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Richard Gage AIA, Roland Angle, and Wayne Coste on WTC-7 Study & New 9/11 Demolition Theory

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First half hour: Richard Gage, AIA, and civil engineer Roland Angle discuss the newly-issued University of Alaska report showing that the only possible explanation for the observed collapse of WTC-7 on 9/11 is the simultaneous failure of every column in the building—in other words, a controlled demolition. Just like your lying eyes already told you, and your government strenuously and guiltily denied.

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Second half hour: Wayne Coste, another 9/11-savvy engineer, has just published “Why Were the WTC Twin Towers Destroyed That Way:
Explaining the Mechanism of Their Destruction on 9/11.” He writes: “For much of the buildings’ destruction, the observations show a highly energetic propelling force that was activated floor-by-floor with the origin of this force centered at the buildings’ core / elevator shafts and radiating outward in the north-south-east and west directions. This observed propelling force is hypothesized to be based on a nano-thermite material that was ‘tuned’ to be more like a rocket fuel than either an explosive or an incendiary. This type of material would be more explosive than a propellant and not as explosive as ‘molecular’ or high explosives.” According to Coste’s hypothesis, panels made of propellant (what might be called a “low explosive”) would have been installed in the elevator shafts and detonated in a precisely timed sequence to give us the observed “top-down” demolition.

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