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Greg Felton on Bolton, Jerusalem, Pompeo and the new American arrogance

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Ex-mainstream journalist Greg Felton argues that the Trump Administration has become insufferably arrogant in its unilateralist imperialism, harking back to the days of Teddy Roosevelt…except that today the US empire is not busy being born, but busy dying. (Thanks, in large part, to the Zionists running it into the ground.)

Greg Felton: “After the August 2013 gas attack in Ghouta, Trump warned Obama four times not to go into Syria. And he was right—in 2013. You look at 2013 and you look at 2017-2018 and you ask yourself  ‘what happened to Donald Trump, to go from being cautious on American intervention to being a wholesale advocate for it?’ And the only conclusion I can come up with is that somewhere along the line, Trump lost control of his government.”

That’s Greg’s conclusion, not mine. Tune in and listen to us argue about it…and about other issues including whether Zionism is a secular nationalist or millenarian religious movement, and whether the dominant religion of today’s Western elites is secular humanism, holocaustanity, neoliberalism, or…?

Note: For a succinct version of my critique of secular humanism, see my new Crescent Magazine article The Weaponization of Human Rights.

One Thought to “Greg Felton on Bolton, Jerusalem, Pompeo and the new American arrogance”

  1. Kevin:
    I would recommend that you spend equal time on the weaponization of religion; otherwise you give the false impression that religion is superior to humanism and come across as a polemicist Also, zionism has NO CONNECTION with Judaism. In fact, believing Jews consider the state of Israel to be a blasphemy. Zionists EXPLOIT Judaism to justify imperial aggression. It does not come out of Judaism.

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