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Musa al-Gharbi: Hillary Clinton will lose to Donald Trump

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Bernie Sanders just crushed Hillary Clinton in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, with 73%, 82%, and 71% of the vote, respectively. That’s good news for the Democrats – because Hillary has exactly zero chance of winning a general election against Trump, while Bernie at least has a chance.

Today’s guest Musa al-Gharbi explains why in his article “Hillary Clinton Will Lose to Donald Trump“:

“What matters for the general election is who can win swing states and ensure high voter turnout and enthusiasm in solidly blue states…”

Perhaps even more important is that Hillary has such high negatives, and is plagued by so many scandals, that Trump’s attacks will annihilate her … at least if she hasn’t gone to prison by the time next fall rolls around.

Bernie Sanders, by contrast, is as squeaky-clean as American politicians get, has a lovable underdog, grandfatherly manner that defuses negative campaigning, and has the populist appeal to take the wind out of Trump’s sails.

What it boils down to is, a vote for Hillary is a vote for President Trump.

One Thought to “Musa al-Gharbi: Hillary Clinton will lose to Donald Trump”

  1. Anonymous

    If I wanted, I could marinate in "election" analysis; micro-deconstruction of the subtle nuances between the candidates & their promises; which socio/ethno/religious demographic will likely vote which way; yada yada 24/7 until Nov; and it would all seem so REAL!

    But all of that analysis is built on the utopian assumption of "elections" which have real integrity, and "outcomes" which accurately reflect how people voted… a catastrophically false assumption!

    The only thing worth discussing about next Fall's and all future fake blackbox voting platform, zionist media "counted" elections, is fixing the fake elections themselves!

    Kevin maybe you could have Bev Harris ( or Jim Condit Jr, or another expert/critic of the present "Help Dupe America Into Believing They're Voting Act" system?

    Once authentic, fully transparent, auditable/verifiable elections are restored, I'll consider showing up at the polls again, and I'll even be interested to listen to pundits' analysis of candidates, voter-likelihoods, etc. But not until…

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