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2019: The Year Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself (and other things that didn’t happen)

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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

What was the biggest story of 2019?

I’d argue that the the biggest happening of 2019 was what DIDN’T happen: Epstein killing himself.

Sometimes it seems that all news is bad news. But sometimes there is hidden good news: even worse things didn’thappen.

Here are the biggest “didn’t happen” stories of the past year.

What Didn’t Happen in 2019

People believing the official story of Epstein’s “suicide.”

The Zionist-occupied USA launching all-out war on Iran.

Climate change causing the Arctic Sea to boil over, roasting the penguins and sending a plume of scorching steam all the way to Alpha Centauri.

Donald Trump confessing that “he” is biologically female, and Nancy Pelosi admitting that “she” is biologically male.

The ADL pushing through federal and state legislation mandating that critics of Israel be shot on sight.

Prince Andrew confessing that not only did he molest Epstein’s underage concubines, but that he and Epstein are both predatory extraterrestrial reptiles who suck the life juices out of nubile young human females in the same way spiders suck the lymphatic fluid out of web-entangled insects.

Zionists successfully hijacking protests to stage color revolution style regime changes in Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Hong Kong “protests” leading to the overthrow of the People’s Republic of China and the installation of a NATO puppet government.

Mike “I Am a Christian Zionist and I Support the Antichrist” Pence becoming president.

Earth being swallowed up bythe black hole that may be lurking somewhere in our solar system.

Leaked secret documents revealing the Afghan war has been a big success and that the government has been telling us the truth about it.

Bill Clinton conclusively proving, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that he did not have sex with that woman and that he never met anybody named “Jeffrey Epstein.”

Office fires causing steel-framed high-rise buildings to explode into pyroclastic clouds of talcum powder and disappear at near-free-fall acceleration into the path of most resistance.

Satanist psy-opping “truther” Michael Aquinobeing accepted as a member in good standing of Religious Leaders for 9/11 truth.

Iranian NGO New Horizon admitting defeat and abandoning plans to hold its annual conference in Beirut forcing Tony Hall to cancel his trip.

The culprit guilty of posting “Its OK to be white” and “Islam is right about women” flyerson campuses getting caught and being sentenced to 16 years in prison and 100 lashes.

Route 66 being officially renamed theDonald J. Trump Highwaywith giant billboards of Trump’s smirking face erected every quarter-mile.

The head of al-Azhar Islamic University issuing a fatwa that from now on, Muslims will be buried at sea instead of on land, according to US military custom.

Trump shooting someone on Fifth Avenue and getting away with it.

The Second American Civil War as predicted by Trump.

Israeli fanatics blowing up the al-Aqsa mosque and building a blood sacrifice temple.

Humans winning cognitive flexibility tests against monkeys.

Huge false flag attack on Seattle on Nov 03, 2019.

Billionaires’ tax ratesrising to the same level as those on the working class.

Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad getting shouted down by an angry crowd after saying ‘If You Can’t Be Antisemitic, There’s No Free Speech’ at Columbia University

An alien delegation greeting people who came to “storm the gates of Area 51.”

A detailed in-depth objective academic studyconfirming the official story that “Building 7 collapsed from minor office fires,” putting 9/11 “conspiracy theories” to rest.

These are just a few of the things that (thankfully, for the most part) did NOT happen in 2019. Feel free to add to this list in the comments.

And he won’t kill himself in 2020 either.

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