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FFWN: Trump Wags the Iranian Dog? (with E. Michael Jones)

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1) Help FFWN Expose “Biowar Blowback”

2) “Was the 2020 Election Stolen?” Rescheduled for Jan. 3

2.5) BREAKING NEWS: Nashville Terrorist Bomb Knocks Out Communications…By Design?

Merry Christmas & Happy 2021

3) The War on Christmas Updated

4) Santa’s Largesse: Here’s A Breakdown Of Everything Inside The $900BN Stimulus Bill, And What It Means For The US Economy

5) British family’s pursuit of justice to kick off 2021

Trump Coup?

6) Trump Encourages ‘Wild’ Protests in D.C. on Date of Electoral College Vote Count 

7) WTPC Calls for President to Invoke Limited Martial Law to Hold New Election (Tweeted by Gen. Flynn) 

8) Would Supreme Court Hear “Texas Lawsuit” if Trump’s Justice Dept. Filed It?

9) GOP inches toward an unprecedented attempt to overturn the 2020 election

10) Trump threatens 30-day reign of destruction on the way out of office

11) Trump Floats Coup Plan That’s So Wild Even Rudy Giuliani Is Terrified

Neocon Pushback

12) Neocon 9/11 Suspect David Frum Scoffs at Trump’s Coup Plans, Says a Coup Is “Hard Work” (He Should Know!)

13) Barr says no reason for special counsels to investigate election, Hunter Biden, no basis for seize voting machines 

14) “Top 10 Owners of Biden”: Everyone Named on the List Appears to Be of a Certain Ethnicity that Must Not Be Named

Wag the Iranian Dog?

15) Leaders fear Donald Trump and Israel will act against Iran and Hezbollah before Joe Biden’s arrival 

16) Trump Threatens Iran, Tweets Rocket Photos Claiming to Prove Complicity in Baghdad Embassy Attack

17) Zarif Taunts Trump With His Throwback Tweets Claiming Obama Would ‘Play Iran Card to Save Face’

18) US nuclear submarine sails into Persian Gulf as Israel sends own sub through Suez Canal in ‘message to Iran’ 

19) Iran behind pro-Trump ‘hit list’ of U.S. election officials, FBI says 

20) How Israel deployed an intelligence deception to justify killing scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

Jewish Ideologies

21) “Queer Holocaust History” Catfight: Court fines historian over claims of Holocaust survivor’s lesbian affair

22) Long-Winded Kosher Hysterics Over Jewish-vs.-Non-Jewish DNA: Humanity Defined by Our Biological Categories?!

Free Speech?

24) UC Merced professor deletes truthful but “anti-semitism-laden” Twitter account

25) Russian lawmakers vote for jail penalties for online slander

Lockdown Schlockdown

26) Liberty vs. the Great Reset

27) The Covid-1984 Lockdowns and the Stanford Prison Experiment

Vaccines: Not Healthy for Children, Christians, Scientists, and Other Living Things?

28) Bishop Schneider explains why Christians must never take abortion-tainted COVID vaccine

29) Russian Scientist Who Worked on Coronavirus Vaccine Stabbed, Falls Out of Window

Lockerbie Deception

30) Barr Charges Patsy Blamed for CIA/Mossad 1988 Pan Am explosion over Lockerbie, Scotland

31) The Israeli Deception That Led to the Bombing of Pan American Flight 103 Over Lockerbie, Scotland By Richard H. Curtiss

32) Deception over Lockerbie

Vatican Space Oddity

33) Is Vatican Signaling UFO Disclosure with Spaceman in Nativity Scene?

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