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Tribute to Muhammad Ali

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Muhammad Ali: I declare support for the Palestinian liberation struggle – MSM won’t report it

and here is the tribute to Muhammad Ali by Rasheed al Ḥājj abū Muṭahhar, contributor to ANOTHER French False Flag (and author of The Way of the Wayfarer Without a Way – this is from  The Way of the Wayfarer Without a Way, Book 4)

Butterflies flutter and hover with bees buzzing blossoms for nectar and zipping through trees.

 One young man stands in an African valley, chants ‘Alī, ‘Alī bomayé. Bomayé.

 Muḥammad died today. No, not the Prophet, ṣalallāhu ‘alayhim. Muḥammad ‘Alī.

 Africans cheered for ‘Alī in Zaire, bonafide Muslim hero, the one lion there

 Ironic that such an antiwar muslim elicited calls to bring one man to dust.

 He stood for peace against war. The world knows it well. His was a grace only Allāh bestows.

 Hero to billions, fleet boxer, smooth poet, he danced, dodged, attacked, a lithe, charmed human cobra.

His time has come, as it comes for all souls. Life’s processions see us crawl, walk, run toward our goals.

How can one capture a man’s life in words? How can so many senses resound in what’s heard?

This sweet procession with music resounds, and the man himself sang many songs, many rounds.

Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee. Young man, rumble. He fought in the ring, danced with glee.

He fought for justice and conquered false laws. The man wrestled the gator, broke free from its claws.

This sweet man sang: I done tussled with a whale, handcuffed lightning last week, and thrown thunder in jail.

‘Alī took flight, and with Malcolm he soared. Both men welcomed the crowds, spoke the truth with a roar.

In their rejection of wars of aggression, both followed the deen as taught in al Qur’ān.

Wondrous, the ways God employs to reveal the true message of love. Love is how the world heals.

We are each God’s chosen vessels and casks. Each has purpose. ‘Alī was by God given tasks.

He is a much beloved soul. May that last. May his life serve the good of both future and past.

‘Alī ’s example reminds us that freedom and love are the heart of our beautiful deen.

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