned Down Civilians During Kabul Airport Attack, Eyewitnesses Say

24) DoD had Foreknowledge of Kabul Airport Bomber – Denied Permission to Fire Predator Drone that had Lock on Him

25) WaPo postmortem on Afghan debacle says Americans turned down Taliban’s “US can stay in Kabul to provide security” offer

26) Pipeline proposals brought the Taliban to power first time round – could the same be true again now?

27) “Cultural illiteracy”: How American morons made Afghans hate them

Axis of Resistance

28) Lebanon Conflict: Dorothy Versus Hassan

Red vs. Blue

29) Ben Rhodes’ Book Proves Obama Officials’ Lies, and His Own, About Edward Snowden and Russia

30) Justified Shooting Or Fair Game? Shooter Of Ashli Babbitt Makes Shocking Admission

Odds & Ends

31) Duquesne University Professor Argues White People Should Commit Suicide as an Ethical Act to End White Privilege

32) Dear San Francisco: Please pay me not to shoot people. How do I apply?

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