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John Shuck on his pilgrimage to Karbala; Cat McGuire and Andrew Blair debate the term “holohoax”

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First hour: John Shuck is a Presbytarian pastor and KBOO Portland radio host with an exemplary commitment to truth and justice. (Check out his Palm Sunday and Easter sermons.) We discuss his Arbaeen pilgrimage to Karbala, the subject of his new documentary film For Love of Hussain (A.S.)…as well as the subject of my article “Arbaeen: The World’s Biggest Event.” We also discuss the ongoing annihilation of free speech and free thought by the forces of Orwellian censorship—including those that pressured the KBOO board to force John to cancel his planned interview with me. (Negotiations aimed at rescinding that ban are ongoing, and have been now for more than a year!)

Second hour: Activist Cat McGuire argues that the term “holohoax” is appropriate, given her belief that the official Holocaust narrative is grossly exaggerated and has been used to propagandize for the genocide of Palestine among other crimes. Andrew Blair, founder of Academic Freedom and Responsibility, disagrees and explains why the term should not be used. He also explains why he remains agnostic in the debate between defenders and critics of Holocaust Orthodoxy.

Cat McGuire and Andrew Blair both lost their faith in Holocaust Orthodoxy, in varying degrees, after reading Thomas Dalton’s Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides. Blair adds that Deborah Lipstadt’s Denying the Holocaust also influenced him by unintentionally revealing the inadequacy of the case against revisionism. He says he is still searching for a decent argument against revisionism, and hopes to find it in Robert Van Pelt’s The case for Auschwitz: Evidence from the Irving Trial.


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