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FFWN: Will Corona Kill Millions & Crater the World Economy?

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1) Help FFWN Uncover False Flags

Corona: Threat or Menace?

2) Stock Market HAMMERED 1900 Points in 2 Days!

3) Corona Will Kill Millions & Crater the World Economy -Anatoly Karlin

4) Ian Henshall on BBC: Coronavirus Scare Stories are “Rubbish”

5) US economy a gigantic bubble & coronavirus could be the pin, Peter Schiff tells Boom Bust

6) Coronavirus may have leaked from China’s highest biosafety lab

7) No Weapon Left Behind: the American Hybrid War on China  -Pepe Escobar

Bernie Surge

8) Matt Brooks: Bernie victory would move US from ‘most pro-Israel president’ to ‘first enemy of Israel’

9) Sanders says AIPAC gives platform to ‘express bigotry,’ won’t go to conference

10) Israel’s Netanyahu pulls his punches after Sanders calls him a racist

11) Sanders commits political heresy by questioning military-industrial complex

Bernie-Bashing Backlash

12) MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Compared Bernie Sanders’ Nevada Performance To The Nazi Invasion Of France

13) Bloomberg: “Bernie Sanders Is a Hateful Anti-MBTQ Bigot!”

14) Leaked audio: Mike Bloomberg trashes Obama and vows to “defend the banks” in Goldman Sachs speech

The Unspeakable

15) Tulsi Gabbard Plugs James Douglass’s “JFK and the Unspeakable”

16) Democrats aren’t facing the big question: What will they do if Trump won’t leave office?

War on Trump

17) Trump sues New York Times for libel over Russia ‘conspiracy’ op-ed

18) Judge expresses concern for Stone jury foreperson’s safety as Trump continues attacks

19) Limbaugh: Democrats who set up George W. Bush to go to war with Iraq now organizing ‘silent coup’ against Trump

Homeland Security

20) MSNBC: FBI needs to lure white guys, ‘radicalized’ by Trump into bomb-building then arrest them February 24 2020

21) Homeland Security whistleblower found fatally shot along California road

22) US defense secretary launches simulated nuclear attack against Russia in Pentagon war game

Zionist Entity

23) With Grenell Appointment, the Israel Lobby’s Foothold on US Intelligence Grows Even Stronger

24) Israeli bulldozer dragging Palestinian’s body in Gaza sparks outrage


25) Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape but acquitted of top criminal charge

26) ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ float turns heads at New Orleans Mardi Gras parade

27) Westminster child sex abuse: Senior police and politicians knew about widespread paedophilia but ‘turned a blind eye to it’, inquiry finds

Pivot to Asia

28) Mahathir Mohamad: Malaysian prime minister in shock resignation

29) Trump in India: Anti-Muslim prime minister puts on a big show, bamboozles our president

30) Hindu Nationalist Gangs Roam New Delhi Streets as Deadly Religious Riots in India Kill Dozens

Odds & Ends

31) Assange Extradition: Proceedings so Far

32) A heat wave in Antarctica melted 20% of an island’s snow in 9 days

33) Here’s Why Gallup Polled Americans About UFOs for the First Time in Decades

3 Thoughts to “FFWN: Will Corona Kill Millions & Crater the World Economy?”

  1. Amin Abdullah

    What ‘economy” are we talking about, that we ought to be in fear of seeing crumbling like the twin towers ?.

    The one of moving numbers around on a computer screen to rob entire communities all over the planet, of their God-given blessings and leave them flat on their face, hungry, poor and destitute ?. Are we talking about the “economy” of speculation, price manipulation and usury ?. Are we talking about the “economy” of Planned obsolescence, artificial demand and scarcity to proudly waste God’s blessings and destroy animal species and nature in the process ?. Are we talking about the economy designed by parasites to sustain their ostentatious lifestyle and ugly hungry ego ?. Are we talking about the ‘economy” that mechanically grinds male chicks alive because they are useless to the egg industry ( ) ?.

    Go ahead and mourn that Satan’s “economy”. Me, I am going to be celebrating.

  2. Well, with regard to Helen’s comments on ASSange, neither she nor Kevin brought up the fact that ASSange is a 9/11 Truth Denier. See link later. Helen’s approach, which I thoroughly admire 95% of the time, was in this instance, disappointing. See

    1. Amin Abdullah

      I don’t know much about Wikileaks, but my 6th sense tells me that it is out there so that the parasites behind the curtain can keep control over the story-telling.

      Assange being “annoyed” by 911 truth is more than a red flag !!!.

      ‘Sofia Smallstorm’ did a podcast about ‘Julian Assange’ a while ago (Sept. 2017) :

      Richard Hall : Wikileaks Made by the NSA. PART 1of4

      Is “Julian Assange” an agent ?. Is he mind-controlled ?. Is he blackmailed ?. I am not looking for a hero to fall in love with, so it does not really matter.

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